Suck it up butterup

When I think of  a leech, I think of the religion of atheism, which must suck the life from its host to survive. It wants the goodness, it wants the life of the flesh which is in the blood;

It must drain the patience, the mercy, the righteousness, the promises of life;

It must at whatever cost, feed on a life of health, as it has no purpose unless it consumes life from another.

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Need proof? Hello? Visit the blogs of this particular religion and take note of the ‘bible studies,’ take note of the commentary against good people who actually know, believe, and understand what the good book says.

Observe how this religion pretends to know what the scriptures present, watch carefully how these zealots must steal from believers that faith which is pure and good.

There is no contentment in this religion……..unless, the life is sapped from the host. Indeed, the religion also known as new age atheism, promotes itself at the expense of ‘religions’ in general, and the true God in particular.

How about an example or two? Sure, glad you asked.

Nazareth never existed. Jericho was a fable. Daniel the man of God was never tossed into the den. The apostle Paul never lived. Moses never lived. Benjamin was not a tribe. Isaac and Jacob were not descendants of Abraham.  Christ never stood before Pilate. David and Solomon were imaginary characters. Nazareth never existed. The Lord never rode a donkey. John Baptist never lived. Science proves there is no God. God is evil,  blah, blah, blah.

And of course the standard fare: Christians are delusional for believing the only true account of God and history of the Israelites.  Christians should have no contact with children. Christians are slow of mind because they do not believe what scholars have said…….especially that no body in their right mind believes the Adam family lived and died.

Nobody of sanity believes a man died for the sins of the world. How? By shedding precious blood of course; without blemish or spot. And yet, the leeches thrive on what? Blood of course. Go figure.

But one thing we know, leeches serve a purpose too, and though they leave tracks of blood and pain, nothing can separate a believer from the love of God, come hell or high water. And we have God’s word on it.

But maybe you missed it. Without spot or blemish. Why? Because humanity is full of spots and blemishes. Anybody who denies this is deaf, dumb, and blind. Am I saying there are no good people? Of course not, but ah, the issue is the glory of God, and in this, well, we all kind of fall short.

So why do men spend a lifetime preaching that Paul the apostle never lived? Why do men and women say Christ was no body special….if He lived at all? I’ll tell you. Because truth exposes the wickedness of the human heart when left to its own devices…..and leeches would rather steal from you than to face their life of criminal, diabolical, nefarious, lying, thievery, and just plain ole sinful ways.

So the leech acts as its own reprieve, sucking energy while creating diversions, as if it has all the time in the world, pretending to believe that there will be no facing God. Yeah, good luck with that.

Don’t insult the leech by being like him, his purpose is not yours, unless of course you make no distinction between you and a laughing hyena…

And may I repeat the uselessness of so-called atheism:

It must drain the patience, the mercy, the righteousness, the promises of life;

It must at whatever cost, feed on a life of health, as it has no purpose unless it consumes life from another.

And that leech aka so-called atheism is not happy unless it steals vitality from that which is decent, good, and honorable. It loves to maim. Don’t like this truth? Too bad, suck it up buttercup.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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40 Responses to Suck it up butterup

  1. Well said. Leeches that drain life and suck blood, indeed. Parasites. There are really only two options, we speak life or we speak death. I’m on the side of the Guy who spoke life and is now seated in victory at the right hand of the Father.

    Leeches of course, in God’s hands, are actually pretty cool. They can speak life into dying limbs, draw the blood down. Blood is life, literally, as those of us in health care know. So too is the Blood of Christ, life giving, life affirming. Great for healing. 🙂

    That giant sucking sound you hear that reminds you of leeches, I call that spiritual vampirism. They exist only to steal, kill, and destroy, to drain the life out of the Body.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    Tkx for this ib22,

    I like that you say, leeches in God’s hands are cool. Sanctified even.

    But yep, vampires are alive and well, and walk among us. 😉


  3. I love your analogy CS—a leech sucking out the life’s blood…
    yet what sweet and blessed thoughts and love and Blood that they do wish to leach out of the believer—oh that it should then bring about their transformation—we could only pray 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yes J, and I was rather restrained from what I would have liked to say.

      Bastards I tell ya, in the pure sense of the word, children of an illegitimate father, wrecking theft and forgery upon decency and order.

      No satisfaction or rest until the life of believers is sucked dry. And that aint happenin any time soon.

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  4. Well…my prayer is that the blood suckers get so full of Holy Spirit blood that they shout “Hallelujah,” and go into all the dirty ponds preaching the good news.

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  5. Wally Fry says:

    Suck it up buttercup indeed. Love it.

    Yep, they try to suck folks dry, but fortunately now and then we get an infusion from our comrades prescribed thy the Great Physician Himself.

