There is a good word for that

Within one tenth of a second upon hearing about the Spanish massacre, I thought: ‘murdering bastards!’ and was quite happy when I read Drudge cite those ‘Barcelona bastards’ hours later.’ Apparently, others recognize what it obvious.

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Bastards I tell ya. Children of an illegitimate father, running unsent with a mission of mayhem, mischief, misery, carnage, death, and complete disregard for humanity. Bastards.

And to those of you who will somehow equate those monsters with Christianity, stop right there! No. What Christian do you know who plots, plans, and executes people on a sidewalk in the name of Jesus Christ? Name one if you dare, and I will show you another murdering bastard, and will prove you a fool.

Take a lesson from the pear tree. Good fruit and rotten fruit are easily discernible. God’s word is good; and good people everywhere have regard for life.  A good person will not offer his friend rotten fruit.

Murdering bastards do not promote peace and purity, as they spread fear and dread, while they make a mother childless with such devilish and senseless deeds. Plowing a car through humans like a lawnmower is kinda, well, sort of obvious that there is a bastard behind the wheel.

No apology for saying what is innately true.  Bastards I tell ya, and I am being restrained at that.


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  1. Anyone who is in tune with Drudge is in good with the Lord.


  2. Wally Fry says:

    Indeed bastards. Watch, though, as you are correct. The cackling hyenas will appear shortly to blame this on “religion.”

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  3. It’s that whole ‘if it looks like a duck’ business.
    As we simply keep revisiting and revisiting the same ol same ol cause we in the West, just don’t get it.
    When you turn your back on God, well, things happen…..and keep happening as everyone is left wondering why…..

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  4. Tricia says:

    Bastards, yup and so many other words that pop in to my mind but I won’t say. Meanwhile, as the U.S. tears each other apart over statues evil continues its merry way around the world. Not a time to lose focus.


    • Citizen Tom says:

      The battle of the statues may seem pointless, but it is not. The object is to use it to discredit both Trump and our Constitution. As Trump observed, many of the people who framed and signed our Constitution owned slaves. Virginia planters — slave owners — played a major role in the formation of this country. When Trump took their side — and the side for keeping the statues — the battle lines formed. We have to write our leaders and tell them what we expect.

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      • Tricia says:

        I never said it was pointless, but I think Trump is allowing himself to be baited down rabbit holes that are not helpful to him or the country. The wanton destruction of historical statues is a serious thing, but the left knows Trump cannot put up an opposition to it without pouring jet fuel on to an already enflamed populace. So many other needless battles end up erupting and the focus on what’s important gets lost in the haze.

        Completely agree we need to be in constant communication with our representatives in office. The comfort of the echo chamber is frequently much too strong a force.

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          I know you don’t think its pointless, but the news commentators have been at work.

          One of the things we have to watch out for is “conventional wisdom”. Even from “Conservatives”, the conventional wisdom is that Trump should focus on his agenda and not respond to the charges from the Democrat Liberal politicians and their media.

          Is the conventional wisdom correct?

          Who created “conventional wisdom” in the first place?

          Consider that Trump has never paid much attention to conventional wisdom. Consider also the polls, conventional wisdom, said Trump would lose.

          Unlike George W. Bush, Trump responds to criticism. He has been doing it all along, and his supporters like it more than they dislike it. The news media is calling him a racist bigot, and they are egging on a lynch mob out to destroy Confederate Monuments and anyone who opposes their desecration. As Trump has correctly pointed out, the iconoclasts won’t stop at the Confederate Monuments. They will go after — they are going after — our nation’s Founding Fathers. They are going after everything this country stands for.

          Our nation is in a crisis. The battle is not over Obamacare or tax reform. We are fighting over the heart and soul of our country. Trump may be the most unlikely of heroes to defend our heritage, but he is in the thick of the battle. He is listening to his aching heart, not conventional wisdom, the wisdom of man.

          Establishment Republicans are fiscal Conservatives at best, but the Democrats go after the heart. They focus on Social programs — social engineering — hardening the hearts of our people. Whereas conventional wisdom would have Trump worrying about our pocketbooks, his heart is in the battle over the hearts of our people. That is where I believe victory will be won or lost.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yes ma’am. Indeed. Hi T, tkx for popping by.

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  6. Well said. A bit of plain speaking in the face of evil sure is reassuring.

    I’m not complaining here, but it is just somewhat maddening to watch decent people get called much worse names, while as culture we tip toe around hurting the feelings of those actually out murdering innocents.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yes ma’am. Need more of the Will Rogers Yogi Berra plain speaking. (90% of this game is half mental) said the Yankee catcher. lol

      But you want tulips and tip toes? Go see Tiny Tim!! No ukulele playing round here, with apologies to strummers everywhere.


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  8. ColorStorm says:

    Reblogged this on The Lions Den and commented:

    London! Again we hear of attempted massacre in the poisonous name of ………aw nevermind.

    This is a reblog, but I dare you to tell me it is not true, and I dare you to associate Christianity with these monsters. Don’t do it. I will embarrass you.


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