Evolution is true!

Yep, evolution is true, in all its unabashed glory. Man as the superior creature, has delegated all his authority to the beasts of the earth. Evolution is positively true.

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Recently, a known braggart of atheism, has gone on record saying without hesitation, that the kid who fell into the zoo with the gorilla should have been shot dead, on the spot. No question. The kid as a kid should have been shot dead. Evolution is true.

Here we have a man who boasts of intellectual superiority over God Himself, and has decided that the life of a gorilla has more value than a small child who acted like a small child. Yep, the evolution of man DOWNWARD is true.

Need more examples to prove without question that man acts like a mentally fallen beast? Visit the blogs of the godless and LISTEN to what comes out the mouth cloaked as ‘intellect.’ Pay attention to the atheist who boasts of a far superior mind  and discern the thoughts of the heart from which even the proud strutting peacock would run and hide.

Watch the comment threads which spue forth venom and poison from a rancid well of utter depravity. Watch the vilification of good people, pay attention to the absolute drunken stupor of the godless mind, which cannot cease from firing bullets of arsenic toward people who are law-abiding, tax paying, hard-working, decent, and just plain good people of faith.

Look at the despicable sexual innuendoes toward believers which flow as common as sunshine, and are as vile and vicious as any hungry hyena. Discern the words which reek of stench when describing believers who simply have minds stayed on the Creator and all His worth.

You decide, if you care to be rather honest.

‘You are retarded if You think Abraham, Moses, and Daniel were REAL people.’ Christ never lived.’ ‘If he lived, He was gay…… If He was not gay, He approved of same-sex marriage……………………’ But we are certain man evolved from apes……….Yeah, evolution is true all right, in all its downward glory.

‘This believer is no different from an allauhuakbar screaming beheading monster.’ That believer is a closet homosexual.’ Bastards I tell ya. Lies, false accusations, and depravity are further proof of the ‘surpassing’ mind of the atheist.’  Evolution is true.

A man  walks into a night club, and slaughters people in the name of a god…….and the atheist makes no distinction between him and believers who are told to ‘love thy neighbor,’ then suggests that ALL religion is evil.

Uh huh, sure, and the common owl sun bathes in Atlantic City, and Georgia peaches taste like rat poison.

Believers are demanded to ‘not have contact with children……….’ for what? Believing in the God of heaven and earth? Believing that God created man in His image giving him dominion over all animals, for believing it was GOD who designed male and female? For telling children that lying and stealing are character defects, aka sin? For telling children to honour thy father and thy mother?

And this is the charge by the atheist mind which delights in every lie under the sun because in his mind there are no absolutes?  Please. You have men and women accusing God of evil, while men excuse every manner of evil, and revel in it, then blame God for the results. Yeah, evolution is true all right, in all its warp speed spiral descent. Maybe you have heard it said that Paul the apostle ‘flapped like a carp………..’ on his Damascus trip.

That’s right, can you not see the devilish implication and moral decrepitude regarding a simple account of a man falling off his horse when meeting someone greater than himself? Can you not see the depraved open sewers of the dark hearts of men? The hatred of God and scripture is on full display, but yep, evolution is true is all its dazzling stench.

Strange then is it not, that the godless mind has no answer for the moral and spiritual regression of man who kills his neighbor without a cause, lies to a boss with great ease, steals pencils, money, clothing, and goes to sleep with nary a care. Yep, the evolution of man is on full display; meanwhile, God has said thousands of years ago that ‘evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse.’ Of course. God is always correct. He sees tomorrow because He knows all things.

Save the gorilla and kill the boy. Sound familiar? ‘The law says the adulterous woman should be stoned.’ Ah, but He who was full of light, grace, and truth pointed out that it is somewhat difficult to pick up that stone………..when the stone thrower has already done far worse.

Such is the weight and wrath of a broken law. So the boy should be shot dead for a ten second indiscretion? Yeah, you gorilla lover, YOU pull the trigger. You stone the adulterous woman. Go ahead I dare you, and then try to sleep at night. Your conscience will be maimed for every day of your being.

