Just a big dummy

Has the goliath of atheism  lost his head? Well yes and no.  No, because atheism was and never will be a Goliath, but yes, because atheism has no head, as it takes intelligence from the brain to say ‘there is no God.’ Oops.

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But do consider the headless corpse of that big ole oaf, the guy with the big mouth, that 9 foot meebot, and how simple truth  brought down a world view that is adored by so many today. And what is this view? That the living God is not, and is irrelevant.

Ha, good luck with that, for heck, just the other day it was raining. Yep, water drops from above, a seemingly meaningless event and thought to be merely accidental or a product of ‘randomness.’ Uh huh, the same way a python went to the school of serendipity and learned to arm wrestle. He will crush such stupidity.

Mankind is so far removed from seeing the daily miracles in this thing called life, while asking for ‘proof’ of divinity that is seen in a thousand ways a minute, that it must be embarrassing to the peanut which isn’t quite as nutty.

I challenge any man or woman to plan, build, and organize this thing called a brain. I challenge you to design a butterfly having never seen one.  I challenge you to create the seed for the lily having never seen the lily. I challenge you to create the exquisite scent from the little flowered bell. I challenge you to erect a bee hive or the comb, and engineer the food called honey.

The tongues of men should be silenced at such indifference and arrogance, but no, the little muscle struts its pride like a peacock, while the miracles on 34th Street, Main St, and the very street you live on, are laughed at by the minute. And these miracles? Oh Romeo oh Romeo, let me count thy ways….

I challenge you to deny that godless minds are big dummies.  Learn the lesson from Fred Sanford.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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16 Responses to Just a big dummy

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Sometimes they do make me want to grab my chest and say “I’m coming to join you Elizabeth!”.

    Well said ColorStorm

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  2. Ha! I don’t think I would like to face a headless giant. Just saying. Anything headless starts coming towards me, I’m out of there. I shall boldly… flee. 🙂

    God is good and the evidence of His presence is everywhere. He is simple enough for a child to understand, or complex if you prefer a good adventure. Either way, He is all around us and even present in our very being. I hate to say it, but when we refuse to acknowledge Him, we are simply without excuse.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Which reminds me. Speaking to some people resembles talking to a body without a head……….. 😉

      I was coming home from work last night on my motorcycle and saw the dotted jewels in the night sky and thought:

      How does a person go through life while denying the obvious? Of all the circus hoop jumping and (excuses), it is just so bizarro to cast God from His own realm.

      Tis a pity ms bytes, and I am thankful we can point this out, even if it is repetitious. But God’s routines are never boring.

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  4. Tricia says:

    A godless mind, a headless body; two lumbering life forms fumbling their way through the darkness, lashing out at all who try and point the in the right direction while com[letely missing the miracles happening before their eyes..

    That’s what I see anyway. Good post CS. I wish I could give a Sanford reference but I never really watched the show, good as I heard it was.

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  5. archaeopteryx1 says:

    just the other day it was raining. Yep, water drops from above, a seemingly meaningless event and thought to be merely accidental or a product of ‘randomness.’

    Yet once again you show your ignorance of cause and effect and science in general. There is moisture in the sky at all times – less in desert regions and more in the tropics – but it is in the form of a gas. If a warm area containing moisture meets a cool front, the water vapor cools and becomes liquid once again, as such, it gets heavier and falls to earth – no magic needed.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Really? Prove the sky exists. Careful now, apart from faith you cannot do it.

      Everything you mention here is courtesy of the One who put in place the laws of physics.

      Your argument is with the owner and Creator of all water. Your argument is so old and tiring.


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