Such a sight to behold

Unless you have lived under a rock, you are aware of the eclipse that has people all riled up. Indeed, an 80 mile-ish path of pure delight, shadowing the U.S. from west to east in a diagonal/straight line.

Image result for eclipse

Apart from the sensational attention given by people who would otherwise not care for such things, and since the chances of a single total eclipse are astronomical as it were, imagine seeing two, or three, or being aware of dozens in a lifetime; not your lifetime mind you, but the life and times of the earth.

Planning. Order. Design. Execution. Control. A scene above scenes that speaks to a well orchestrated hand, that mankind may behold one thing:

That the Lord, He is God.

Yes, the heavens declare the glory of God, and the Monday eclipse is quite a declaration. It is a big deal. In its swiftness it comes and goes, like a demure rainbow or a hailstorm.  3 minutes of atmospheric splendor, enough time to recognize that such a wondrous sight is not accidental, but long enough to understand the perfectly patterned sun and moon have listened to the Architect of both.

They have their courses, they have their purpose, and while I tire of hearing of ‘the path of totality,’ spoken by weather people and political talking heads, who could care less of a Creator, I for one, appreciate He who promised that the moon would persist in giving her light, until such time that her purpose is ended.

So in fact, the eclipse is a reminder that time will one day cease, and He who made all things, will once more make all things anew, where the moon will no longer be necessary.

True science always happily bows to God, and false science always perpetuates its own fraud and unprovable theories.  The Maker of the sand, the camel, the whale, the oceans, the eagle, the air currents, the dew drop, the rain drop, the clouds, the sun, the moon, and all that is, does mankind a huge favor by presenting to us the impossible, if only for a few minutes, just enough time to have confirmed that the Lord, He is good, very good even.

And to those of you who will try to challenge the hand of God as seen in the eclipse, don’t bother. Without the Creator, there would be chaos, and not heavenly order. Mankind does not need God to engage in chaos, as we do that well enough on our own.


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24 Responses to Such a sight to behold

  1. tildeb says:

    And how does your flat earth belief work here… or is the moon and sun flat as well, because… you know, railroads and water.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Yeah tildeb, we are so smart eh? I did a roofing project a few weeks ago because the ‘weather professionals’ said there was zero percent chance of rain.

      It poured.

      And we boast of modern science which allows employed so called professionals to be entirely wrong with NO accountability and receiving huge salaries to boot. As I said, ‘false science.’

      I’ll not waste space here to steal from the gist of the post that:

      ……….the heavens declare the glory of God………. all eclipses included. But tkx for the visit.

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      • tildeb says:

        Yeah, and the heavens declare the glory of you being a nit. So? Why not see if you can fit your ‘model’ with this eclipse? If you try, you’ll find it doesn’t fit. And it doesn’t fit not because of some fickle god; it doesn’t fit because your model doesn’t fit this evidence.

        I’ve been trying to tell you for some time now that your beliefs don’t determine what’s true, CS. They never have and they never will. You have to put aside your towering arrogance, your insatiable righteousness, and recognize your deep ignorance by allowing reality and not your beliefs to tell you through compelling evidence like the eclipse that you’re not thinking well.

        Lending your beliefs confidence when they stand incompatible with reality indicates that there’s a problem you own before you can attempt to fix it, and you have a problem aligning reality with your beliefs. You have to put aside the confidence you have invested in your beliefs long enough so that you can kick start your brain into thinking once again, into using reality to inform your beliefs about it because your beliefs do not inform reality. If they did, the evidence would demonstrate that. And it doesn’t. Only a nit would continue to put aside reality and pronounce incorrect beliefs to be insight into reality. Only a nit would pretend his incorrect beliefs were the bequeathed property of some god. How demeaning to the god who can;t even get reality right. And that’s what you’re doing, CS; you are demeaning your god with your beliefs even when you believe you are honouring him. That’s how deluded you have become.

        There’s a reason why we call reviewing our beliefs a ‘reality check’. You’re not doing it. And so you pay the price with this kind of deluded rambling. Your god – any god – would be embarrassed, and rightly so. What are you going to do about it?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Yeah tildeb, you are not alone. Many people confuse confidence in the living God with arrogance, yet it is the precise opposite.