    Amen to all this, friend.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Just want to stand in the gap and be counted, there is surely enough nonsense especially @ blogsville.
      How bout this one W:

      They went out FROM us, because they were not OF us.

      Cry all you want all ye disciples of deconnery, fortunately, we have the word of God that identifies light from dark.

      Gotta love God’s written head’s up.


      • Wally Fry says:

        Yes…the chicanery of deconnery.

        The very affront to our God, to think He would let one of His own go, or that we could be so “smart” as to turn away.


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        • ColorStorm says:

          I’m pretty sure the Head of His body would not lop off a finger…………….

          And besides, what finger would want to disassociate himself from such good hands?????????????????

          Ooh ooh, call on me! One who was never related perhaps? Now in the words of that smarmy character: ‘Now isn’t that special……………..’

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Ha! I love that skit!

          But, seriously, great analogy. We certainly would not chop off part of our own bodies…can’t imagine why He would.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          By the way wally, do you ever notice how the former decons stay away from doctrine? Here we are, discussing the gold tenets of the faith, and usually some will play the magician and cry ‘Moses never lived,’ or there is no proof Nazareth was a real place………..’ There is no Body……..’ Oh man, my head hurts!

          Anything to evade what is obvious and precious. So it’s good for us sharpen our understanding. We serve a needed purpose, as the dregs of bloggostown cry out for help.

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        • Wally Fry says:

          “We serve a needed purpose, as the dregs of bloggostown cry out for help.”

          Thank you for saying that. Sometimes I wonder why bother….that helped me not wonder. I do believe in my heart that many do come around as a cry for help…but it’s sure hard to keep that in mind when they are whopping you upside the head.

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  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Witty ending especially with the topic of the post. When I read your mention of these critters going around onling attacking people about the Bible I thought about how for the last year or so I’ve been refuting Bible contradictions that I see floating around online and how adamant some of these skeptics are that they are right even though their complaint reveal how little they understand what’s going on with the verses. You are so right how unbelief is often parasitic.

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  7. Hitting the nail on the head…



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  9. Citizen Tom says:

    There is a difference between Atheists, those who for all practical purposes deny the existence of God, and Agnostics. When I was young I think people were clear about the distinction, but these days many Agnostics call themselves Atheists.

    Once I was an Agnostic. I did not think of myself as hostile to Christianity. Yet i was in the sense I did not think it logical to believe. I thought it a sort of weakness, and that, in spite of my parents, is what I had learned in the public schools and from the mass media. Nevertheless, I thought Christianity harmless, not a threat.

    Militant know they are hostile to Christianity. For one reason or another Christianity angers them. So they seek to destroy it.


    • ColorStorm says:

      You bring up a completely new but important dynamic CT, the hostility that it seems the world has never seen.

      There has always been opposition to the people of God, but it would appear that even Daniels enemies were not quite so evil.

      The vitriol that we see today is of a different nature, increasing moreso daily.

      And in a strange way, the greater the desire to rid the world of scripture and believers testimonies, the truer the Word becomes and more precious.

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    • william says:

      I’m an agnostic, who was previously an involved and devout christian.

      I am agnostic regarding whether or not there is a creator or creators and what it or they may be like.

      I do not detest Christianity or the bible and have no ill will toward believers, but I am not agnostic regrading the bible. While I’m still willing to discuss it and while I still see good things in it, it has become evident in my study that the bible is no more divine than any other book or religion.


      • Citizen Tom says:


        Each of us is different. We each have a limited point-of-view. We each also tend to be prideful and defensive. Mine is BEST! I belong to the best community, county, state, country…. I have the best god! My church, temple, synagogue, witch’s coven, atheist club…. worship’s god best! And so it goes.

        I don’t have an answer for human stupidity. I just know the universe is bigger than us, and God doesn’t need us. What the Bible describes is the God prideful and finite men would not invent. There is nothing we can do to control or placate God. All we can do is obey, and we cannot even do that. Really, the only power we have is to love and believe God cares for us.

        I noticed the latest post on your blog. =>

        You say you have issues with Esther, but what you really have issues with is mankind. The Bible just portrays us as we are. The Bible tells the story of our redemption. God is the hero. We are His wayward children, His sheep. The Bible calls us sheep because sheep are dumb, but they do know their shepherd.

        The Bible speaks of the wisdom of God, not the wisdom of man. Sheep are dumb. Children behave childishly. It is because you want people to behave rationally, and they don’t, that you have problems with Esther.

        Your problems?
        1. Haman’s Wife
        Haman’s wife, Zeresh, first suggests that Haman hang Mordecai, and then she suddenly remembers that it is not a good idea to get on the wrong side of the Jews. Really?

