This is no joke

Two beautiful dairy cows were talking about their origins. One was jealous he could not fly, and the other did not like his black and white spots.

Image result for hurdles

‘Yeah, I tried for a bazallion  years to figure out how to become a blue heron.’

‘Didn’t work out too well for ya huh?’

‘Nope. Always had trouble with the paint codes.’ Upon hearing this, the other cow sez:

‘Ha funny, but there is this guy who pretends to be smart. I heard him talking one day telling his friend that whales walked on earth, and that humans grew up having apes as mother and father. Yikes, and just who is the beast here? I tell ya, people blow me away with their broken legs of standing and overt blindness.’

Stupid? A joke? An insane conversation? A fable? Yep, a little bit of everything. But here’s the deal. Non thinking, non moving clumps of this, that, or the other, have NO say in what they are.

A common cow can no more turn into a turkey, than a woman can give birth to a cheetah. ‘After their kind’ is a truth so darn obvious that even the amazing Kreskin must agree and admit that the insane idea of a cow turning into a bird is well, just plain delusional.

Image result for dairy cow

‘After their kind.’ Chew the cud on this one, and you too will agree that only the Creator has the copyrights on all things living. See those lambs yonder grazing in the fields while you travel the countryside? Yep, designed by God, ‘after their kind.’

It takes olympic hurdles to avoid the truth of the origin, purpose, and distinctness between the cow and the heron, the lamb and the fox, and truth be told, these  ‘kinds’ of Olympians have no legs to stand on. An epic failure to attempt to leap over the truth of God.

To prove this point further, it is the confirming role of unbelief to also give birth after its kind; to produce little meebots that despise God, scripture, and overlook the simple naming rights of all creatures great and small that we as humans enjoy.

Man was given dominion over all creatures, thank God. Yes, this has been abused, but it still does not change what has always been true. (And God saw that it was good. He made the stars also.)

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38 Responses to This is no joke

  1. john zande says:

    Goodness, is that seriously the extent of your understanding of evolution by natural selection?

    (Hey jz- You must have missed the part where it says ‘stupid………………’
    Now then. You send another comment within seconds, airing your gripe, expressing your impatience, and your lack of understanding in not knowing that your link ‘asks’ for me to update a player………….a request I have no interest in complying with.

    And I always know when my short posts find their mark. Truth stings. Gotta love those bees and their honey, thanks be to God.)


    • John,

      Maybe you can explain to us how one species can give birth to another in the language of the theory of evolution.

      Can you show even one example in the fossil record or among living things now, that shows a mother of one species giving birth to offspring of another different species?

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      • john zande says:

        Would love to chat, SOM, but Cs is at his hypocritical best; editing, deleting, altering and censoring comments.

        It’s thoroughly pathetic.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Stop it already zande. I told you your ‘link’ asked me to update the player.

          I said ‘no thank you.’ Knowing you will not apologize for your childlike antics……….and impatience to ‘consider a matter,’ it is no wonder your inability to render simple math blinds your eyes.

          Stop your _itching.


        • John,

          I think on this occasion Storm would be absolutely thrilled if you could show by living example or even in the long dead fossil record, how the mother of one species gave birth to offspring of an a different species.


      • limey says:

        “Maybe you can explain to us how one species can give birth to another in the language of the theory of evolution.”

        This questions betrays a lack of understanding of how evolution works.

        An individual gives birth to an individual of the same species.

        Mutations happen on the individual level, these get inherited and passed on to the next generation. Within a group of animals, multiple mutations get passed on and over time the whole group gets mutations that originated from many generations ago. Thus the gene pool of the group is different when you compare animals separated by many generations.

        When you separate two or more groups of once identical animals, the above process will produce a different gene pool in each group. Over time the mutational differences will become so great that you effectively have different species.

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    • Clyde Herrin says:

      Don’t you understand there is no such thing as evolution by natural selection because evolution and natural selection are opposites? Natural selection is a process by which a new form of life is formed by selecting certain characteristics that exist in an ancestor and rejecting others? For example, all varieties of dogs are descended from wolves. All of the genes that make up a dog are found in wolves. Evolution requires organisms developing new genes that don’t exist in its ancestors. Natural selection can be observed, so it is clearly true. Evolution cannot.

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  2. KIA says:

    Sorry cs, dairy cows today are far from natural. It’s really no joke how much we have exploited and abused such a wonderful and gentle creature.

    (Mike- three things.

    1. Because of your gamesmanship and immediate interest in your attempt to defame this blog site by running to your place, (to and fro sound familiar?) promoting further an idea that you know nothing, (updates etc) you have forfeited any semblance of credibility.
    2. I do not play link pong.
    3. (I wrote a post about pong)

    4. Dairy cows are ancillary to the essence of the post. You must have missed the part about the lamb, the heron, the ape, the fox, the man, the woman……….

    Now then, do feel free to run to your playground and complain how believers are intolerant hypocrites, and how the unbeliever or ungodly mind is light years ahead in intellect.)

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Post it some somewhere else zande. It is a common gripe of irrelevance and void of context.

    Maybe one of my friends here will be happy to entertain you.


  4. For crying out loud, John!

    You don’t get to set the rules on some else’s blog.

