A speech to the fencesitter? ha

Fellow Americans:

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You have asked for a king as it were, and set up your leaders only to demand that they disappoint you. They will. They have. Neither of us running for president, by virtue of our worth, deserve your vote.

We WILL let you down. You WILL find more flaws. But I would ask you to examine yourself carefully, yes, slowfully  in the furnace of honesty,  BEFORE you vote. And vote you should.

I would ask you to remember King David, an imperfect man nonetheless, but having to do with a perfect God. He as a young man stood tall before a giant of a fool, and stepped forward when the older men ran for cover. He slayed the big dummy because of an even bigger God. He was a young man of valor, faith, and strength. He stood for his people and his nation.

But his heart failed, and he had the husband of a woman he desired killed. He paid a price. He occupied a throne, bore a son whose wisdom stands unmatched even to this day. ‘Cut the baby in half’ was the word only fit for a king, who handed the newborn to its rightful mother, while exposing the fraudulent mother.

Fraudulent mothers are quite crafty while they smile at you, and it does take a bit of wisdom to see their guile and game.

So a leader of a country above all should be prudent in difficult matters; focused, unencumbered by lawsuits and the verified treachery of enemies. He/she should be able to inspire you in your work, whatever it may be. He should tell you of your greed if you want a handout. He should speak to you of your laziness. When is the last time you heard a politician tell you to ‘go to work?’

He would remind you that squirrels do not ask for handouts, but work industriously to put food on their table, and smart enough to prepare for the lean months ahead.

He should tell you that there is dignity in shoveling manure, being a doorman, making tennis shoes, selling pencils, performing heart surgery, or cleaning dormitory bathrooms. He should tell you that you are not deplorable, and that all work, done honestly, is its own reward. And work is by the way, a tremendous antidote for crime.

The grand estate built by craftsman is secondary to the builders. True integrity is found in the one who placed the corner-stone. YOU, Mr. and Mrs. voter, are that corner-stone. The building stands or falls because of you. YOU decide what kind of country you want. YOU cast a vote for America first, and YOU have an opportunity to cast a vote against they who have superseded the laws of the land by their very network of traitors and leeches within.

Leeches? Yes, they who have sucked the life out of decency, and law and order. They who have usurped a system, with friends just as guilty, and have determined that the law does not apply to them. Yet, they demand you be thrown in jail for an unpaid parking ticket. Exaggeration? Not too far off the mark, for the crimes that some have committed with pure evidence would have landed you in the slammer with one tenth of the proof.

So ask yourself: which candidate brings a ton of baggage to the White House more than a Pullman carrier? Which candidate has more dark clouds of proven guilt than Charlie Brown’s friend Pigpen? Which candidate cannot shake the ominous aura of ‘deplorable’ finger pointing at decent and good Americans?

YOU are not voting for a king or queen. You are not voting for a politician, or maybe you are. Why? Must a president be a politician, where their opinions shift with the tides? No, if you want instability, vote for Harry Reid or Lena Dunham.

However, if you revere the necessity and stability of law, vote for someone with the backbone of Trey Gowdy, who plays the cards where they lay, and whose solid mind of rational thought does not allow the tides of polls to change his mind on things that are concrete.

What will become of this great country if the Supreme law of the land, as represented in the highest Court, will become a place of every foul and unclean opinion on things that are clear as day? The Court will dictate that law-abiding citizens are criminal, and have less rights than killers, yet, need no arms, and ‘Australia’ will be cited as the example for ‘very nice’ gun confiscation. Does ‘out of my cold dead hands. ring a bell?

Yes, if I have a right to protect my life, then so do you, as the Constitution demands. So vote. Vote for someone who will not be under federal investigation for high crimes on day one. It’s a no brainer.

Apologize to God if you must, but the Honorable Antonin Scalia was a very good man. How any body of sound mind can fault his reasonableness is beyond me. Then again, the same people would have voted for Jezebel.  Simply put, a vote for the Dems at such a time as this,  is an amen vote for corruption at the highest level.

So yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is not running for office, He would be crucified in the polls too, but the choice is narrow. Imperfect people to be sure, but it appears one will perhaps hasten ‘evil and seducing’ much quicker. Of course God will not be surprised how you vote, but just consider that smiling dancing girl and a treacherous mother who initiated the death of a very good man named John.

But maybe a decision to vote for or whom is much simpler. The part-time Pompous Pilate or the full-time Jezzie and her double agent whisperer name Huma. Or how about ‘decency and order?’ At least Pilate washed his hands.


