Andromeda (you must watch)

Ah yes, time to revisit a perennial favorite. How majestic is He who is higher than the heavens.

The Lions Den

Please watch this entirely;  (Full screen) and take off your hat before it blows away, and sit down lest you faint.

The heavens declare the glory of God.  And oh by the way, as Genesis simply says:  He made the stars also.

Note the context and watch in silent awe.  Design,  perfection,  majesty,  scope,  order,  and mind blowing magnificence, then ask yourself: What is man that God has an interest in him?

NASA  does not disappoint

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6 Responses to Andromeda (you must watch)

  1. Absolutely awesome!

    The abundance of hydrogen and other elements in our universe is far beyond imagining.

    On a lighter note…

    I took an astronomy class at the local community college a couple of years ago and one of the millennial snowflakes asked the professor if there was any way to recycle hydrogen back into stars so that they wouldn’t die.

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  2. it literally made me dizzy as I watched it–I had to hold the sides of my head to feel grounded—if a mere computer screen can have that effect—imagine what might happen if I were to ever stand in the sheer presence of the Great I AM—I would be obliterated….
    absolutely humbling both spiritually as well as physically—-thank you for sharing CS and reminding me that I am small and HE is MAGNIFICENT

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The context is plain ridiculous eh jewels. Not enough adjectives to say how great Thou art.

      I see the stars, in awesome wonder………I see Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

      But us? Small maybe, but important. 😉

      Can I reference a fav quote. Redemption is one thing to argue over, but for heaven’s sake, to deny God the courtesy of existing…….

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