He sank the sub!

Being the good deejay, I play requests. At the bidding of Wally Fry over there at Palmyra, he called in to see a rerun of the infamous captain standing before his worshipers.

Some things never go out of style, such as the arrogance of proud and sinful men. Enjoy

The Lions Den

A group of kids were gathered at a naval port to watch their friend perform his ritual and speech cloaked in his despising of anything Godward. This man hated God, and he had a mission. Amid laughing, jeering, cursing, applause, and just plain silliness, the display of ignorance, arrogance, petulance, and theatrics was like  a weekly bonfire of jubilee.

Image result for submarines made of steel

There was orange soda, potato chips, and a ream of twizzlers, all adding to the levity in waiting for the clock to strike high noon, as retired Commander  Tiaranstein plied his craft of daring the Creator. ‘Stop me from sinking this sub if you are real,’ he would shout to the excitement of his followers, ‘there IS no God!’

The older man had a captive audience in the youth, as it was his passion to purge their minds of any thoughts toward God. The youngsters found him entertaining.

Yeah, a real…

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7 Responses to He sank the sub!

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Awesome, you ARE a good deejay

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  2. To address the atheists from your original post, regarding not being able to hate a “non-existent god…” Honestly, does it make any sense that an atheist would waste their (in their view) short life on this earth by arguing with people who are by all accounts content and at peace with their faith? Does it make any sense from an atheist perspective to continue arguing about this stuff? You don’t think God exists, cool. If I were you I would just move on to other pursuits and never give religion or faith another thought. Why the need to justify every single day that God does not exist and win every single argument against Him? In my view, THAT is what is irrational.

    If you’re a true atheist, then you shouldn’t believe in such a thing as objective morality. You can’t believe that a religion or faith is truly evil because you don’t have any objective standard by which to judge it. Therefore, whatever a person guides their life by should be permissible in your perspective, and you shouldn’t waste time causing headaches. The clock is ticking, nobody knows when they will die, so for someone who doesn’t believe in religion or in fact hates it to waste so much time arguing about just that is really hilarious. Why wouldn’t you just recede into an atheist-only club if religion bothers you, move on with your life and never have to speak of it again?

    Oh wait, you can’t…because there is something in you that makes you feel compelled to justify your non-belief.

    Let’s make a friendly wager. If you can go one year without talking about religion, arguing about it, or thinking about it, then I will believe you don’t have a personal grudge against God, Whom you proclaim to not believe in.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Good stuff Ada. The last sentence about not being able to go one year……..heck, I’ll shorten it to a day 😉

      But the reason the conversation always leads to God, is, all things lead to God. So, it is difficult if not impossible for people to ‘move on.’

      They can’t move on. The voice of the conscience rings loudly: there is One God.

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