Hold it right there buster

May I offer a quick apology for this rather simplistic post. But don’t be deceived. Things simple are not necessarily lacking depth. Take this for example: He made the stars also. Simple for God, but deep as deep can be, having more layers than a million onions.

Now then. It is agreed upon by fine people everywhere that Atheism is content-free, for you have been told by the apostles and disciples of atheism. No need to link for examples, as this dose of dopiness is common knowledge.  But allow me fix the egregious lie:

Image result for pinocchio

Atheism is in fact full of content. It is full of nonsense.

Secondly, an even bigger Pinocchio is this:

Atheism is not a religion.

Of course it is. It is a zeal, a lifestyle, a ministry, a place to hang out and evangelize, a place to embrace scorn toward they of ‘other’ religions, of which Christianity is its largest target.

Of course it has content; of course it is a religion. Am I sure? Hello? Visit the web sites of the most vocal and militant of the atheist cadre, and you will find ministries devoting time and unsleepable attention toward the erasures of anything scriptural or of historical significance. Examples, yes, thanks for asking.

Some content from atheist blogs and web sites:

-Moses never lived.

-Sin does not exist, other than in the mind of the deluded.

-Nazareth was not a real town, nor was Bethlehem, therefore Christ never lived, therefore He did not bring grace and truth.

-The apostles Peter, James, and John, were magnificent storytellers but liars.

-Jonah never lived.

-The Exodus never occurred and there most certainly was not a plague of frogs.

-Who are you to say a man can’t marry his horse?

-Adam never lived, never had a wife, never had children, and Genesis cannot be trusted.

.-The river Euphrates just so happened to have been a small creek, and was irrelevant to scripture, and is meaningless today/

-The apostle Paul was a fabricated persona compliments of nerds, and his epistles are further proof of the religiously deranged.

-Christ does not have a body called the church of the living God.

-Parrots ‘talk’ but you are retarded if you think a donkey ever said a few words.

-Pontius Pilate never faced the Lord Jesus Christ.

-Believers are weak and intellectually cripple for believing that God communicates through that wonderful medium known as speaking and words.

But no, no content right? Atheism has no content. Here, let me fix it: Atheism is full of content, but is empty of context. There. That’s better. And oh by the way, what would you say of atheist bloggers, who devote every byte space to scripture,  the God of the bible, and post after post after post deriding scripture and people of faith?

That’s right, I would call them religious, and rightly so, much to the chagrin of they who say atheism is content-free and religiously exempt.

So the content is the attempted manipulation and annihilation of scripture. THAT is the true content of the religion of atheism.

Sorry, Pinocchio may have been a fabrication by Geppetto, but the connections are spot on. And the next time you open your mouth and say atheism is content-free, don’t be surprised if someone says: hold it right there buster….as the nose gets longer and longer.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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44 Responses to Hold it right there buster

  1. What really bothers me is the great zeal with which atheists go after Christians to induce them to lose their faith.

    This sort of predatory behavior is truly psychotic.

    In a purely verbal and brutal manner of discussion I have begun putting them down like rabid dogs when I come across them attacking people of faith.

    I think this is sinful rage which puts me at odds with Lord God Almighty.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      This is a really good observation S. Tkx for bringing it here. Agreed, there is an escalation in the vitriol that is otherworldly, and fortunately, God’s word gave us a heads up. If the infidels could only see that such opposition is an affirmation of scripture.

      And your last line………..I understand completely, but I would hope God bears with us, and perhaps He actually smiles that we are exhibiting some passion. Remember the lukewarm thing……….

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    • Tricia says:

      There seems to be two types of atheists, at least among the ones I run in to. The first don’t believe in God but also don’t care that I or anyone else does. For the most part these people are pleasant with no desire to belittle believers and certainly no inclination to de convert people from faith. They din’t seem to think about bit much one way or the other.

      Then there are the militant atheists who go out of their way to attack Christians and whose strong anti God stance become a belief in itself, infusing their life with purpose and value. It’s a religion to be sure, no matter if it’s recognized or not.

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      • Citizen Tom says:


        I suspect there are more than two types of Atheists, that first division is mighty important.

        One thing we get from many atheists is confusion. What does it mean to be an atheist? That is the certainty God does not exist. Yet many atheists who call themselves atheists technically fit the definition of agnostics. People who actually call themselves agnostics admit they don’t know what to believe. People who actually call themselves atheists, especially militant atheists, usually know it is not logical to say God does not exist. Still, they want to live with the certainty that he does not exist. So they call themselves atheists and still pretend to be logical.