        Answer: Zeresh doesn’t want her husband angry with her. He is not a nice man. Just because Mordecai the Jew would not bow to him, he set out to exterminate that race from Persia. So Zeresh first says what she thinks her husband wants to hear. Then she diverts the blame. Haman was an Agagite. The Bible doesn’t waste words. Jewish tradition always assigned the arch-enemies of Israel membership in the house of Amalek, the hereditary foe of the nation. When Zeresh spoke of the fact Mordecai was as Jew, she transferred the blame for Haman’s predicament to the omnipotent God of the Jews, and Haman understood.

        A 75’ Tall Tower to Hang People On
        How could they build a 75’ tall tower to hang people on in one night?

        Answer: Haman was the second most powerful man in the Kingdom, ruthless, and utterly without scruples. Given that, we should expect his carpenters had everything they needed (especially the motivation) to build a hangman’s tower in one night. Other sources, however, suggest the method of execution was impalement. In any case, the object was to display Mordecai’s body so no one could avoid seeing it. So the tower did not have to be especially complex.

        Xerxes’ conclusion that Haman was trying to rape Esther
        It seems absurd that Xerxes thought Haman was trying to rape Esther.

        Answer: Except for the attributes of the opposite sex, did Xerxes ever pay much attention to details? Until he had a sleepless night, he did not even know Mordecai had saved his life. Even when Haman came up with his plan to exterminate the Jews, the only thing Xerxes cared about was the 10,000 talents of silver that would go into his treasury. You do recall the Book of Esther starts off with a big, expensive party, don’t you?

        When Xerxes decided he needed to get rid of Haman, all he needed was a politically convenient excuse. When panic drove Haman to paw Esther as he pleaded for his life, Xerxes saw his excuse, an excuse his guards could dutifully confirm.

        Anyway, I have learned that when I critique the Bible, I must critique myself first. The Bible has been around thousands of years. What could I ask that someone else has not already considered? Did you try looking through some good commentaries before you wrote that post?

        The Book of Esther is a book of that does not contain the word “God”. Yet the divine providence of God is obvious. I have heard it said the story is included for the sake of children. It is exciting, the lessons are simple, and the good guy wins in the end. It is not that complicated.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          I would just like to say CT, what an awesome comment.

          Such an honor to receive such detailed attention and thought here.

          Thank you. ‘Critique myself first.’ Perfect.


          Consider this wonderful gift of solid reasoning.

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        • william says:

          CT, thanks for the reply.

          I do have a problem with mankind, though I do not hate mankind. People make mistakes and many of the things they touch have problems in it. Often people lie, or are simply mistaken without any malice at all, sometimes they skew the facts because they feel the ends justify the means, they may lie in order to lead someone to what they believe to be a broader truth, and on and on… so when I see problems in the bible, either in contradictory genealogies, or blatant discrepancies which would have been easy to avoid completely, archaeological issues, historical and scientific problems, then it appears to be more the product of man than of God.

          I do not hate the bible, in fact there are many things I still find valuable in it, but I question the credibility of the authors’ claims. They say you’re foolish, or prideful or some other negative things of you don’t just accept the claims they make, but that’s too much like the Emperor’s New Clothes parable for me to be taken in by it.

          What do the facts say, all the facts, whether I like them or not? I do not currently have all the facts, but I have more today than I did yesterday and hope to gather more tomorrow. THis is what one does when they seek truth. Perhaps I’ll gain a better understanding of it over time.

          But Esther, Esther doesn’t really matter one way or the other. It’s great story. If you’re believer, it makes you think of the providence of God – yet it never specifically says God did anything, in stead Mordecai and Esther acted in faith due to what they hoped the outcome would be, so if it’s 100% factual, it still doesn’t prove God or that God actually helped them.

          People do make mistakes and do change their minds, as you pointed out, and maybe that’s all that was going on with Haman’s wife – I was just pointing out that her actions were very odd, even more questionable than the average person. It makes me question, but I agree, it’s no proof that it’s a complete fabrication.

          The tower is something else though. True, Haman was an important man, but he’s not magical. I work in commercial construction, but don’t take my word for it – find any expert in construction and ask them how long it would take to build a 75′ wooden tower that had be stout enough to at least carry 10 men (and if 10 are hanging, you know more than 10 were on there at a time), and that this timeline consists of first thinking of the project, designing to do it, designing it, gathering the resources and the men to construct it… I do not think that this can be done. But for a cool little short story, it’s perfect – a guy builds a huge tower to hang one guy on, but ends up being hung on it himself in ironic justice…

          But again, Esther doesn’t say that God actually did anything, only that Mordecai and Esther believed that Esther might be queen just for this particular time.


