I want it MY way…

Why repeat what is obvious? Because men can be dunces, and need to hear again and again; just maybe a seed will find a nice warm spot on the ground. Just maybe, because there is nothing on earth that cannot be filtered through the lens of goodness and truth.

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I swear people walk around with their brains parked in the garage. So you are on the seventh floor of the elevator. The car stops at six, picks up three people, stops at five for two more, then stops at the third floor, where three more women ask: ‘is there room?’ to then hear: ‘Sure, c’mon in.’

Nine people,  relatively crowded I would say. While everyone looks at the red numbers and waits for the door to pop open, the car stops at the lobby. But first, the passengers eager to depart are met with a guy trying to get on and in the car. Really? Uh sir, excuse me, you may want to wait until the nine people get out of your way!

Do I really have to mention the mind numbing behavior that is simply unheard of in an instance where common sense should prevail? Ah, but is this not the very image of they who mindlessly say ‘there is no God, there is no evidence, there is no proof……………..?’

Yessiree, it is. It is precisely this. It is the selfish and unmannered mind that thinks the world revolves around him; it is the mind that cannot see the order and decorum of a simple elevator car, and how much is revealed in an absentminded moment.

But the guy trying to get on the elevator while it is full, not caring that HE is in the way……while he looks annoyed at people trying to ‘excuse themselves’ because THEY are in HIS way…………….is in fact, that stubborn old fool that cannot see beyond his self-made importance.

No sir, hate to break it to you, the world does not revolve around you. You are not the cat’s meow. And the fact that you spit out profanities because the elevator passengers are ‘inconveniencing you……………’ reveals so much more about you than you care to imagine.

Godlessness is selfishness. (by the way, the man could have been a believer, or unbeliever, on his way to see his dying mother, but the greater point is at issue)

So, we enjoy the corn that grows from the earth, the blueberries from the vine, the milk from the cow, the apples from the tree, the steak from the elk; we enjoy the heat from the sun, and the light of the moon, we enjoy planting and harvest, laughing and sorrow, life and death, all in its time; but we do not enjoy the fact that ALL things were created by God for HIS pleasure.

Yes, the leather of the deer gives God pleasure. The unassuming stare of the cow gives God pleasure. The song of the bird gives God pleasure. The top soil of the ground gives God pleasure. The design of the acorn gives God pleasure. The masculine and the feminine gives God pleasure. The man and the woman gives God pleasure. By God do ALL things consist. For His pleasure they are, and were created.

Without apology I say what is obvious to a mind that is not shut or parked in the garage. I am talking to you, you elevator intruding man, you selfish and proud woman who sees the people coming out of the car as an inconvenience to you! God is a God of order, and His fingerprints can be seen without even trying.

No evidence or proof of God eh? Hmm, strange then how you have not figured out how to make a spoonful of dirt…………..using nothing. That’s right, simple as it sounds, you cannot manufacture one gram of dirt. Does this not humble you? Does this not make you want to step away from the car in decency and manners?

You have no rights to anything on earth apart from the Creator. You have actually no right to a glass of water apart from the Creator, yet, He who gave man the ability to create the elevator patiently waits while you push and tug at the passengers who are in YOUR way! He abides your petulance and bratty behaviour, he tolerates your profanity laced tirades that reveal a bit of uncleanness; He waits until you see the difference between a rat and a squirrel.

He waits until you see an empty car……..and until you admit there is One who owns all copyrights. Otis may have had a hand in the boxed car, but there has always been the God of Otis. And of course, man is a by product of the goodness of God. It pleased God to make man. The fact that you may disagree is irrelevant, and God is neither threatened or moved at the utter selfishness of His creatures.

Some great lessons to be had too in that elevator. Other than that, go for it, have it your way.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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10 Responses to I want it MY way…

  1. oh we are living in the age of the self-centered to be sure…egocentric…as in the sun and the planets revolve around self…any news feed will be proof positive…
    Love your observational ramblings of the poets heart my friend…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ColorStorm says:

    No doubt ramblings, but with God, He can sanctify a sewage site….

    But didn’t God say as much: men will be lovers of their own selves.

    Tks J.


  3. Citizen Tom says:

    No bites from the Atheists on this one? How curious!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wally Fry says:

    This may seem off kilter….but this made me think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    I suppose if folks get the reference it will make sense…if not it won’t LOL.

    But, to help here you are friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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