Be ready to answer every man…

Below is a copy of a comment sent to my site by CitizenTom in response to William who has issues with God, the scriptures, and people of faith. We would do well to take note of the time and thoughtful attention of such an answer. I love this, especially the idea that people in general have issues with mankind, but point the finger at God, while avoiding the need to examine ourselves first. Enjoy, and pop over to Toms place and say hey.

“We each have a limited point-of-view. We each also tend to be prideful and defensive. Mine is BEST! I belong to the best community, county, state, country…. I have the best god! My church, temple, synagogue, witch’s coven, atheist club…. worship’s god best! And so it goes.

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I don’t have an answer for human stupidity. I just know the universe is bigger than us, and God doesn’t need us. What the Bible describes is the God prideful and finite men would not invent. There is nothing we can do to control or placate God. All we can do is obey, and we cannot even do that. Really, the only power we have is to love and believe God cares for us.

I noticed the latest post on your blog. =>

You say you have issues with Esther, but what you really have issues with is mankind. The Bible just portrays us as we are. The Bible tells the story of our redemption. God is the hero. We are His wayward children, His sheep. The Bible calls us sheep because sheep are dumb, but they do know their shepherd.

The Bible speaks of the wisdom of God, not the wisdom of man. Sheep are dumb. Children behave childishly. It is because you want people to behave rationally, and they don’t, that you have problems with Esther.

Your problems?
1. Haman’s Wife
Haman’s wife, Zeresh, first suggests that Haman hang Mordecai, and then she suddenly remembers that it is not a good idea to get on the wrong side of the Jews. Really?

Answer: Zeresh doesn’t want her husband angry with her. He is not a nice man. Just because Mordecai the Jew would not bow to him, he set out to exterminate that race from Persia. So Zeresh first says what she thinks her husband wants to hear. Then she diverts the blame. Haman was an Agagite. The Bible doesn’t waste words. Jewish tradition always assigned the arch-enemies of Israel membership in the house of Amalek, the hereditary foe of the nation. When Zeresh spoke of the fact Mordecai was as Jew, she transferred the blame for Haman’s predicament to the omnipotent God of the Jews, and Haman understood.

A 75’ Tall Tower to Hang People On
How could they build a 75’ tall tower to hang people on in one night?

Answer: Haman was the second most powerful man in the Kingdom, ruthless, and utterly without scruples. Given that, we should expect his carpenters had everything they needed (especially the motivation) to build a hangman’s tower in one night. Other sources, however, suggest the method of execution was impalement. In any case, the object was to display Mordecai’s body so no one could avoid seeing it. So the tower did not have to be especially complex.

Xerxes’ conclusion that Haman was trying to rape Esther
It seems absurd that Xerxes thought Haman was trying to rape Esther.

Answer: Except for the attributes of the opposite sex, did Xerxes ever pay much attention to details? Until he had a sleepless night, he did not even know Mordecai had saved his life. Even when Haman came up with his plan to exterminate the Jews, the only thing Xerxes cared about was the 10,000 talents of silver that would go into his treasury. You do recall the Book of Esther starts off with a big, expensive party, don’t you?

When Xerxes decided he needed to get rid of Haman, all he needed was a politically convenient excuse. When panic drove Haman to paw Esther as he pleaded for his life, Xerxes saw his excuse, an excuse his guards could dutifully confirm.

Anyway, I have learned that when I critique the Bible, I must critique myself first. The Bible has been around thousands of years. What could I ask that someone else has not already considered? Did you try looking through some good commentaries before you wrote that post?

The Book of Esther is a book of that does not contain the word “God”. Yet the divine providence of God is obvious. I have heard it said the story is included for the sake of children. It is exciting, the lessons are simple, and the good guy wins in the end. It is not that.”   -CitizenTom

Can you see why this comment needed a dedicated place of its own?  Did you notice too the observation that prideful men could never invent a God such as portrayed in scripture? Tks again to CTom for such a considerate reply.


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9 Responses to Be ready to answer every man…

  1. Thanks, Colorstorm. I appreciate Tom, especially these words, “Anyway, I have learned that when I critique the Bible, I must critique myself first.” Yep, amen. I too have learned that. Scripture is designed to sharpen us, to cause us to ask questions, to think critically, and sometimes that process can be uncomfortable, but it is in that discomfort that we learn the most.

    As to building 75 foot towers, well shoot I’ve watched a few good men raise a barn in a matter of hours. Of course in modern times there would be building permit delays, labor disputes, unpaid sub- contractors, etc, etc, all which tend to throw a wrench in things 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yeah IB, I too chuckle when people compare scripture with the dry books of various isms and schisms, as if the Ko-ran unfolds grace and truth.

      And the building? Ha, you are right, an Amish team could have had that thing up by lunchtime.

      Your last sentence is amusing but true! don’t forget the Fish and Game commission and how to make sure the mosquitoes aren’t harmed…….

      And agreed, CTom has figured out the pilgrim thing, as well as a law abiding citizen with a much needed voice.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      Wise words. Unless it’s the weather, nothing delays more than bureaucratic red tape and money problems.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Eh….I participated in a church raising once. From slab to 100 percent in the dry in 5 days. Don’t tell me a bunch of dedicated fellows can’t build a hanging tower in a day.

    The never ending quest to destroy the goodness of Scripture with our feeble logic continues on.

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  3. Citizen Tom says:


    Thank you for your kind praise and posting that comment.

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