It’s the updates I tell ya…..or?

Update and restart. Update and shut down? Noooooooooooooo. Go away ye bastion of recalcitrance! Every time I am met with this lack of choices, there is collateral damage, this time by way of the WP discretion gods.

I send a harmless comment to many regular patrons, and poof! Gonesville to cyber hell, where there is wailing and gnashing of words. Not even the decency of moderation, or a note: ‘your comment is sitting safe and pretty until it is rendered valid, or pointless.’

Don’t get me wrong, moderation by WP is a valuable tool, and is an asset when used with need, but sakes alive, WP is sending me to the island of misfits with everyone I hold near and dear.

So here’s a heads up to friends, countrymen, brethren, ย sistern (lol), acquaintances: being so dismissed? Well then, perhaps you too should get on board and raise a glass to vote for more rain in the rain forests!

Then there is always the possibility that nefariousness is playing a part, and the professional-atheist-programmer-botling-hacker-daylight-true God despising foe- has seen fit to infiltrate the den……..No, that’s not possible is it, since I am merely a voice of irrelevance…..

But seriously, this has never happened, to have every comment sent to the home of another only to be not even given the courtesy of ‘trashed.’ So impersonal, so unflattering, I’m suffering miserably. Ha!

And to they who cry: ‘see, karma will getcha for moderating MY comments!’ Uh, no, you have worked entirely too hard to deserve moderation. I have seen your two hundred plus comments on sites that are full of vulgarity, obscenity, perversion, and lack just plain decency, unfit to sit on the shelf of any home. There are plenty of sites that welcome such depraved words of men, and mine is not one of them, and I’ll be the judge of that thank you very much.

Then there is this. I have been recently ‘followed’ by some who by their very sites have innate hostility to the den. Perhaps the den has become a threat to world peace, and is a clear and present danger to the crowning of her queenship Ms. Clin-ton.

Perhaps the powers that be at WP have concluded that yes, the den is unsavoury and the likes of George Sorosย and his wealth are in jeopardy, as well as the gold medals of Katie Ledecky are also in threat of being usurped by these pages! Yes that’s it, the lion’s den is full of corruption and dead men’s bones, just waiting to thwart and upend all the elections of the world and to pillage the booty of all Olympians!

I have singularly parted the seas, and have taken full responsibility for dividing the islands, and yes, I admit, I did push Australia into the depths of solitary confinement! Ok I came clean, can I at least comment in the house of my friends? ย Or at least can I have a spam sandwich?

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21 Responses to It’s the updates I tell ya…..or?

  1. you are not alone my friend—as I have had, on and off, my comments to my fellow bloggers disappearing…I will hit “post comment” and poof, there is no comment.
    Leaving me to second guess myself if I actually did hit post, or thought I had before closing out—losing the comment altogether…or am I waiting approval, or am I spam, or worse, discarded, as you say, by the WP gods…..
    Yet you yourself and others have had to go on a seek and find mission, fishing me out of spam….
    Jokingly I’ve said it was a conspiracy…I was being banished to a land I knew not….
    by the likes of who knows….

    It is frustrating, especially when the only contact we may have with a fellow blogger is the blog itself, no email in which to use as a follow up in sending out the distress call…

    It is all rather odd and frustrating to say the least….

    Here’s to keeping an eye out for the lost….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The idea of distrust does have some merit. There are the professional ‘trollers’ whose mission is to disrupt by ‘reporting’ sites they deem unworthy; I’m sure WP gets its daily share of this, and acts responsibly…….in the meantime it does make you wonder.

      But yep, keep an eye out! Tks J.

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  2. Squid says:

    This was so stinking funny, but I do feel for you. I hope that it gets resolved soon! Seriously, I’m going to laugh about it all day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. DebbieLynne says:

    I almost feel guilty about being so entertained by your misfortune. Almost. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    Are there really professional trollers who do that? Wow. I am too naive I guess.

    I just thought the professional trollers hassled you to death and made you wish they would just report you to the powers that be.

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  5. Oh, I so hear you! Two things come to mind, this is why I had to become a stalker. The people whose words I really value I often have to hunt down with some steely persistence. Also,how good it is that we have a wi/fi signal to the Lord, because if we had to depend on modern technology we’d all be sunk.

    Hang in there, Colorstorm, and don’t let the turkeys get you down.

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  6. ColorStorm says:

    Not a big fan of anonymous at WP.


  7. theancients says:

    Brilliantly funny CS.
    My favorite: Gonesville to cyber hell, where there is wailing and gnashing of words.

    Like previous poster, I’ll be smiling all day at this post – good medicine.
    Be resolved soon.

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  8. Citizen Tom says:

    Funny post!

    You probably already know this, but maybe not. I have noticed you visit atheist blogs. If a blog owner puts your comments in the spam bucket, don’t comment again. You risk being tagged as a spammer.


    • ColorStorm says:

      So W-Press physically approves the request to be identified as a spam sight?

      They visit the site and say ‘yeah, sure, this is spam?’ or is it automatic per request. Somebody has to set the wheel in motion tight?

      I know there is a w-press policy about ‘reporting,’ but sakes alive, if they are hassling me cause the apple carts are upset, then gee whiz, no body is safe.

      Btw, I have been demoted to basement status in the homes of believers too. Odd.


      • Citizen Tom says:

        When you mark something as spam on your blog, that is data. That is data for the spam checker. How exactly does the spam checker use that data? That would be proprietary information so I don’t know.

        My guess is that if you stay away from websites that mark your comments as spam your problem will in time go away.

        Depending upon the severity of the problem, you may wish to contact WordPress. Could be a glitch.

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