A good word there, firmament

It is rather interesting that quite a rarely used and highly unassuming word such as ‘firmament,’ could draw so much attention from the googlemeisters. Go ahead, try it, and see if you can escape the immediate connection made with the God of creation. Good luck, as no can do.

Firmament. Sounds quite fixed eh? Yep, that’s the point. Sea level, the rainbow, so-called space travel, all dance around the truth of the Creator’s genius of His firmament. The waters above and the waters below; lakes found under oceans, vapors above illuminating the sky, glittering stars, all speak with heavens guarantee of God’s unsurpassable beauty, and obvious consistency in supplying daily proof of His very existence and ability to maintain his creation.

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And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

Don’t you just love that God only ‘said,’ then ‘made,’ and of course like the word of God in its most demure and illustrious way, adds: and it was so.

Naturally, when the Lord ‘said’ to the raging sea: ‘peace be still,’ it was enough, as there was an immediate great calm. Same word. Same power. Same authority. Nature bows to its Maker, yesterday, today, and forever.

But do take note also of the attempt by the googsters, to usurp a very good word and truth, by attaching another idea of ‘firmament,’ to such lame ideas as ‘one of the great stars of the golfing firmament.’ Really? Surely there are better ways to express the likes of Jack Nicklaus, but as it usually is, people must at whatever cost, downplay the truth of scripture by trying to elevate their own ideas which delete God from His own creation. Not too smart.

I am never at a loss for amusement when I see people trading on the majestic language of scripture, while at the same time deny He who owns the alphabet. You cannot even begin to speak of ‘firmament’ without being aware of its initial usage, and that of course, was by God thank you very much.

Don’t like such wonderful words as firmament, cherubim, propitiation, redemption, righteousness, concupiscence, Benjamin, faith, topaz, beryl, jacinth, throne, effulgent, snow, whirlwind, alabaster, myrrh, dromedary, Goliath, hypocrite, bastard, or death? Fine, get your own dictionary, and avoid using words that speak of the Creator and His account of life and humanity.

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Yeah, good luck with that too, as your vocabulary will shrink to a hundred words. God communicates through words, not grunts, clearly separating our humor from that of the snickering hyena thank you kindly.

Firmament. Stable. Sure. Immovable. Such is the nature of the one living God whose word reveals Himself to any honest person. Key word there, honest. Judging God because of the rebel acts of men is not honest. Avoiding God because there is no ‘proof’ is not honest. Relying on the so-called learning of men or women who have written God off from His own book is not being honest.

Who can find a virtuous man or woman? His worth is above measure.

It takes no effort and causes no sweat to see the hand of God in everything. Everything. So I indeed take issue with the tired, borrowed, boring, and mind numbing vapid arguments by they who say God can not be seen. Hello? It is easier to see the hand of God within 2 seconds or less, than it is for a man to believe he will live to see tomorrow. (sorry, I have said this before, but I like it, and it’s worth repeating.)

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Yes, this quote here was made by the genius mind of Nicola Tesla, who spoke with matter-of-fact certainty of the firmament. And btw, over 6 million references to ‘firmament,’ some very good info, and many of course try to deny the obvious, that ‘in the beginning, God……….’


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14 Responses to A good word there, firmament

  1. I really liked this. I too notice how people use words from scripture to describe things that just don’t really fit. “Wherewithal” is kind of an old fashioned word, as well as “white raiment,” so those two have jumped out at me a few times. Sometimes people will use entire versus directly from the bible without even realizing it, and than argue that they’re actually quoting Aesops fable because they don’t read the bible so it has no impact on their life. I once had a great chat with someone over “through the glass darkly,” because they were sure that was a literary reference and had nothing to do with the bible. God’s hand is in the very words we speak, the literature we read, and His word is even on our lips when we don’t realize it.

    Ahh, and then there’s cursing! Always cracks me up that nobody ever hits their finger with a hammer and starts yelling at buddha. His name is already on our lips and our urge to cry out to Him is so instinctual. Even people who don’t know Him will do this.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      It is becoming seriously disconcerting to have to release very good people from the bins of spam jail, or unnecessary moderation.

      Maybe WP has the flu, or it somehow ‘knows’ when good people pass by……..

      Anyway, tks for the coloring you added here msb, I especially was fond of the buddha thing, I have referred to the same thing. That is funny and sad.

      And the ‘urge to cry out is instinctual.’ True there.

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        I suspect commenting on Atheist blogs leads to such troubles. Have not be doing much of that lately. Here is one reason why. If enough people mark your comments as spam, then they will start going into the spam bucket.

        Anyway, stay away from blogs that put your comments in the spam bucket.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Tkx Tom but it doesn’t make sense. Why are you and the regular wonderful and thoughtful people sent to the island of misfit toys on my site?

          There is no reason that your comment here needed moderated, but it did, and it does appear that their are antagonistic voices that are having sway.

          Sad but I think true. If truth is such a premium, then it would appear the adversarial nature would rear its head.


        • Citizen Tom says:

          I occasionally have people stuck in moderation for what seems no particular reason. Some also go into spam occasionally. The algorithms are good, but they goof sometimes. However, if it is happening to you all the time, then you need to contact the guys at WordPress.

          It is possible, but I doubt they are plotting against small fry like us.

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Hey watch it with the small Fry stuff

          LOL LOL LOL.

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      • Wally Fry says:

        They finally fixed me ColorStorm. I mean, I went to spam on every single place I visited for about a week..I finally took to filling out that report they make you fill out every time I would comment.

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  2. The Genesis account of Creation is truly remarkable.

    I routinely do the scripture reading for Catholic Mass and last Tuesday’s reading was the Creation story.

    It is a very exciting reading and stimulates wonder of God, the Creator!

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Looks like there is a plague S, everything appears to go randomly to spam, etc.

      No control, WP has issues, maybe too much scripture in this part of town.

      Anyway, yes, the seed of all that is can be demonstrably proven by Genesis.


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  4. Tricia says:

    I always enjoy that passage from Genesis ColorStorm. It speaks as you say to the Creator’s majesty but also His extreme humbleness. He speaks a word and it is so, just like that. Good stuff here again. 🙂

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  5. Beautifully written.


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