Listen to the dead!

The mouths have been stopped. The arguments have been summarily dismissed. God’s word has always had the edge, and the razor edge at that, not as in narrowly……but as in cutting, slicing through the vapid excuses of the godless who say: ‘aha! there be no God!’

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But persist they must, those wiggling tongues sitting under the roofs of mouths, creeping behind the teeth, lurking, prowling, and just awaiting the moment where they think they can make a point. Sorry. No points can be made, as they are ALL bitter and borrowed reruns from times past, where the graves do cry:

‘See, we are dead, and God is still God. Listen not anymore to the tired and pitiful xerox comments of false facts, no, the sheer impossibility, …… of a world without God.

We have missed He who gave green to the earth, we have ignored the thousand blue shades of the sky, each speaking with a clear whisper that without God, there be no blue nor green.

We have ignored the very uniqueness of this thing called ‘days,’ and acted as if they belonged to us. No, all days, months, and years belong to the Father of time, and we have been poor caretakers, no, we have been the worst of students in His classroom called life.

We have failed miserably and devastatingly, and died without living. We chastised and harassed good people as we cited them for the supposed delusion that we know to be true.

But truth be told, we KNEW that too, innately, yet we allowed that little monster called the tongue to steer us astray, convincing ourselves that there be no God. How stupid we are. How selfish to ignore the Creator of the brain as we plied our craft of pretty lies and pretended intellect. We cannot rest in peace’

Yeah, I can say ‘amen’ to such a script. One rife with truthdom for it is so easy to believe the obvious. It is very obvious that the dead do speak, words written by the godless as well as the Godly; for if I died today, this post would read just as powerful or powerless as if I was perfectly breathing, but speak they would.

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‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ Long before the sun wore diapers or the moon satisfied with romance, God’s word spoke. He spoke with unexaggerated eloquence, and unassuming dignity, merely expressing what HE did and the manner in which He did it.  Sublimely. It was all very good.

Nice of Him to do so I must admit, then again, we all instinctively know that the word of God is not Newsweek, Time, nor is it a book which can be compared. It is incomparable! Of course, as it should be. And God is incomparable, as He should be. And Christ is incomparable, as scripture asserts.

Still doubt it? Find a man on earth who has the historical, moral, and scriptural acumen as found in the book of Romans.  Purely humanly impossible to find a work that proves God as just, while justifying sinful man…………without…………compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection.  And ah, verifying the truth back to the days of Adam.  Indeed the dead speaks.

Yes, scripture, that veritable well of truth which speaks to every man, and silences every mouth even though the lips still move. It’s rather good to be silenced by God actually. When we read ‘let us reason together saith the Lord,’ we are invited to see things from HIS perspective, something that we would be wise to enjoy.

‘He made the stars also.’  No words on earth say so much in so little with such knowledge of space, time, and matter, with obvious reference to the beginning, long before Einstein knew his  a, b, c’s.

Every mouth has been stopped, is stopped, and will forever be stopped. May as well check our tongues today. And do take note of the dead who speak the truth of God. The word of God is eternally relevant and forever unmutable.  Unlike us, his word cannot be stopped.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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6 Responses to Listen to the dead!

  1. Tricia says:

    Simply beautiful ColorStorm.

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  2. Interesting! It all reminds me of the saying,”our days are not promised.” You often hear that in blues and gospel music, God’s promises are true, but He did not promise us our number of days. Make haste while the sun shines,our days are not promised.

    There is a kind of authority in the testimony of the men who came before us,in those who laid down their very lives for faith. Sadly, much of the modern world has now “progressed,” so our parents are just perceived as dumb and the great patriarchs of old are called goat herders. As much as I make fun of the limits of human wisdom, just the same, completely ignoring the wisdom of the ages is just downright foolish. It is not as if we were suddenly born at this time in history, a special snowflake, completely detached from all those who came before, and oh so much wiser.

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