Evolution is true. Sure it is, as it produces uncleanness with no effort and no sweat. Down, down, down, to the home of all dirty doings. A man will kill his neighbor for making too much noise. A woman will steal a baby from a hospital ward.  Yeah, if evolution was true, perhaps the oak tree would send forth some acorns to share some of the victory spoils with people……….why should people alone share in the godlessness of evolution?

Why not invite turtles, whales, doves, and the common ant to participate in the vice of man? I’ll tell ya why, only man apart from law and order, apart from absolutes of right and wrong, acting as the brute beast, can sin. Evolution is completely true, when understood in the banks of that overflowing water of a conscience void of God.

Man HAS evolved…………down to the pits of moral, spiritual, and physical decrepitness. Need proof? If you do, YOU are proof that every word here is true. And btw, if you think the kid should have been shot instead of the gorilla, perhaps the vice is a bit too tight around the old noodle. Then again, it’s possible that you simply enjoy the life and times of unbridled vicery.



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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35 Responses to Evolution is true!

  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    I love the way you put things into perspective!

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  2. Well said. Do you ever wish people would just get about the business of evolving and just well, evolve already? We seem to be going backwards at a rapid rate. We should arrive at the Planet of the Apes any day now.

    Something I find interesting, for all our alleged progress, we haven’t really gotten anywhere morally. So those who would say, we just practice the golden rule absent God, never can explain why in thousands of years of human history, we have not managed to just overcome the sin problem?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yeah, and that whole idea of ‘knowledge shall increase,’ (meanwhile truth will decrease) well……….God knows all about the internet and the rise and fall of meebottery. lol

      But your point about the golden rule. It can never make straight a crooked heart. Not only do we need the right ruler…….but need to recognize the true Ruler.

      I can’t resist though, in the spirit of John McInroe on the tennis court:

      –Progress? Progress? You cannot be serious. PROGRESS?–

      Then there is the blank and patient stare from the chair umpire, as if to say: is your tantrum finished?

      Fortunately, God is much more patient eh ms bytes?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Apologies to the lady you addressed, but a lying tongue and a proud look apparently escapes you…………so yes, it is YOUR problem as well since death awaits you, other than that, you are the model boy scout.

      Truth be told there fella, your comments here and on other blogs, the pornography in particular, tightens the noose around your own rebellion; it takes no religion to observe the obvious.

      But we shall await a finer answer hopefully from ib22.


      • “Sin is only a problem to the religious.”

        Your answer is perfect, Colorstorm. One wonders how anyone who cares about his fellow man could possibly say such a thing without recognizing the irony. If sin is not a problem for everyone, it sure should be, because sin is what leads people to murder and abuse others and take their stuff. To declare that sin doesn’t bother you at all is to have cold heart indeed because there is great suffering in the world.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          I knew i could count on you to develop the thought better ms bytes. 😉

          ‘It should be a problem for everyone,’ love that, as it (as you said) reveals our hearts about ourselves and others.

          Compassion comes to mind.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          There are all kinds of reasons that murders and other atrocities are committed, but ‘sin” has nothing to do with any of it.


  3. I will happily attest to the clear fact that Georgia peaches are divine…as are South Carolina’s crop—no disputing that fact—just as there is no disputing man’s downward spiral into his own depravity while at the same time, he denies and decries that decent downward—not an accent upward mind you as is often foolishly assumed, but sadly and blatantly… downward…..
    It is beyond my soul how awful people are to their fellowman—forget the shootings, the killings, the terror, the bombings, the wars, the rapes—just look at how they/ we treat one another on-line…the hate laced vile sputum that is masked as comments and or conversation
    When all else fails, by all means, reach for the low blows, the name calling and vile and foul rhetoric that is passed off as a dismissal—-as we so easily dismiss a fellow human being.
    It is beyond my soul the hate that has filled so many hearts.
    “Oh” they will say, “I am not like the terrorist, the murderer, the rapist, the criminal…” yet their words, their heart, is filled with the very same dismissal of human life… as in” I have deemed you unworthy—”
    As always CS a sad and telling tale of what we have become….