        The minute we concede the possibility God exists we have a big problem. We may want to live our life as if it is all about “me”, but if God created everything, then God created even “me”.

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        • Tricia says:

          Well this is certainly true Tom, and I agree there are a fair amount of atheists who fall under the agnostic category which in itself is a religion if you think about it. Still though for the others, I have to go by what they themselves tell me ,which is that they believe strongly there is no God but have no desire to change the viewpoints of others.

          That is just the few I know. The militant ones are the problem in my view and growing bigger in society which ColorStorm vividly lays this out in this and many other posts.

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        • Citizen Tom says:


          ColorStorm’s post is first-rate, but why do atheists detest the Bible, detest anyone who does not think like them?

          When we do not believe in our Creator, then we will find a God of some sort. So it is that in our day many worship the secular gods of stuff, sex, state, and self. When someone worships such things, especially “me”, their self, that someone tends to think very little of anyone who does not think highly of “me”.

          When our pride lead us, then any world view different from our own is counter to own world view. Any difference that is allowed to stand says something can be just as good as what “me” believes.

          Christians say there is only one God. That creation is about Him. We say that salvation requires choosing Him. Then, because it is about Him, we set an example and choose Him, but we don’t require others to choose. Because wants us to love Him, he allows us the right to choose. Inevitably, however, because it is about “me”, the atheist insists the everyone believe what he believes. What “me” wants is pride and adoration, not love.

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    • True. It is not that complicated to question atheism. “Do you know everything? No… do you know half of everything? No… could it be that God exits in the 50% part that you don’t know?” As my dad once said, “Atheist question God until they are near death.”

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  2. when I was still in the classroom, we had a particular teacher who was big and loud.
    He’d ramble on loudly and at length about how well he taught, how well his kids did in his class, how things really needed to work, as well as his love of hunting and Alabama football…he was a big man and a coach but rather decent science teacher who told inappropriate jokes to the kids, to staff members while offering his out of place opinions as gospel… and was overall a person who lacked any sense of boundaries, common sense, personal space, diplomacy or decorum.
    Yet the kids, especially boys, seemed to like him.
    My son even had him as a teacher and liked him.
    Yet in the end he was eventually dismissed for offering assistance, albeit in a naive fashion, on standardized testing which is a taboo of death for any educator and any educator worth their salts knows such….
    I was, at the time, in a leadership position and met regularly with the Principal in an advisory position. We had a discussion once about this particular teacher. I was bemoaning having to “deal” with him and his overtly loud and in appropriate mouth.
    The principal who was a friend and staunch Christian told me that most folks like this teacher, who are so opinionated and so loud with those opinions as to drown out any and all others, were in a large part that way due to their own sense of insecurity…their own sense of self doubt and self worth. A presence of bluster and bravado…
    That gave me a great deal to think about and remember when I next had to “deal” with this teacher…not that I would now felt sorry for him, on the contrary… but rather it gave me a new perspective as to how I could better go about working with him…
    And I say all of that CS as your discourse on the atheists reminded me of that long ago conversation with my principal.
    That atheists work very hard as you note on countering the Christian faith…while constantly espousing to know and understand Gospel better than most believers. They are often loud, brash, blustery… lacking a sense of personal space, decency and decorum…They tout their “belief” system as the only way and that it is they who “know it all” and that the world would run best if it listened to them…
    a lot like my loud, brash and difficult colleague.
    In the end my colleague was his own undoing…I sense, in the end, that our atheist friends will be much the same….
    Just my observation….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Don’t know why such a good comment went to jail. lol

      You nailed it. Without order, design, all is chaos and noise.

      We have a more sure word, not of arrogance, but confidence in One greater who is kind enough to clue His creatures in on His ways.

      Your teacher guy reminds me of the three year olds who upend conversations with their bratty behaviour while the adults call them ‘cute,’ then add insult to injury citing them as wise…….. Pulleeze.

      But I disagree with you on one point J. You say its ‘just’ your observation……

      Nope, it is more. 😉

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  3. Something that has always fascinated me, atheists must work very hard to maintain their “religion.” It’s a lot of hard work to run all over the place constantly trying to validate and justify your non belief. I suspect that is because all of creation testifies that God is real and He is written on the tablets of our heart, too. We know of Him, even when we don’t really know Him. So denying Him is actually an act of irrationality, it requires one to suppress the evidence and the truth. To receive Christ requires one to simply stop resisting, to surrender, to submit. All you’re really surrendering, at least first, is your own resistance to what your spirit already knows to be true.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      ‘All of creation testifies……………’

      Stop right there. Maybe we should install a few of your ‘Yield’ signs…….

      or ‘Surrender Dorothy.’ Geez msb, people have become believers with 1/1000th of the evidence. Enter the internet, and presto, there really is no excuse.

