Golden oldies

In perusing some kickback, the following comments provide pure entertainment, courtesy of folks who have put their two cents in regarding my blog site and observations I have left elsewhere. Keep in mind, the essence of these people’s wonderful intellect…………..(?) is because they have reasoned God OUT from His own creation, and cannot tolerate any human being who believes in One greater than themselves. Enjoy the music!

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I hate that man’s (CS) guts with every fibre of my being and I won’t be shy about telling him so. -dust and ashes  10.15. 16

As much as I hate his guts, there is a part of me that knows that there are many other factors that led to his brain being infected with the virus of Christianity (which now appears incurable….)  -more ashes

You truly are a sanctimonious hypocritical maggot-infested ****hole, Colorstorm and J*** is spot on when he hopes that you have no access to children. -cement gods  5.2.16

You are such a fool. -(too many to count)  5.1. 16

So, John, you willingly lie to children. That is why you should have no contact with them. You are a retardant to the human condition, a diseased human being. –from the apostolic pit of atheism where people do not wear clothes.  4.28.16.

CS is like a malaria carrying, blood sucking mosquito buzzing around someone’s ear. I keep mosquito zappers handy, too, should you need one.  -neurotic penmanship  6.9.2015

Nah. I’ll just use CS’s blog for that. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll keep it in mind. Come to think of it, covering it in puke would almost certainly be a massive improvement. -cigar ash 6.9.2015

I have never commented on his blog. However, I had read a couple of his posts a while back, and have been in discourse with him in the past on other blogs. It didn’t take me long to realize that he’s mentally unstable. I think he fits the 4 criteria of a study done in Canada with around 1,500 college students–that he would kill someone if he thought god told him to. -neurosis and such.

Hope you have enjoyed the comedy as much as I do. And as a bonus, let me politely add: It is simply a believers utmost confidence in scripture and the living God that acts as a catalyst for the unbelievers disdain of all things spiritual.

And we are reminded of that good man Saul then Paul the apostle, who was accused of being a madman. Yeah, he who unfolded grace and truth like no other was mad. Well then, mix me up that same drink bartender.

So there you have it, and I could have included much more but you get the drift. Maybe you have heard of that madman Paul who caused riot and killed people wherever he went……….yeah, he who was taught grace and truth by Christ Himself was a pure murderer…..yeah, he who received forty stripes save one on a regular basis, was a killer….. yeah, he who wrote that the greatest of these is charity, is a monster.  Are you listening moresournotes?

As for me? I will not cease to share the goodness of God in all things, and without apology. Daylight tells the darkness to get lost. And as an afterthought, the greatest intellect of man apart from God is but narrow-minded, selfish, small, and truly a view to be pitied. It appears the few comments above are enough proof.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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12 Responses to Golden oldies

  1. It is beyond my soul how people who do not actually “know” one another—who have never met face to face or actually had a conversation eyeball to eyeball can say that they “hate” the author of some words that they have read….
    You may “hate” this particular person’s words, their opinions, their views… but how can you actually say you hate the person—a fellow human being who shares this earth with you???…
    Perhaps it is such a person who seems to see only him or herself as being the solely important living being on the planet who can say such nonsense.
    When did having discourse on a blog or in a news column become reason to “hate” another human being?
    Hate is a very strong statement and position to take—hating the evil monsters like a Hitler, a Stalin, or an Idi Amin—those whose sole purpose in life was indeed hate, and murder and genocide…I can understand that…but to say you hate a person just because there is a profession of faith in the belief in God is really ridiculous in my opinion and a waste of energies that could be channeled
    for being kind, or helpful or caring…..

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    • ColorStorm says:

      It could possibly be as simple as 123 J.

      The ‘hatred’ is certainly not because one knows another, which is as you say, not really possible entirely; yet, one does recognize the truth of what another brings, and that is ‘hated.’

      Heck, I didn’t dream up the idea of ‘in the beginning God………….’

      That truth is in every man. I perhaps say it just a little louder, more often, and without compromise

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  2. I’m jealous!

    Is that a sin?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Ah Silence, to be jealous of that which is good! Would to God we would all aspire.

      Truth be told, if you were inclined, you could also come up with your own top ten doozies of comments.

      To borrow your word, godlessness is the poorest of hallucinations……….


  3. Wally Fry says:

    I’m with SoM lol….you have all of the fun!

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Funny! Fools serve best as an object of comedy, I suppose.

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