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  4. dawnlizjones says:

    “…Your conscience will be maimed for every day of your being.” I must disagree. That’s actually part of the condition, in that the conscience is “seared” and no longer has even the remaining influence of a godly society of even 50 years ago. I’m going to also send this over to https://salvageable04.wordpress.com/ for his input!

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  5. Salvageable says:

    Colorstorm, you are obviously using “true” in a way I have never considered before. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. J.

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  6. Eliza says:

    Well said and oh so sadly so very true.

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  7. Wally Fry says:

    “We cannot stop from preaching what we have seen and heard…………..”

    Nope, and we can’t be stopped either. One person might, but always another to step into the breech.

    Nice, brother

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  8. Shofar says:

    ‘Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.’ Isa60:2 God bless you, John!

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  9. ColorStorm says:

    A bit inconvenient for you then, to have to reckon with this truth of evolution. I understand your dilemma, but God’s word is light years ahead,

    And btw, you add to the truth of this post every time you comment. Down down, down.

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  10. Tricia says:

    Such a good and pertinent post ColorStorm. That incident with the gorilla and people hollering for the kid to die, for the mom to pay dearly for the sin of taking her eyes off her child for 10 seconds, for them both to be strung up and shot dead; it was horrifying really to observe the depravity which people sank in their response to it.

    Speaks volumes though to the moral temperature of society, eh? Can’t anything just be an accident any more? It was sad the gorilla had to die but there was just no choice, the kid was in danger and that’s that.


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  12. ColorStorm says:

    It is one of the ‘regulars’ who frequent the drinking spot of atheism. Perhaps he can (if he reads this) defend himself, but no, I will not name him, as there are several who also agree, and I have no need to embarrass anybody with such a reminder of pure insanity.

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  13. You have a way with words for sure CS.

    Maybe this is just one point in evolution.

    Who knows what man will be like in another 14 billion years.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Ha james. Man has forfeited his right to live tomorrow without recognizing the Creator, let alone next week, year, or years.

      Yet in this blatant disrespect, God shows his patience. He offers grace, and does not ask for suicide bombers.

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  14. kertsen says:

    You are degrading the believers in evolution which is no way to tackle the problem you have with the theory. It would be like me degrading religion because some religious leaders are pedophiles. Attack the belief not the believer , it is a media trick often used in politics.
    My experience of people of all sorts of persuasions and nationalities are that they are a mixed bag , good ,bad , and indifferent. I know that for some Christians the world is divided into sheep and goats in theory, yet many admit there are believers they do not like and unbelievers they get on well with. I see no black and white world just shades of grey.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Nope, No degrading here of believers. The offspring of an elephant will always be an elephant.

      There are some who say whales once walked like dogs on earth. This is the idiotic notice of evolution.

      If a believer were to claim this as fact, then you no doubt have someone who disagrees with God.

      Our misunderstandings are never God’s fault. ‘He made great whales,’ says the good book.

      There is no room for the evolution of whales from hyenas.

      (and by the way, the post is also clear as to the de-evolution of man which godlessness boasts of)


  15. ColorStorm says:

    Experts? Ha. The so called evolved experts claim the Exodus never occurred.

    The experts think sin is a fabrication. I’ll take child like faith over a thousand experts.

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  16. kertsen says:

    You must not mock the experts they are gifted with fine brains and they enabled the huge advantages of our civilisation. The internet is a result of research and enables us to contact people all over the world. Medicine has saved many lives as it seeks to improve our health. How would we
    travel without aeroplanes and cars or listen to music without electronics. We must count our blessings for the present age. That’s not to say there is much work to do and that funds and energy are not being misspent. We need to take our eyes off going to Mars at great cost and spent that money to benefit ordinary people.


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