Get outta here

Sooo, long ago and far away there was nothing. That is of course before the explosion. Or so it is said. But giving the benefit of the doubt, there was something lying around on the ground. Where the ground came from who knows. Assuming the ground was a host to a whole lot of nothing, imagine two pebbles.

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Where these two pebbles came from God knows where. There they sat for a day, or two… (who decided what a day was when there was no time…………) But they began to move. How they moved only God knows.

Anyway, after 6 billion years, or 16 billion, (who decided what a year was…………..) they moved again. So we have a brainless rock moving, like a snail (who determined speed, only God knows) and bumping into each other. The smaller pebble tired of its routine life (having no clue what life is) and decided (without a brain, being so rock-headed) it wanted to crawl  across the valley, (what the heck is a valley) over the meadow and through the woods, by passing grandma’s, stopping for a drink of water………..(where the water came from God knows) so the little rock moved, with crutches since it was such an infirmed rock, and well long story short, busted at the seams with laughter, and decided it wanted to be a snake, yep, having no clue what a snake was.

Thus began the life and times of the snake, who then decided (without a brain of course) that it wanted to be male, having no clue what female was, so he waited another 6 billion years for another rock to dream up the same plan so he could mate with another mindless pebble and create offspring. And oh, don’t forget that the blood entering a body was accidental…..and don’t forget the food that sustained the little rock for billions of years……..

Is this far-fetched? Of course not, to the godless mind that is. This is the mind-numbing reasoning of a purposeless and accidental life. Life apart from God is accidental, vain, full of empty excuses, purely deceptive, and is the crippled explanation for all living things.

Oh, then there is the little pebble, kin to the other pebble, which sat around deciding how to be a bird, having never seen a wing, or never had a flying lesson.

Or, one could always succumb to common sense and know that God made birds to fly, whales to swim, snakes to crawl, and humans to express His image of creatorial genius.

A judge on the bench after hearing this would rightfully say, ‘get outta here Counsellor, you are an insult to reasoning, and don’t ever come to these chambers again without your brain.’

So easy a caveman can understand it. Creation apart from God is the biggest hoax perpetrated upon mankind, and a story bought and sold daily by fools. Perhaps you can think of a more clever excuse for life brought to you courtesy of godlessness, since really, any guess is as good as the next, with the ultimate goal of engaging the Great Stall, designed purely to cast out God from His own real estate, delaying the inevitable conclusion that in the beginning God….

Don’t be a squatter, He owns it all. And quite the gracious landlord.


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3 Responses to Get outta here

  1. LOL! This reminds me of a tall tale one of my kids once told on the beach about a mommy and daddy rock that had babies. She wanted us to carry all the “babies” home with us. Mating rocks and millions of homeless babies needing rescue! I suppose such things sit well in a four year old brain, but at some point you must have all your illusions shattered as you learn that rocks don’t actually…. mate. So sorry. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Well at least your little ones recognized that ultimately………… do have a parentage.

      Remember the words of the Lord ib22, in regard to the so-called triumphal entry, that if the crowd withheld their praise, then even the stones would cry out.

      Truly a remarkable statement in light of prophecy fulfilled. Sir Robert Anderson, the most excellent scripture expositor, observed that down to the minute, the donkey holding its maker on route to the city, then to Golgotha’s hill, was the pivotal moment in history as verified by God’s word.

      Then we have the confirmation that pebbles do have a tune……… in the rolling stones……….. lol

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