You sure bout that?

Forgive me, but I’m still laughing at the ‘certainty’ people had in believing there was no chance on earth Ms. Clinton would lose the election. And it is this ‘positive claim’ that I would like to draw an ancillary connection to something more sinister.

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But first, the despicable promotion by the so-called intellectual elites, both in media and in politics, who ‘predicted’ a surefire Clinton coronation, will enjoy their meal of arrogant beans minus the nutrition. Yes, empty and dry calories that will not satiate their pride and ego that will only fuel further stubbornness, and they will not wake up to the cold reality that they never had a clue.

Clueless. Not seeing that middle America spoke with a singular voice of faith in God, a demand for law and order, respect for the unborn, and exposure of a corrupt govt. and media, agreeing that inner cities have potential, and ‘we have had enough scandals.’ America said ‘good bye’ to business as usual. Enough politics.

Now then, it is this same shortsightedness and arrogance that promotes: ‘there is no God. I am certain!!!’  Yeah, ok, uh huh, sure, and there is no chance Ms. Clinton could have lost.

Do you see the connection of false knowledge with the bitter truth of blindness of the heart of man? A heart that is oh so sure about a thing, is a heart that is just as clueless. But the unsure vote of certainty can be excused due to bias, but there is no excuse when a person denies God the courtesy of His own existence. Are you listening Mr. or Mrs. unbeliever, atheist, (so-called) or infidel?

You are wrong. You are dead wrong. You are entirely wrong, and your wrongness about an election in which you were certain of the outcome, should be a wake up call to you that you are even more wrong about the One whose real estate you tread.

Elections come and go. Disappointments remain. But the ease in which you will dismiss or ignore the greater point made here about the revelation of deception should not be ignored.  Go on admit it. You are wrong. There is a God. One God.

He has revealed Himself through nature, arithmetic, the Alphabet, scripture, common sense, and of course, the most obvious, He has put His stamp on the human conscience. But hey, you know this already, as I am not writing or speaking in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese, or any other language in which you have no clue. We need not be Sherlock Holmes to know ‘there is a God.’  The creator is good that way, He has given us all the clues.

You were sooooo sure Ms. Clinton would not lose. You are soooooo sure there is no God. Sheesh. But one main difference? This one God offers Ms. Clinton, as well as you and I, the endless cup of the grace of God. No election winner or loser could do such a thing.


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18 Responses to You sure bout that?

  1. Ana says:

    Yup, they were all so sure she will win, Trumps stands no chance, there’s no way that people want such a “bigot, sexist, racist, women- hating man” in Office,…I laughed a lot as well, it truly made me happy for these people to be proven wrong,.. they think they are so smart and so educated but they cant predict what will happen tomorrow and you see them now,, launching petitions, wanting to move to Canada, calling him Hitler, etc,.. evil, nasty people

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  2. Jon Darby says:

    You sure ’bout that?


  3. Well, I was sure THE Donald would win by a monumental landslide.

    And I was wrong (I’m am always wrong when I make a political prognostication, it seems).

    I found it unbelievable that he took Pennsylvania!

    Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yeah, that’s like the cake tasting even better than you imagine. I said the same thing this morning bout PA.

      But just so glad to see the end of this possible queen reigning. If Golda Meir or Ms Thatcher was running, maybe.

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  4. well I was waiting for your wise reflection and I was not disappointed…
    well said CS

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  5. Well said. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, “you don’t always know what you think you know.” Perception is not reality, which can be tough for us to wrap our brains around, and a bit disconcerting too, but it’s true. It just takes a tiny bit of intellectual surrender, and there is God, right on the other side of our ego.🙂

    I was not surprised by the election results, but I was surprised by the swiftness, the enthusiasm, and the rather comical meltdown of the media.

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    • dawnlizjones says:

      “Perception is not reality, which can be tough for us to wrap our brains around, and a bit disconcerting too, but it’s true. It just takes a tiny bit of intellectual surrender, and there is God, right on the other side of our ego.🙂” Great quote, IB!! I am very aware that Trump is not the one to “fix” our society, as only Jesus can do that, but perhaps this will give God’s wisdom more room to function….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The meltdown proves the intellectual elites have no clue what meaneth ‘middle America.’ It was quite amusing as you say MsB.
      And the professional pollsters? Ha, what other job can you do where there is zero accountability, be a hundred percent wrong, and get paid to boot!

      The pundits actually tried to drive the narrative, but lo and behold, cooler heads prevailed and said ‘get lost.’

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    • Clyde Herrin says:

      “Perception is not reality.” This is a statement we should keep in mind when dealing with transgender people.

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  6. Tricia says:

    Arriving a little late to the party here but I love this post. I didn’t vote for Trump but I’ve rather enjoyed the collective meltdown of punditry world. Never thought to tie it in with a disbelief in God but you are so right. You don’t know what you don’t know, but people will fight to the bitter end that they do.


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