      And yes ma’am, your spirit already knows what is true…….

      With such stubbornness, no wonder the whole creation groans.

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    • You are spot on here IB. If atheists simply lacked a belief, as they say they do, they would also lack concern about God.

      Most of them claim they are some kind of social justice warriors campaigning against religion because of all the damage it does but that is a lie.

      Denying truth causes internal turmoil that manifests itself in irrational atheistic evangelism.

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  4. They may say God is a “figment of your imagination,” but He’s all I really have at the end of the day. 😉 No matter what the naysayers naysay, we have been saved. It is a very real and personal experience, indescribable, out of this world, so of course “normal” people wouldn’t understand. I only pray that someday they may be saved by grace themselves.

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  5. Wally Fry says:

    For such a “content free” thing the atheists claim to have, they seem to have a lot to say, and they all say the same thing.

    Sounds an awful lot like doctrine to me.

    “It’s a null set! It’s a null set!”

    It’s a very LOUD null set

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  6. ColorStorm says:

    Did you also catch the part about the ‘evangelistic outreach’ of the mob? Yeah, but not contnt in the doctrine. Ha!

    ‘No God?’ Right, this is no doctrine. In the dreams of the deluded. Of course it is. It is the glue that holds together the perversion.


  7. violetwisp says:

    I think it’s fair to say that most atheists hardly give religion a passing thought. It’s something that other people do that has little relevance to their lives. Some atheists, like Ark and Zande, are anti-theists – they are out to ‘prove’ to you that your god doesn’t exist. I like to think of myself as an inquisitive atheist, I’m trying to understand why people think what they do – why many religious people happily accept such a high level of contradiction in their lives. But beyond the time I spend blogging, atheism is rarely a feature in my life, the way that I’m sure Christianity influences every aspect of your day.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      (it looks like a single paragraph goes to spam; probably thinks it a weird URL)

      Disagree though that you think ‘most’ atheists do not give ‘religion’ a passing thought.

      From my experience blogging, it would appear that there is much thought.

      It seems to be built in where one cannot rid the bone of the marrow kind of thing.


    • Tricia says:

      I wrote my comment in response to SOM above before reading yours Violet. I agree with you that there are a fair amount of atheists that don’t think much about religion, nor have any desire to butt heads with Christians. There is a separate group though, at least here in the U.S., that is rather militant in their non belief nd very intolerant of others. I think the distinction is important.

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      • violetwisp says:

        I think these vocal groups arise when people feel threatened. So, for instance, perhaps it’s the anti-abortion movement, which is primarily led by religious groups, which is causing a backlash from people who don’t follow religions. I know I’m baffled every time there’s a Muslim suicide bomber that the conversation doesn’t naturally go to atheism – why do we passively allow the notion of invisible gods telling people how to behave to go unchallenged? We can reason with people based on facts but how to we challenge motivations underpinned by invisible god rules? I’m sure the pro-choice movement gets just as frustrated.


        • Tricia says:

          I don’t know about that. I’m sure there are atheists motivated enough by the pro life movement to attack, but from I’ve seen of the militant movement it’s an overall hate for the Bible and anything associated with God, Christianity specifically that drives them. Also, you can be pro life and an atheist.

          Muslim suicide bombings, now there’s anther topic all together and I don’t want to jump in the weeds with it. The Quran itself through Muhammad’s own words offer many reasons why this happens


  8. Simplicity can be quite deep man. Nice!

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  9. An Atheist's Guide to Religion says:

    Irony is calling atheists out for being militant in their beliefs when Christians have been killing atheists and non christians for centuries. Something to think about…


    • ColorStorm says:

      I challenge you to find one commandment where God through Christ commanded anybody to kill an atheist.

      People kill for all kinds of stupid reasons. Did you hear about the man from Cleveland who killed a stranger, then himself?

      The pitiful acts of humanity leave God blameless.


  10. ColorStorm says:

    You at least ‘an atheist’s guide to religion,’ are consistent in your embarrassing handling of scripture.

    Your hands are no doubt bloody for such careless application of sharp objects.

    Of course the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the law. Of course He did not abolish it.

    Why? Because the law MAGNIFIES sin. Now go study what this means, and go learn what your ‘content full’ religion has just been proven by your own mouth.


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