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21 Responses to A speech to the fencesitter? ha

  1. KIA says:

    “But his heart failed, and he had the husband of a woman he desired killed. He paid a price. ”

    He didn’t just desire bathsheba, he used his own position of authority to rape her against her will. THEN he killed the husband and forced the woman he raped to ‘marry’ him to cover up the pregnancy, after the husband refused to leave his men to have sex with his wife.
    Finally… David didn’t pay any price at all. The newborn baby did when the God of the Bible struck him sick, and made the baby suffer for 7 days before He decided to finally kill the child.
    The baby paid the price, bathsheba paid the price, Uriah paid the price…. David paid nothing for his own crimes of rape, murder and fraud. David got to still be king, escaped the punishment and justice for what he caused for others. David paid nothing.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Strange mike, how you believe THIS account………but reject every part of scripture that does not suit your narrative.
      If you deny: ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ then the account of David would make no sense either. ‘And David comforted Bathsheba his wife….’
      Yeah mike, the actions of a rapist. Don’t try it on my site, your foolishness will be exposed in a New York minute.
      Maybe you should however take note in the connection I made with the American election…….as in……….. HIS HEART FAILED……….

      You really should try the circus or magic act for sleight of hand. All believers who know the history of King David will understand the context of which I speak. He was after all, a man after God’s own heart. Then there is this thing called the throne of David, a position in which the Lord will take reign, but I digress.

      And btw, ‘he paid nothing????????????????????????’ Perhaps you never read Psalm 51…………………

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      • KIA says:

        Oh no worries… the story is pure fiction. The point is that YOU believe it. And still believe it’s actual history. And yet refuse to recognize that the god portrayed is anything but moral and that in the story David paid no price at all. Everyone else paid, and David paid nothing


        • ColorStorm says:

          David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel. David and the Pieta. Michelangelo. Vida, the female derivative. The throne of David confirmed by an angel.

          Yet mike the knowitall, has ruled that scripture is fictional. And spends all his days correcting people who actually believe it…………

          Too strange. But nice work, trying to steer the ship off course from an otherwise plain post regarding the election.


    • Wally Fry says:

      Hi Mike
      Is that the only comment you have in your toolbox? I notice you post it wherever you go, whether the content of the posts supports it or not..


      Next. Your description of events is NOT found in the text. But, why do you CARE? You reject it except when you feebly try to use it to further your rabid atheist agenda

      Your complete misunderstanding of God’s Word shows that you are no more than a fraud running around parading knowledge that you have never had.

      Now, why don’t you hand around and have this out toe, or is it time to wish us all “have a nice day” and run off to your blog to write a pathetic excuse of a rebuttal so that all of your rabid atheist handlers will hug you and tell you that you are wonderful?

      I challenge you. Support what you have said with something other than your own hatred.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        Not sure about the hatred here W, but an agenda, that’s for sure. 😉

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Yep and sorry to further side track your post friend

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        • ColorStorm says:

          It’s nice to have someone else around to take care of my light work. ha ha

          All good. It’s important for others to see how we handle distractions. I think the point was fair that leaders have defects. We are human after all.

          King David was still a very good man. Scripture presents the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful.

          Our presidents? Hmmmm.


        • Wally Fry says:

          Yessir you do make some good points in the actual content of the post!

          Still but not sure which way I go get but you make good points

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Well W, one of the candidates is not under a criminal investigation.

          And my opinion on something else while I’m here: The reason the current prez is so aggressive in campaigning for her highness NOW, he needs insulation from all evidence pointing to him!

          Yep. A Clinton presidency will stop all efforts at exposing his alliance with the coverup. It’s that bad.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Wally Fry says:

          Yup, it probably is. On a lighter note. We have a fellow here in our parts. His legal name is Elvis Presley, I kid you not. I was sorely disappointed he failed to file for president LOL. He always runs for something every election.

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  2. ok, besides the hissy fit being had by a guest in the minutia, let’s cut to the chase..
    What you said about Antonin Scalia—yes, a true great American and a man of faith….yes indeedy a vote for a dem would be more of the same ol same ol corruption and mismanagement we’ve known for what seems to be ages…time for a shift in the wind…
    now, you may get back to the one who was having the hissy….
    Good work CS and to Wally as well 🙂

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  3. THE Donald is no Pilate.

    THE Donald has never been in government and is an upstanding, law abiding citizen.

    It doesn’t make a difference if someone is greedy, as long as they are law abiding.

    Hillary Clinton is a proven greedy liar who is above the law.

    People understand that and are understandably outraged.

    And that is why THE Donald is so crazy popular.

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