You tell him…

Go ahead.  Step into his den and tell him there is no God.

Image result for ferocious lions

The roar of instant remorse should send you into last week. Go ahead, tell him he does not have a Creator. But pay attention to the thunderous reply when the breath of his nostrils graciously tells you to reconsider such ignorance.

As for me? I am just thankful that God reigns through grace today, as the greatest proof of His existence is His glorious silence, especially when met by the rebellion of the created. His word is enough. It quietly roars.

Then again, rivers, lakes, oceans, rainbows, and the stars above are rather loud nevertheless.


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6 Responses to You tell him…

  1. According to Wally’s joke the other day, we call that an “Apex Feline.” King of the jungle, top of the food chain.

    People don’t get it, but if you’re ever in trouble, you really want to be standing behind Him. I can just imagine facing a pack of hyenas. All that stands between them and you is a roaring Lion and you say, “So? I don’t believe in Lions.” Well now, that’s terribly inconvenient given the circumstances, isn’t it?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      You know msb, we joke about hyenas too, but I’m not sure there is a sound on earth that is quite unsettling as that carnal snickering which resembles many a blog comment from certain quarters which need not be mentioned.

      But you’re right, many a pack of foes has run out of ‘Dodge because of the so-called evolutionary king of beasts. Yeah, try telling him that though.

      Btw, wheres Waldo? lol Maybe he’s the smart one and avoids the trainwrecks.

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  2. Tricia says:

    “rivers, lakes, oceans, rainbows, and the stars above are rather loud nevertheless.” Indeed they are, aren’t they.

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  3. Arkenaten says:

    Yahweh is:
    The pinnacle of purification,
    The most heinous of hegemonies
    The most vacuous and vulgar
    The most despicable of despots,

    oh … and man-made of course.


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