Wisdom’s lonely friends

I read recently an observation by someone that was used as a springboard for a laugh fest and it is this:

There is no wisdom in the bible

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In the words of the always vocal and loud mouthed colorful John McInroe: ‘You cannot be serious!’ Truth be told, they are serious, and it makes you wonder if there are a few missing donuts in the box.

‘No wisdom in the bible.’ Hmmm. Even the most professional of fools would never admit to this, after having read: ‘a wise son maketh a glad father,’ or ‘in the multitude of counsellors there is safety,’ or ‘a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’

No wisdom in the bible? Make that a double hmmm bartender. When King Solomon said ‘cut the baby in half,’ to prove the real mother, was this not a word fitly spoken, and was not this proof of the wisdom in the bible? Of course it was, and it is to this day unequalled in literary excellence, historical and geographical truth, inspiration regarding science, law, architecture, astronomy, botany, philosophy, marriage, child-rearing, humor, metallurgy, carpentry, arithmetic, biology, and cough cough, truth, but noooo, no wisdom in the bible.

I would suggest to say such a thing is almost proof of no brain waves, but that would be cruel. The bible is THE monarch of books, speaking words to the heart, mind, conscience, and soul of men. It does not flatter. It reveals the very best and worst of humanity, and reveals God as absolutely perfect, just, and above all, holy.

It is apt in every age, and changes not like the the tides of opinions by ‘modern society.’ Men marry women according to the scriptures, even though ‘new age’ sez a man can marry his horse.  Go ahead and love your horse, just leave the word ‘marriage’ alone.

Christ silencing the antagonistic Pharisees with a mere word. Christ staying away from Lazarus at the expense of people thinking He was uncaring. Christ stilling the raging seas. Christ telling Peter of his fast approaching denial. Christ before Pilate was mute, but no wisdom found there……?  uh huh, sure.

So you don’t think the bible is full of wisdom eh? May I suggest a fresh reading without a pre disposition of bias, and like all books, try reading it with comprehension, patience, and this thing called context, from Genesis to Revelation. Maybe even ask Him for help and directions out of the fog.

From very good, to very good, with lots of proof of the miscreancy of men in between. And oh yeah, God is the wisest of all, and knows perfectly what your reaction to this post is.



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15 Responses to Wisdom’s lonely friends

  1. Obviously a comment made by someone who never read the Bible.

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  2. Citizen Tom says:

    What God has made is like a bright diamond with an infinite number of facets. We were each made to gaze into different facets. None of us have the capacity to fully explore what God has made. Much less do we have the capacity to explore the nature of God Himself. However, our Lord gave each of us the capacity to explore and enjoy something He has made, and it is our joy to share what we have found with others.

    Are you enjoying yourself? Are choosing to explore or just refusing to see?

    Like Creation the Bible is a diamond with many facets. If we wish to deny the Bible, to pretend it is a merely a broken piece of glass, a shattered relic from a bygone age. We can steadfastly gaze into one facet and blindly ignore all the others. Instead of seeing a whole and perfect diamond, we can pull verses out of context. Then we can self-righteously proclaim the Bible endorses slavery, child abuse, genocide…. Because we refuse to see, we can blindly affirm our faith in many absurdities.

    If you are what you claim to be, you should know very well Biblical scholars have already competently dealt with each of the issues you mentioned. Why do you choose to be blind? When you have eyes, why do you refuse to see? When you have ears, why do you refuse to hear?

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Isn’t it amazing mike (kia) how my so called non- answer gave birth to CT’s insightful answer here now. The idea of the gem being thought to be a piece of trash when it is not seen in it’s proper setting is a rare gift for you to consider.

    I thank CTom immensely for taking the time to write such a thoughtful, deep, and true remark.

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  5. She is female, wisdom in the bible. So is folly too, but we won’t mention that part. 🙂

    Even the most devout atheist, those who actually read and study things, admit the bible is a remarkable piece of literature, full of human wisdom. I believe it goes way beyond that, it’s full of Godly wisdom, but at least sensible people know better than to dismiss it.

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  6. ColorStorm says:

    Ah yes, and the moon, she is female! Love that moon!

    But ‘sensible people know better.’ Uh hello? One would think even if a person did not like the spiritual ramifications and absolutes, he/she would admit to the bible being the monarch of books. Sheesh. Some people’s kids….

    As always, tkx msb for bringing decorum to my den. 😉


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