A bow for the opera

Is it possible to say just one thing in the land of blogsville that everyone can agree on? How about four?

-water is wet

-snow is cold

-hailstones are amazing

-heat is handy when it’s freezing.

Image result for phantom of the opera

Probably have not lost anybody yet. Now as to the interpretation of these things, aah, here’s where we dissent.

Take that pebble falling from the sky. Imagine the first time people witnessed that and said: whoa! Is this even possible? I’ve seen rain, and I’ve seen fire… but heavy iced rocks falling from the sky?

And there is the disconnect. We do not see things with splendor and awe. We view the extraordinary with bias and consider the supernatural as common. Hail supernatural? Uh hello?  Yes of course. Cold balls of water falling from the sky during the heat of day? Sure, happens all the time. Not.

We creatures of habit have become immune to the spectacular, so we create our own version of the ‘spectacular.’ Spectacular football catch or goal, unbelievable golf shot, unbelievable home run, amazing horse race. On and on.

Then there is that arc of wonder the rainbow. Supernatural? Uh, once more yes. We explain through science ‘how’ this orb of delight appears, as if it is somehow less supernatural, but familiarity breeds contempt. We view the bow as merely common, maybe a moment of joy to look at, then move along.

We do not consider that possibly the Maker of the bow is ever active in the affairs of men, and that He remembers His promise, even though we may have forgotten.

So while life may be ‘natural,’ as water finds its way is natural, BEFORE the natural is the supernatural, and herein lies the secret to the hailstone and the rainbow. We get daily glimpses of the divine, but we have lost our ‘first time response’ to seeing things that are truly spectacular, such as a perfect blanket of snow, or looking at the high cliffs  holding a river. How did those mammoth rocks end up there? No accident, I can tell you that.

Water. Heat. Cold. Rain. Ice. Snow. Rainbows. Hail.  All spectacular. All worthy of serious contemplation, but I would suggest a review of the heart when these things were first experienced, long before the mind was influenced by the so-called professionals, who have stolen the wonder of life and have made their life’s quest to promote thievery to others. Thiefdom as in taking what belongs to the Master Engineer and placing ownership upon a junkyard mess of scattered nothingness, aka, godlessness.

They preach: Rainbows and hailstones are natural occurrences which testify to godlessness. And I say: they are wonders of life that point to a majesty willing to be seen and heard by eyes not blind and ears not deaf.

The exquisite painting and layering of the rainbow has copyrights owned by the colorful Master God Himself. And if we pay attention, we can see the Grand Maestro tuning His bow…..and giving us the music of the rainbow. God is good like that.  After all, He did give us eyes and ears to see and hear.

Sadly, we look with proud and selfish eyes, and hear with deaf ears all that is obvious. A doctor can indeed examine us, but only we can truly examine ourselves. And this truth test proves God is no phantom of the opera. He is more than willing to reveal that first-time wonder, if we remove that stumbling block known as pride which blinds us to see Him and His immediate presence and perfections.

And that rainbow of dazzling color? Quite an orchestra there suitable for the deaf. But hailstones?  Yep, the size of bowling balls coming to a town near you. Why wait though to be duly impressed with the creator of water?

(This short post was on ice, but after reading ‘see there is this thing called biology’s’ recent entry, it seems like a good enough time to pass along. Many similarities. Do pop over to see that and say hey.)



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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15 Responses to A bow for the opera

  1. Thank you for the mention Colorstorm, much appreciated.

    Ice, hailstorms,rainbows, I love it! We people can develop such jaded eyes, so we begin to take these things for granted, they’re easily explained away, dismissed with science sometimes. I drag grumpy people out into the sunlight once in a while and they often say something dismissive like, “meh it’s just the sun, it rises everyday.” LOL, of course in these parts it does NOT rise everyday,so you learn not to take it for granted! It is cause for celebration.

    You remind me of something but I cannot quite place the verse. In Genesis, God hovers over the waters, and later on in the bible we have some really interesting references to dew,vapor, condensation, “science,” that no one back then could have possibly understood.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Now you remind me of this: 😉

      Not sure if this was on your radar, but two things came to mind immediately.
      The fleeting of time via, James, as in your life is like a vapor; and in our friend Daniel’s appearance before king Nebuchadnezzar.

      Quite an account there insofar as Daniel spoke of the hewn tree, and the stump remaining wet with the dew of heaven.

      The dew of heaven. Love that.

      Then he says this:

      Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity.

      Who says this today? ‘the lengthening of thy tranquility,’ regarding concern for the poor? Such is the singular credibility of scripture, and the power of God’s word.

      It’s kinda like that rainbow; unassuming but displaying the majesty of heaven.

      (btw, always a pleasure to send friends and whosoever to msmegabytes. 😉 😉

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  2. It is a beautiful world really…a gift from the Creator to the created…to savor, relish, cherish…
    wonders that are wonderful….amazing and awesome….
    and how folks can just shrug it off or simply find the impressive anything but…is beyond my soul…..
    thank you for the reminder CS that wonder and awesomeness is found even in ice…
    as we consider the tiny snowflake…but that is for another day…
    blessings my friend…


  3. Wally Fry says:

    Thanksgiving day I spent almost two hours with a non believing Uncle of my wife’s. He asked me how I could “know.”

    I just raised the shade in my little office/study area and said “look”

    Only the hardest of hearts could possibly look from a window…see the trees, and the pasture, and the running horses, and the flying birds…and on and on……..and not “know.”

    Of course we know. They know. We all “know.” And are without excuse, if I might steal a phrase from the one who made it. And the more certainly. they know the madder they get. Good thing the One who made it has such a store of grace and patience.

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  4. This is why we are tasked to be like little children when it comes to God. Children are always looking at the world like it’s spectacular. Everything is spectacular and wonderful to a child. Even when you explain to them how a rainbow is created through light reflecting through the water vapor in the clouds, they will not see it as any less miraculous, in fact they may see it as even more miraculous because of the intelligence behind it, the obvious intent of Design in that spectrum of colours. What a marvelous way to live and look at the world; it’s a shame that we lose that sense of awe when we grow older.

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  5. Tricia says:

    Why wait indeed, ColorStorm to be duly impressed by our Creator? A simple glance out the window towards the birds at the feeder or the clouds turned pink by the rising sun will do. Simple stuff I think but complicated to many. Nice post.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I say these things as a reminder to myself first T, if someone else appreciates it, that’s a bonus. 😉

      Maybe wally will show your comment to his uncle! 😉 It’s good to hear confirming words from various places.

      tkx too.

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    A philosopher would take what you have written and formulate dry formal proofs something like this.

    The beauty of our world and the ugliness we sometimes find in it serves as proof that God exist.

    Beauty requires order. Order requires the someone create that order. Hence, there must be a God to create the order we perceive.

    Ugliness is the absence of or the destruction of order, which we recognize because God is not the author of confusion.

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