I’ll have another…

(This short post was inspired by a particular den of thieves. I use the word in both a comical and serious way. Comical because to deny God His existence is mental theft, and serious because the same God who is laughed to scorn is also extremely patient being robbed of Himself. It was said that ahem, I, was mopped up by the arguments of atheism, and that is rather odd, since that brand of nothingness has no argument.

God’s word has never lost an argument, NEVER, as it is woven into God Himself. A man may as well find fault with a waterfall, than try to point to flaws or weaknesses in scripture or God. Sorry, no can do. The Creator of lightning, rain, fruit trees, time, laughter, and all that is, is flawless and above rebuke. He can be charged with nothing but good. As a matter of fact, daily He proves His intrinsic eternal perfection.)

So tell me. What would you say of a person who boasts of expertise in Calculus but disagrees that two plus two equals four? What would you say of a geography professor who says Cleveland is the capital of Ohio? What would you say of an English teacher who says the correct spelling of that piece of paper for an item purchased is ‘reseat?’

Image result for two plus two equals 5

And what pray tell do we say of a person who claims to be a believer in the one true God, but has absolutely no issue with atheism, thinking it is simply an alternative lifestyle?

Would you despise the false math, the false geography, the false English teaching, and the false christian theology? Or does the idea of absolutes frighten you? I suggest that math teachers worth their salt would despise false math, where simple addition cannot exist, and the entire world would then revert to chaos without the truth of the strength in numbers.

No biggie if there are 8 days in a week; no big deal if there are 26 hours in a day; sure, 2 plus 2 equals 3 (heck, it’s close enough,) and it is certainly not worthy of argument in thinking that believers should approve of atheism. Yep, 9 days in week. Just a mere technicality.

But is not this intellectual liberalism at its finest, where a student CAN live a life having his own math, deciding that yes, two plus two equals five, and where it does not matter if Bowling Green is the capital of Ohio either. We wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of Cincinnati now would we?

And yes, it also does not matter if a believer is an atheist. Uh huh, sure, make your own reality, but in the world of absolutes, people should and do detest the notion that a believer should not have an issue with atheism.

Which is it? Do you cling to believership and detest the atheism, or love the atheism and detest the believership? How long will you cling to both opinions? The word ‘doubleminded’ seems to strike a bell.

So a man defends a professed believer: ‘she does not despise my atheism one bit.’ Hmmm. Make that a double hmmm bartender. Let’s hear a few thoughts from what God tells us through His word as to clothing that is the wrong size, and how to recognize certain people and their lame beliefs or lack thereof:

-unreasoning animals (There is no God…….)

-brute beasts (man is no different from a jackal; Christ did not live, and if He did, He did not know history )  Worth repeating: brute beasts.

-filthy dreamers (Moses never lived, God did not create the stars, Saul then Paul had brain damage)

-clouds without water (believers are mentally deranged, Christ did not suffer once for sins)

-murmurers (God has furnished no proof)

-backbiters (God is evil, believers are brain-dead; Paul formed his ‘own’ religion)

-being filled with vile affections (hello commenters)

-debate (here’s a big one)

-deceit (scripture cannot be trusted,  Christ was a liar for promoting the Exodus)

Sooo, atheism (aka false math), all forms of unbelief, and christianity can equally co-exist eh? People have no issue as they detest Christianity, yet the professional atheist thinks it absurd that a believer would detest atheism….. Hey, bartender, make that a triple shot of common sense with a side of turtle soup………..and make it snappy.

And to the alleged believer who has no issue with atheism: aw, nevermind.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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13 Responses to I’ll have another…

  1. Tricia says:

    A lot to chew on here ColorStorm and a good read to get the intellectual juices flowing this morning. I think you are spot on, especially about ideas of absolutes terrifying some people. To accept that means to give up the fantasy that there is no Creator and that we (humans) have control to move the lines on what is truth.

    As far as atheism, I do detest its core principles and have experienced its fruits of nastiness and hatred from more than a handful of its followers. However I know some personally that are not this way and while I detest the philosophy they follow I love and welcome them in my life.

    Side note-I had a math teacher in7th grade who I am still in contact with today and he would be absolutely appalled, no insulted, by being presented with false math. Good call on that. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      It’s worth noting your observation T. that there are many, (atheists to the point) who are good people.

      I have said as much including a friend of mine, have morals surpassing many believers.

      Incriminating, but many good people are still dead in tresspasses and sins. That’s the truth.

      Then again, these good people would not foam at the mouth by we who have made a profession of faith.

      Something rather sinister is going on, and scripture knows all about it.

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  2. a time is coming, soon no doubt with all this change in the air, when the sheep will be separated from the goats—time to figure out the difference…

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  3. Salvageable says:

    I can handle the possibility that 2 + 2 = 5 within certain tolerances. Add 2 1/3 + 2 1/3, and then round all three numbers to the nearest whole number. But consider the world accidental and uncreated? No level of tolerance can justify that mistake. J.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      True S, but then you change the entire idea of absolutes. On the third day He shall rise again. Not the 2nd, not the fourth. No shifting shadows with God.

      40 days, forty nights. Moses died at 120, not 125, not 115. The precision speaks to the nature of scripture.

      But the greater point is that math is an exact science; the same as scripture is positively precise, and therefore equally reliable.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      I suppose I am something of a scientist, engineer, and a mathematician, a jack of all, a master of none. Nevertheless, you and CS may enjoy this old post of mine => https://citizentom.com/2008/06/22/what-is-mathematical-proof-does-2-2-4/.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        I do like that idea CT that math is a language. As a matter of fact, love it.

        (the language of Wall Street can’t be denied either)

        I would go further and say God created math, I just do not think something so precise and lasting could have been dreamed up by mortals.

        The ‘days’ of creation, and the days in the week were surely of divine origin, and have stood the test of time as added proof of the great Mathematician..

        And linked to faith? Positively.

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          Well, indirectly God did create math. We just use math to model what He created. Science is just modeling what God created, and math is the modelling language .

          The most basic form of science is what we call logic. Math must conform to the rules of logic. And what is logical? Well, if you say something is logical, and what you say does not conform to the rules followed by God’s Creation, it isn’t logical. At best, it is wishful thinking, sort of like 2 apples + 2 apples = 5 apples.


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