There is a good word for that

London! Again we hear of attempted massacre in the poisonous name of ………aw nevermind.

This is a reblog, but I dare you to tell me it is not true, and I dare you to associate Christianity with these monsters. Don’t do it. I will embarrass you.

The Lions Den

Within one tenth of a second upon hearing about the Spanish massacre, I thought: ‘murdering bastards!’ and was quite happy when I read Drudge cite those ‘Barcelona bastards’ hours later.’ Apparently, others recognize what it obvious.

Image result for bastards

Bastards I tell ya. Children of an illegitimate father, running unsent with a mission of mayhem, mischief, misery, carnage, death, and complete disregard for humanity. Bastards.

And to those of you who will somehow equate those monsters with Christianity, stop right there! No. What Christian do you know who plots, plans, and executes people on a sidewalk in the name of Jesus Christ? Name one if you dare, and I will show you another murdering bastard, and will prove you a fool.

Take a lesson from the pear tree. Good fruit and rotten fruit are easily discernible. God’s word is good; and good people everywhere have regard for life.  A good person will not…

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4 Responses to There is a good word for that

  1. Ha! “I will embarrass you,” love that!

    Yep, that’s great evil, evil that is not of our Father. I appreciate having that stuff named for what it is. It really makes me crazy when we try to cloak it all in moral ambiguity.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    Well to be fair neighbor, I should have added a caveat:

    Embarrassed in the most gracious fashion…….as much as is possible anyway. (some things are not possible though msb as you know 😉


  3. On a more positive note, I recently discovered some letters after someone’s name, MBB and thought, what an odd credential that is. Must be some kind of degree I’ve never heard of. Nah, it stands for Muslim Born Believer. Fastest growing group of Christians in the world.

    That N for Nazarene, that has marked so many for persecution, always reminds me of the words, “can any good thing come from Nazareth?” Makes me laugh, because as we know, Someone pretty amazing came from Nazareth.

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