          Man left to his own devices is completely arrogant thinking life in general, and eclipses in particular, are some random act of cosmic kindness………….

          THAT is the epitome of arrogance, whether it be the globe zooming at 67,000mph, pear shaped according to Degrasse Tyson, or immovable and stationary,

          Don’t miss the forest because a tree is blocking your view.

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        • Citizen Tom says:


          It is rather obvious you are buzzing more angrily than any disturbed nest of hornets could manage. What that indicates is a lack of confidence. In what? In your beliefs? In your ability to make others believe?

          When we see something like the eclipse, and we realize that here is an event completely beyond our control, it should humble us. We can predict the sun will rise and the sun will set, but we cannot do anything about it.

          When we look into starry sky, should we be dismayed? For then we are shown an infinity of things about which we know almost nothing. It was there before we were born. It will most likely be there long after we are dead and buried. To the universe, even to this solar system, the coming and going of the proudest man is a nonevent.

          What ColorStorm has chosen to believe is the we exist for the glory of the Creator. We matter because we matter to Him. ColorStorm and other Christians find peace in that.

          What you have chosen to believe is that we don’t matter. That is the sum total of your reality. Here today! Gone tomorrow. What can you do about it? Nothing, and there is no one who can do anything about it.

          ColorStorm believes in the Savior. He has his salvation. Therefore, the peace ColorStorm has found is an offense to you. A lie, you think. So you are angry, but that is not rational. If it does not matter anyway, what is the point in getting upset? ColorStorm does not have the right to believe what you call a lie? Who are you? Because you enjoy calling others names? But who cares except out of pity.

          Your complaints are not rational, and they are certainly no indication of moral or intellectual superiority. As you define reality, they are meaningless.

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        • tildeb says:

          Angry? Project much, CT?

          I’m pointing out that the confidence CS’s invests in his belief in his flat earth explanatory model is misplaced because it does not align with compelling evidence from reality. In fact, it stands contrary to reality as the eclipse demonstrates. And I point this out so that he may begin to realize the scope of his error relying on his beliefs to define reality rather than allow reality to arbitrate how much confidence to place in his beliefs. If he can be this wrong about his understanding of celestial bodies including the Earth, then perhaps he can begin to grasp that all the rest of the explanatory gobbledygook from his religious beliefs are just as likely to be just as factually wrong.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Mr tildeb
          I have consistently pointed out that we (including the very best of scientists as well as the common man) know less than .05% of what lies a few feet under the oceans depths.

          I pointed out the completely wrong models of a weather forecasters information in getting right a days weather using YOUR so called science.

          That said, it is with complete confidence, that other men are correct when they also say that scientists are ignorant as well regarding the heavens. Information is forged, theories are assumed as fact, and nothing is proven except more unprovable theories.

          Then again, you no doubt think the recent eclipse was just a happy accident…………. yeah ok tildeb. Ignore God and His word to your shame. ALL things are held together by HIS word………you know, that word which you despise. And so what if people disagree as to the shape of the earth. After all, your god hero Degrasse says the earth is pear shaped…………..

          How convenient that you ignore the atheistic scientist who is applauded as smart for his stupid observations. Then there is Nye who says ships ‘disappear’ over the horizon at a few thousand feet because of ‘curvature.’ Truly hilarious. lol.

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          Given ColorStorm believes in solar eclipses, I wonder how he could believe the earth is flat, but let’s assume that you are right, that ColorStorm actually believes the earth is flat, and that he is just not putting you on (=> So? Why should it make any difference to you?

          According to you, there is no reason to care. Yet you do. I think that requires more explaining than ColorStorm’s quite rational belief in the truth of the Bible.

          The Bible is a history. We know Jesus lived and died on a cross. The Bible records that hundreds saw Him after He rose from the dead. Millions have died, including those who saw him, refusing to deny the truth of resurrection. Against the conviction of such testimony, what have you to say that matters? Thus far, all you have offered are angry tirades.

          Inexplicably, you run around calling the the people who believe Jesus died and rose from the dead names. Yet you cannot give a reason why anyone should care if Christians are wrong. So why do you bother? That is the greater mystery?