      • Citizen Tom says:


        It seems your only substantive complaint is the tower.

        I was in the military. Battles are won by “getting there firstest with the mostest” (quote from Nathan Bedford Forrest). There ways of getting things done in a hurry. It usually involves, pre-planning, pre-postioning the needed materials, and cutting corners.

        A tower just to hang a body up in the air doesn’t have to be especially elaborate, but it would impress people if it just suddenly appeared, and that would be the point of such a thing.

        Anyway, I could speculate further, but I don’t see point. I suggest you look through some commentaries. The Internet has many available.

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  10. I couldn’t have put it more graphically.

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  11. william says:

    Atheism isn’t really a religion. It’s simply a term that means lacking the belief in deity.

    It requires no more faith than it does to believe a rock will fall when the person holding it lets go of it. It is a faith of an entirely different sort to believe the rock will levitate when the person holding it lets go.

    It’s not like there are only the two choices of The Bible is divine or everything simply came from nothing.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Sorry Will, but the essence of atheism is religious, that is, one full of zeal, even if misguided. Yes, it is a religion, and this post is pretty clear why. It has no shelf life of its own, and needs the life of another to survive.


      • william says:

        well, it’s an interesting take that I’ve heard before and I just disagree.

        It is also interesting to me that people of faith try to discredit people who have no faith, by saying they do indeed have faith. What’s interesting to me is that i am not quite sure of the point.

        is it, “look you’re dumb because you use faith?”

        or is it, “don’t be so harsh toward us, because you also use faith?”

        In any even, I agree people shouldn’t be so harsh to each other. But again, if an atheist has faith, it’s the same type of faith says and rock will fall when dropped, while religion is more akin to believing the rock will float if dropped. They’re not quite the same.


        • Dman says:

          “It is also interesting to me that people of faith try to discredit people who have no faith, by saying they do indeed have faith. ”

          Heh yeah I’ve noticed. Christians will try to cut down atheism by saying ‘atheism is a religion’…implication I guess being that religions are dumb and you shouldn’t believe in them. Okay then.


      • Atheism is not a religion. What makes you think that it is?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Do you know what religious means? For God’s sake there are many religious people who do not believe in God.

          Gamblers who are addicted are religious.

          Lottery ticket addicts are religious.

          And of course, the atheist zealots are extremely religious. Suck it up buttercup.

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  12. Arkenaten says:

    Militant know they are hostile to Christianity. For one reason or another Christianity angers them. So they seek to destroy it.

    Actually, you will find that those who walk away from Christianity generally do so of their own accord. One can no more force people to accept Christianity any more than you can force them not to.
    If the doctrine/text of the bible is genuine truth is needs no defending, as Colorstorm is wont to point out at every opportunity.
    Of course the opposite is also true : if it contains falsehood this will be revealed. And if this is the case, then surely one is obliged to wonder not only exactly how much, but why it contains falsehood at all.
    In fact, once falsehood is revealed, even allowing for analogy and metaphor and specific interpretation ( anathema to some Christians) , how can we be sure what is claimed as truth is not also false?
    As for trying to destroy Christianity: This is a charge leveled at atheists almost ad nauseum . So much so it has become risible.

    Belief in the supernatural is natural … excuse the irony … and is something every society goes through.
    In a country such as China, there is a large upswing in Christian affiliation as formerly strict prohibition has been gradually relaxed, allowing missionaries and churches to flourish.
    In the more developed countries, the trend is toward less religion.

    Such cultural shifts are evident the world over.

    Seriously, Tom, you don’t have to worry about so-called militant atheists, you ought to be more concerned about discovering the reason why when people begin to ask open, honest questions about their faith and the bible so many eventually walk away, including a great many professional priests, pastors, vicars and ministers.

    Some even walk away straight after they complete Seminary, I am told.Why do you think this is, Tom?
    Are Seminaries hotbeds of atheism? Or could it be the more open our society has become and the greater access to historical documents and scientific data many of these people are realizing what has been traditionally sacrosanct is not quite as Holy as once believed, and in fact, evidence does not support the claims?

    Humans have been around for approximately 100,000 years ( maybe more, maybe less)
    Some form of supernatural belief has been around since then also.
    Thousands of religions have developed, flourished and fallen by the wayside. Christianity has only been here for about 2000 years and by all accounts it too will eventually fall by the wayside.


  13. Tricia says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post ColorStorm, especially since you used my favorite saying for your title! So many instances in life where “suck it up buttercup” is appropriate and it’s just fun to say. 😉

    Loved your analogy with the common leech too. Unfortunately I know more than a few laughing hyenas who just won’t get it.


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