The scopes trial

Apart from God, men use telescopes to increase their knowledge, but in return simply magnify their ignorance.

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This should neither be an affront to the unbeliever since he has admitted he has no more spirit than a red heifer, and this should not depress the believer since it is true.

But what is this trial?  Ha, thanks for asking.

It is going through life with minute by minute observations of life, commerce, emotions, nature above and below, and looking farther and farther, (Remember the stiff-necked Carl Sagan with his arrogant and nauseous mouthing of trillions and trillions, bihyuns and bihyuns) while avoiding the industrious ant that goes about his business embarrassing humans by doing exactly what he was designed to do.

It is having all the evidence, and crying ‘there is no evidence,’ while the Judge looks with eyes of unmitigated pity. Look folks, we are not talking about redemption here, which is a bit more harder to swallow, since it requires the revelation that indeed, ‘there are none good, no not any.’ It is swallowing the pride by confessing that while He is just, He is also the justifier of the unjust, while not beautifully compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection.

No, we are not speaking of redemption regarding this trial. This trial finds all men as having NO excuse as to creation. Men bitch about the alleged ‘proof’ of what happened ‘billions and billions’ of years ago as they offer guesses, while denying, avoiding,  and lying about the infallible proofs of a mere few thousand years ago.

Indeed, God’s word is good. Verifiable. Reliable. Truthful. Sure. Steadfast. Always timely, in every age.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, David, Ruth, Daniel, Mordecai, Mishael, Azariah, Hananiah, Pilate, Herod, Gamaliel, Paul, Peter, James, John, Agrippa, Phoebe, Timothy, Lydia, and of course the Lord Christ,  all cut from the same cloth of historical truth, all accounts documented for your reading and learning pleasure that we be not lost as fog with sails tossed about the seas of godlessness.

But a trial? Yeah, like Pilate’s admittance that in Christ he found no fault. You and me? Full of fault, and rightly so. But there is this Advocate…

Oh right I forgot, we are not speaking of redemption but of the guilty conscience by avoiding the Creator and His doings. Undone! Guilty as sin. In contempt of the high court even! There is NO defense. Every mouth is stopped!

Bring a bit closer that scope. Men scan the miles and heavens for life and water, and are blind to the truth found in the dewdrop a few feet away, making their assessment of the heavens damn near useless.

It’s quite a good thing to be part of the trial. Even better to agree with your Honour. After all, even the highest courts on earth are in subjection to One higher yet. As it should be, and as nature, science, common sense, and scripture admit and confirm.

Btw, doncha just love God’s timely wink with His heads up regarding: ‘avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.’  Ha. I sure do.

Modern astronomy should take a lesson from He who owns the stars. Once more, man is on trial, not God.


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5 Responses to The scopes trial

  1. Tricia says:

    “…..the guilty conscience avoiding the creator.” Very poignant statement CS as it pretty much sums up the disbelief crowd. I know that feeling well, having been there done that for too long.

    I love God’s timely winks too, they are always spot on.

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  2. Citizen Tom says:

    There are trials, and then there are those on trial.

    Good post! Apt distinctions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ColorStorm says:

      Let’s not forget the cement trowels either CT. (some take the extended liberty of pronouncing them all the same) lol

      Of course your suggestion that all trials are not bad. Heck, even being on trial can be a very good thing. False accusations and all that.

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