          What is this hole in your heart you are trying to fill? Who made it? Who is the only One who can fill it?

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        • tildeb says:

          “What is this hole in your heart you are trying to fill? Who made it? Who is the only One who can fill it?”

          The metaphorical hole in my heart is in response to the pain I feel and the danger I see when people delude themselves by maintaining a metaphorical hole in their head where good thinking, good decision making, good thinking patterns under good methodology should take place. I presume capability for those who grant confidence to their faith-based beliefs but, hey, I have been wrong in the past.

          So, to answer your question, I think you and other people who maintain holes that impair their thinking capability in their heads are the only ones who can fill it if they have reasons to do so, who can replace bad thinking with good thinking if they are made aware of these better reasons. I’m just trying to help, CT, because a lot of people who grant confidence to their faith-based beliefs – like those who drink too much but feel capable of driving safely – don’t recognize the impairment they cause to their ability to think well when they’re under the influence.

          So I say stuff to help people recognize their faith-based impairments because it helps improve the safety for all of us. It’s my helpful nature.

          You’re welcome.


        • ColorStorm says:

          @ tildeb

          Back on point. the title of this post was ‘such a sight to behold.’ CTom tried to bring you back to the point, that

          …the heavens declare the glory of God………

          ……….the emphasis here NOT on poor interpretations by you and I, but on the WHO…………. that is: WHO is responsible for such heavenly perfection.

          Rest assured, if you threw a pile of sand into the air, they would NOT reorganize themselves, suspending themselves in the air, fighting over which strain of sand would be greater or lesser, which of them would give light………..

          ……………..see the point????

          Then again, you know this already, that apart from intelligence, life would be pointless. You have intelligence right?

          Case closed. God’s word is good tildeb. You know this also.

          ‘The entrance of thy word giveth light.’

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          Christians are impaired? I suppose you think you can demonstrate that, but the contortions involved….. What you have to say usually just amounts to name calling, because what you are doing makes no sense. So you resort to insults.

          Consider what you just wrote. Was your response logical? At best, it is all about your feelings. The only danger Christians pose to you is that they won’t affirm your beliefs, and that fact threatens to puncture your over-inflated ego (No insult intended. It is a problem we all have. It is the original sin.).

          So we are back to the same question. If someone wants to follow Jesus, what is it to you?

          You have only this life. ~80 years. Maybe. Poof! Dead. Buried, cremated, or left to rot who knows where. You are gone! In time, not even a memory left. And so long as it remains the world will still know of Christians preaching the Gospel of Christ. And so you spend your time here railing against Christianity. What a waste!

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        Comment in moderation.


  2. Tricia says:

    The upcoming eclipse fascinates me. Where I live we only get s partial one, somewhere around 58% I believe. God always has a way of amazing us, even in the finest of details. Every once in awhile he likes to throw something grand our way like this. Maybe as a reminder of how awesome and powerful he is, or maybe just cuz he knows we little humans get such a kick out of such things.

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  3. limey says:

    I won’t get any eclipse where I live. god must only exist for those who get the eclipse I guess.


    • ColorStorm says:

      You heard about them. You are reading it here. I have never been to Australia either.

      So Quantas airlines does not fly, and koalas do not exist.


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      • Peter says:

        Well you are partially correct, the last I saw it was QANTAS (Queensland And Northern Territory Airline Service).

        But the eclipse is nothing, back in Joshua’s day ‘God’ would cause the sun to stop still for hours on end, or in the time of Jesus the darkness would last for hours not minutes. Sigh, nothing like the good old days.


  4. says:

    There is so much emphasis being placed on this event. It seems to me that people want to be so much a part of something like it, they are willing to take time off of work and travel to see and experience it. If only we were as zealous to the majesty of the one who set the earth and moon in the sky.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Sales people use any excuse for hype.

    What is interesting about the eclipse? For they average person who has never studied Orbital Mechanics, an accurate prediction of the eclipse provides verifiable proof we can actually calculate the movement of the objects within our solar system. Therefore, when we are told the earth is a sphere that circles the sun, we have a good reason to believe.

    Anything else? Well, I think our host already covered that part.


  6. M.K. Aneal says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Jesus bless; He is good!

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