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  5. Tricia says:

    “You have just admitted to all your readers that you have no confidence at all in your Creationist beliefs.”

    I am a frequent reader of ColorStorm’s blog John and it’s not been proven to me at all that he has no confidence in his beliefs. Quite the opposite I’d say.

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    • john zande says:

      Then he should post the meme.

      It’s as simple as that.

      He won’t, though, because you see, Tricia, he’s afraid of it. It’s easier for him to pretend he can’t post it (which is a lie) than to actually confront the content put before him.

      That, Tricia, is the definition of a coward.


      • ColorStorm says:


        Stop it. I do not have the patience of Job, much to my own chagrin. No wonder you have trouble believing the truth of scripture, when a man across the seas today tells you the truth, you cast a slur of liardom. Stop it.

        I am not interested in possible viruses to please you. You have already posted it elsewhere, and it is as common as rain.

        It means nothing, so don’t ask again.


      • Wally Fry says:

        “You have just admitted to all your readers that you have no confidence at all in your Creationist beliefs.”

        Gosh..I’ve looked all through comment threads and not seen such an admission anywhere.


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        • john zande says:

          Of course… because the meme still isn’t showing.

          That is CS conceeding he can’t defend his position.

          (CS sez: This blogger should try comedy. As if the throne of God is threatened by a goofy irrelevant pic with words.

          As if the very words: ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,’ are at all challenged by the Brits or Americans. Please. This site is not the zandevuhl blog part two. And I will not speak one more word to this bloggers stubborn and lame charges))


  6. Tricia says:

    What a wonderful post and really quite sad that its common sense theme of one not being able to change the origin of who they are created to be by God (whether cow, zebra or human) is offensive to some. I’d go even further to say that Western Culture as a whole is suffering from a mass identity crisis where biological gender means nothing and the “truth” is whatever a person feels they identify as.


  7. limey says:

    Interesting that this blog post would pick on cows, because tolerance of the protein in dairy milk is a recent evolutionary adjustment to humans. Those who are lactose intolerant have not benefitted from the adaption inherited by those who are.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Cows are ancillary to the point limey. I could have said kangaroos or rhinos. And as to your response to SoM, at the end of the day, evolution has NO answer for the very first cow, kangaroo, or rhino.

      ‘In the beginning God created,’ answers it all.


      • limey says:

        God doesn’t answer anything. It stops curiosity dead in its tracks by positing an entity that just did it but can’t be questioned.

        It does nothing to explain why dna shows similarity between animals that correlates with the fossil record. It does nothing to explain why humans have a fussed chromosome differentiating them from other apes. It does nothing to explain many other genetic and other behavioural curiosities that interest scientists and motivate research.


        • ColorStorm says:


          You bring age old gripes that do nothing to unseat the Creator.

          In the beginning God…………settles every answer and issue of life. God gave us brains to figure out the details.


  8. limey says:

    God gave us brains …

    To work out how the world works, using science, and that science gives us the details and the methods of how animals change through evolution and adaption to their environments. Those brains build the greatest telescopes and microscopes through which we can see the farthest galaxies and the tiniest particles. These brains enables us to hypothesis bosons and black holes years before we discovered them.

    In all that accomplishment the arena dedicated to God has reduced continually and produced no advancement in knowledge. All the while a little voice in some corner of the internet (another product of science) stills calls out that some god did it all.

    Yeah, that God gave us brains, which we have used to realised that there is actually no god at all. Oh the glorious and wonderful irony of it!”


    • ColorStorm says:

      I got news for you. Solomon’s temple of old represented architecture and building unequalled in time.

      And yep, they gave homage to God for their divinely inspired skill, so unlike the arrogance of man who thinks he alone is responsible for his creativity.

      Can you see? Then thank God for your eyesight. Can you hear? Then thank God for your ears.

      It is the height of intellectual stupidity to deny the Owner of all intelligence.


  9. limey says:

    oh those wonderful things we call ears and eyes…

    How do we know how they work? because of science, because of the curiosity of man, using his brains to learn. This is how we can explain tinnitus and other hearing inflictions, or cataracts and other eyesight inflictions. Gene knowledge tells us how we inherit eye colour or ear lobe shape or if we are pre disposed to early age related sense loss. No God ever gave us this information, we worked it out on our own.

    The idea that these flawed and evolved natural products were created by a glorious god is the product of a naïve mind, incapable of seeing how pitifully ineffectual such a god is that it can’t even create a reliable body organ. While the human mind gives us glasses and hearing aids to correct the effects of these failing organs.


    • ColorStorm says:

      No limey, you have it backwards.

      Until you or all of your godless friends combined can go into the lab and create a fingernail…………using nothing………..

      I’ll stick with Creator of the eye and ear, and you can keep your eternal guesses of nonsense.


      • limey says:

        It’s religion that guesses and then assumes it’s right. It’s the ultimate superstition.

        Science tests it’s guesses to see which ones are correct. That’s why the human mind is so much better without god.


        • ColorStorm says:

          No. It is no guess that ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

          Nature testifies.
          Scripture affirms.
          Your conscience condemns your unbelief.

          A thousand years from today, you will still bring the same useless gripes, and God’s word will still have remained the same.

          Truth is like that. It is true. Always.


        • limey says:

          If you say so.


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