Don’t laugh it’s a fair question

Sooooo, man is no different from a ground-hog eh? Man is no different from a common fly? Man has no more value than a hyena eh? When is the last time you served up ‘last rites’ for a gnat?

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Why pray tell, no, DO tell, Mr/Mrs Intellectual: why do you NOT keep genealogy records for jackals? Why do you not care to document the life and times of the tse-tse fly? When were they born? How did they live? Where did they work? Their contributions to the labor field? Their philanthropic work? Their offspring? Their names? Their spouses? The day of their birth? The date of their death?

Well, answer!

You can’t, you won’t. Why? Because you know that man and man alone is the capstone of creation, and we prove our link with eternity by documenting our dearly departed.Β Death sings rather well the tune of man who is made in the image of God, whereby this image is not found in the laughing hyena.

A fair question indeed. Why do you not keep genealogy records for ground hogs if in fact man has no spirit and is really, ultimately no different from a mosquito? Truth be told, man is different from a house fly, a dog, a cat, not only in appearance, but in nature, purpose, and destiny. Man is also not a specialist like an insect, but to the unclouded of mind, is certainly the pinnacle of all living things. Only a fool would deny what is blatantly obvious.

A simple bird for instance, will take flight for its next breath, fearing a human it never met, and intends no harm. Why? Fear and dread of man as scripture perfectly points out.

So go ahead, write your obituary for your pet beetle or stink bug, write of his posterity and see if your grief of his passing matches that of your lost son or daughter. Try to convince yourself man is no different from a bug. A man’s death as it were, is not just another ‘being swatted’ by accident or intention and does not end the story.

Why then this discrepancy? Thanks for asking.

Because the death of our loved ones speaks positively to the Creator and taker of life; in this we mourn, and agree to our temporary residence in this body of flesh. Temporary? Yep, for we know the seed planted into the ground which pretends to be dead will rise again, in a completely different ‘kind’ of life. Oh how nature sings the eloquent song of redemption.

We confirm the temporary nature of time, and carry in our memories the life and times of those who have gone before us in this valley of death. We write obits and consider they who have gone before as it reminds us of their importance, as well as our own mortality. The eulogies and epitaphs demand a final day of reckoning. Your cries for the death of the housefly is short-lived and pretentious, unless of course he is of more value than you….

Then, using our brains, we ponder they who have gone before them and they who have preceded them,Β on and on, and we reach for example, Solomon, David, Jacob, Issac, Abraham, and lastly the federal head of the human race: Adam and his wife, a girl named Eve, who is the mother of all living.

And to any who would file a gripe with the local office holding birth records, but not holding the family tree of coyotes, just remember that your complaint is non-existent because you know that Wily Coyote was not the son of Adam. Β (hint hint: man and woman, male and female created he them)

Thank God for common sense, His word, the testimony of nature, the proof of arithmetic, and of course the human conscience which knows beyond measure, that while the little prairie dog may be cute as a bug, you do not register his will at the county office. And snickering hyenas do not laugh at their Creator.

Case closed, to God be the glory.

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12 Responses to Don’t laugh it’s a fair question

  1. for your name shall be written in His book—amen CS

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  2. I’m glad to be back on wordpress, since I’ve missed your writings and the writings of others. So much truth; amen. πŸ™‚

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  3. πŸ™‚ Hi friend of God just saying hi and love your post! πŸ™‚

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