The book of numbers…

Mr Einstein (let’s not forget to include the females) said a few sarcastic things about God, but to the foolishness of so called wisdom I say this:

Berating God because people abuse ‘religion’ is like scrapping arithmetic because of lying accountants.

Neither God nor math can lie. People? Eh, that’s another story.

Image result for john mcenroe you cannot be serious

Personally, it is somewhat amusing but rather tiring to hear from people who do not believe one word of scripture, to then assail the Creator because of the nefarious deeds of men. Not too smart.

To put God on trial, as if He has defects of character, can only be explained by the most callous of hearts. Once again, not too smart.

Finally, to sit in judgment of God and scripture, and to cite God and scripture as evil, by people who do not care to understand God or scripture, is the height of intellectual carelessness, mental treason, and is the epitome of arrogance and foolishness. Count on it. Sorry, but if Mr. (or Mrs.) Trigonometry lived a life not believing in the God of creation, their own math betrayed them, while both math and God are blameless. So do our hearts condemn us.

You can try to fudge the numbers, but do the math honestly. Truth, as written in the good book, always, Always, ALWAYS adds up.


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6 Responses to The book of numbers…

  1. It was late in life when I finally reasoned out the logic of God being the gold standard goodness and wisdom.

    Once that happened the truth of the Gospel message started become intelligible.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Ah yes, Silence, the goodness of God.

      In the scriptures we read that it is exactly that, the goodness of God…….which leads us to repentance.

      God is good that way, and He is good toward all. (And I can’t resist; Now us? Ha, rather untowardly far too often)


  2. Tricia says:

    Love the quote you have there CS on the idiocy of berating God because of the dumb things some religious people do. Of course it’s taken even further when the atheist looks at the crumbling world around him caused by sin and death and tries to place blame on a God they don’t even believe in to begin with.

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