Did you hear………..?

There is a global joke circulating that there is no God…….

Image result for yak





Image result for yakYak
Image result for yakYak



Eh, this joke is as old as time, and as you can see, the animal is not impressed.


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18 Responses to Did you hear………..?

  1. hilarious—yakaty yak yak

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  2. KIA says:

    I probably wouldn’t be able to say, much less prove, that there is no God or gods. Neither can you prove by anything more than faith that there are. But one distinction… The God and his divine son Jesus as portrayed in the bible has no evidence whatever outside of faith in what the bible itself says for them and itself.
    And the bible itself is so fraught with difficulties, inaccuracies and out right fiction that it cannot be trusted to tell Truth about nearly everything it does say


    • ColorStorm says:

      Well mike, there is nature, scripture, history, geography, the genealogies of man, and the big one: your conscience, which all testify to the solidarity of truth.

      Once more, there are no defects in God.

      But difficulties in scripture? You mean how God can be just in justifying sinful man, without compromising His intrinsic eternal perfection?


    • Citizen Tom says:


      As an intellectual exercise, it is not that difficult to prove that God exists. To prove the Bible is true is only slightly more difficult. Yet most people don’t believe the Bible. Otherwise, they would read it.

      James 2:19 New King James Version (NKJV)
      You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 

      Like the demons, the thought of God makes us tremble. Unlike the demons, we waiver between two choices. We all have trouble believing in God. Even Adam and Eve had trouble believing in God. Think about the sheer stupidity of disobeying God. Can you imagine anything more futile? Satan believes in God, and yet he doesn’t.

      We have finite minds. To believe in God, we must grasp the infinite. We cannot. That’s why we are justified by faith. To be believe in God, to submit to His Will, we must trust Him. We must believe He is Holy and worthy of our love and adoration.

      When we cannot get over our trouble believing in God — putting our faith in Him — we will not believe the Bible. We will, of course, find bible fraught with difficulties, inaccuracies and outright fiction. We will not trust the Bible to tell Truth.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        Lot’s of good truth here sageB.

        Highly recommended reading to all visitors here. The last will and testament account is awesome, and this quote by Jack Lewis (CS) is spot on.

        C.S. Lewis summed up the Atheist’s problem very well when he wrote: “An Atheist cannot find God for the same reason that a burglar cannot find a policeman.”

        And of course the nation of Israel as the apple of God’s eye cannot be ignored.

        Tkx for passing this along.

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  3. I just hate it when the animals are not impressed!

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    I see it didn’t take long for the yak herd to show up


  5. LOL! Well said.

    Long ago hubby and I went to the zoo in Alaska and I took pictures of nothing but yaks, for that very reason. I could not believe how unimpressed they were! Completely indifferent.

    Now moose are a whole different story. They actually blow steam out of their nose and their eyes turn red.

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  6. Tricia says:

    Ah the understated simplicity of a disinterested yak. Too funny ColorStorm! 🙂

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