Secrets, lies, and videotapes

With Ms. Clinton’s physical collapse recently, a few thoughts came to mind.

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WHO decided that she should not be taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, which no doubt would have included vitals, an MRI, CAT scan, blood tests, observations, and opinions of medical professionals from various disciplines after seeing such results? Who?

The image of her being held up from dropping to the ground, the shielding of her by others, is plenty of proof that she was in no condition to assess her own health, and surely nobody THERE was qualified to say ‘no hospital necessary.’

This is wrong at so many levels. This is seriously wrong of far greater implications than a woman’s ailing health. This discussion would not even be in the public domain if it were not for a video that proved there is something rotten in Denmark.

An hour later she reappears as if nothing happened…….’I feel fine………….!’

Really now? So WHO determined she is fine and not in need of medical attention? Who? I candidly submit that the doctors who ARE aware of her current state, have not given her advice to stay away from hospitals……….unless…… they are fraudulent in their profession, unless they care more for their ”candidate’ than for a human being who is in dire need of medical help which demands further testing.

For God’s sake more attention is given to a kid with a bee sting in the ER who shows no sign of adverse reaction, yet the code of caring for the infirmed, is rooted in the idea that caution and testing may reveal issues not seen on the surface. He may have allergies….it is possible to die from such seemingly harmless things.

Something very very dark is going on with this particular presidential candidate, and the powers that be who are advising her are guilty of the highest crimes, even if they are ordered by Clinton herself to keep her from medical facilities.

She collapsed for God’s sake. She was apparently unconscious, and without the crutches of human beings, she would have dropped immediately to the ground. To the ground. To the ground.  But right, no story here. Uh huh, sure.

Is the real story here Ms. Clinton passing out? Nope. The real story is ‘behind the scenes,’ what was not done, what would have been kept further secretive, what further lies would have been told, WHO gave orders in such scenarios, WHAT story to construct.

Had this happened to any other stranger on the street, 911 would have been called, and within minutes, a call would have made to the nearest facility to prep the team with the details of the incoming patient. Pneumonia? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s the  d_amn lies and sinister doings that getcha every time.

Worth repeating: in Ms. Clinton’s unconscious state, WHO decided to avoid the ER? Imagine an 18 year old girl being involved in a head on collision. The medics ask her ‘are you all right?’ Wrong question but nevermind.

She says ‘yep, I feel fine,’ meanwhile she is bleeding internally and in need of a hospital, NOW. Her sense of self preservation and possible trauma says she is ‘fine,’ but she is anything but.  We will allow the lab results and medical profession to determine if you are ‘fine.’

So while Ms. Clinton, after she gained consciousness, says, ‘I feel fine,’ uh, ma’am, you do not look fine, and you are in no condition to give report on yourself.  ‘This happens all the time, pneumonia after effects ya know. I’m fine.’

Uh huh sure ma’am, and your advisers, every last one of them should  be fired. The question ma’am you should ask yourself: after such a terrible fall, would you avoid the ER if you were not running for president?  Or is it a simple matter of wanting to keep hidden further the medical results of what you know is simply the bad new bears.

Time will prove the word ‘cover up’ is rather polite.



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14 Responses to Secrets, lies, and videotapes

  1. One logical conclusion is that Hillary’s condition has been known for a long time by those around her.

    And that protocols have been developed to deal with any emergencies.

    Chelsea’s apartment is probably purposed for ER duty should the need arise.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Well S, it appeared that ‘fall’ was somewhat of an emergency. And the shady characters surrounding her (as in covert) are as you prepped to ‘avoid’ emergencies like that.

      While there may be a few band aids at her daughters place……… MRI machine would probably be absent.

      Then again………

      Maybe her team did not want to deal with Obamacare either. 😉

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  2. “WHO decided that she should not be taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, which no doubt would have included vitals…”

    I know,right? Since when is a loss of consciousness treated as just routine? Either she has a full time doctor on staff or else everyone around her is used to it.


    • ColorStorm says:

      In all seriousness mbytes, she could be nameless for all I care, but this was anything but routine.

      As a human being, Ms Clinton should have been taken instantly to a medical facility. (SoM suggested there may be one at the daughter’s place. I doubt it though)

      And a doctor on staff? Yeah prob, but a poor one at that who is more political than medical.

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      • sage_brush says:

        Unless she has Parkinson’s or some other neurological disorder (caused by the stroke and or concussion she suffered earlier). It’s obvious. The rigid posture she had as she was being supported was atypical, and indicates she has a serious condition, that was already diagnosed, and they are well equipped to handle it. Who knows what kind of treatment she received in the limo.

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  3. Ya know, it’s like when she fell and hit her head and had double vision and had to wear shades
    24/ 7 due to a concussion and double vision—but of course that was during all that e-mail business which later lead to a repeated mantra of “I can’t recall” before a Judicial committee—but I digress…


  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Frankly, the only relevance of this whole episode is that it indicates the extent to which the Clinton crowd is willing to go for the sake of power. We already know that that crowd has a problem telling the truth.


  5. If you believe a lie long enough it becomes the truth.

    Vermont Book Works


  6. There’s a great saying, “Tired of elephants and donkeys? Try the Lamb.” I really like that, it reminds us where to put our eyes in the midst of all this chaos.

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