Now there’s a rebel

Atheism is like an octopus and has many uncles, but is primarily the great-grandchild of Cain’s rebellion against the Creator.

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Then, like now, the fruit of self has not only survived but thrived in the poorest of soil, and has produced a crop of worldlings whose claim to fame has become the worship of their own mind.

So while knowledge increases, (cough cough intertoobz) truth is laughed at. While the megabytes are applauded, God’s word is maligned.  Atheism would go out of business without God’s word to ransack. It needs a host to leech from!

Atheism is the poison steeped in a sinful mind, fed, sustained, nurtured, and promoted by pride, which tentacled escape can only come through the grace of God. Fortunately, God offers this grace and truth. He is good like that. He is the very best of Hosts.

(And btw, children are born with the conscious awareness of the Creator. It is only through crooked ways and continued rebellion that they choose the road more traveled, aka, atheism. This of course is the word of the most reliable of sources who said to be careful so as not to offend one of the little ones. A child seeing the moon for the first time knows: ‘in the beginning God.’ It is only through the clutches of the so-called-learned-octopus who grabs his affection and says: No! there is no God!)



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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14 Responses to Now there’s a rebel

  1. Amen. Colorstorm. Children do know God, instinctively. It actually takes a fair amount of work to knock that out of them. And we have the nerve to speak of Christians indoctrinating children.

    I like how you relate Cain to human pride to atheism. Not much has changed over the years, here is life and here is death.

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    • PS, I fished your lovely comments out of my spam. So sorry, I have no idea why WP filtered you. Your words are always much appreciated.


      • ColorStorm says:

        Ha, nice thought about indoctrinating! But even Mama duck teaches the little ones to walk sideways! Wait, or do they know instinctively? Uh, yep.

        (And the other thing. Now I fee like Dopey that fella who doesn’t talk too much…………talk about repeating things! Sorry, but just had to wish ya the best.)

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  2. archaeopteryx says:

    Then, like now, the fruit of self has not only survived but thrived in the poorest of soil

    That is SO true! Just look at the ten commandments, 4 out of the 10 are about, “me,” “me,” ‘ME”!


  3. archaeopteryx says:

    A child seeing the moon for the first time knows: ‘in the beginning God.’

    Could you please give us some scientific documentary evidence of this –?


  4. Tricia says:

    Well done ColorStorm. It is interesting though the weirdly symbionic relationship atheism has to God and His people. For without that, their raison d’etre would go poof. Maybe they should be more grateful of your posts. 😉


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