A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

“Most Christians have pure (blind) faith, not well-versed at all in their own Scriptures and its plethora of incongruencies, contradictions, and erroneous logic — ”

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So sez the false professors of academia as well as the pseudo-professors and self-described experts of Christianity.  Didja catch that?  ‘Professors.’  As in professing. As in mouthing. As in professing but never possessing.  Nice. In one sentence, the decon here has played his hand. He has given us his doctrine.

But first. Did you notice how the decon framed his argument by putting ‘most Christians’ into his little box? Of course the decon is a bible expert and once professional Christian……one who has singularly decided that he has the drop on scripture, and all other people of faith are idiots for not believing what he now despises.

‘Incongruencies, contradictions, erroneous logic.’ Hmm, let’s examine briefly the so-called learned ones claims which have decided the scriptures are erroneous and cannot be trusted.

Incongruence. Not in harmony with others in the same place eh? Really now? So Matthew was not in harmony with Mark, and Luke was out of step with John? Uh, nnnno. The myopia lies with the reader.  Always. Strike one.

Contradiction? A combination of statements not in harmony with each other eh?  Really now?  So Christ taken by wicked hands and crucified is contradicted by ‘no man taketh my life…….I lay it down?’  Uh, nnnno. The spiritual myopia lies with the reader who is blind to the responsibility of man and the sovereignty of God.  Strike two.

Erroneous? Containing error eh? Really? Name one so-called error. Maybe in the mind of one who has not examined entirely the claims of scripture, and one who has stopped short of examining every bit of fact and testimony which scripture brings, but certainly not in scripture as it is written.  Strike three, your out!

A pure laughing matter that is, listening to someone say he deconverted from God, Christ, scripture, and THE faith once delivered, because he LEARNED that scripture itself is full of alleged defects.

To such a one I would say you ‘tried’ Christianity, the same way one test drives a car, and found that it was not suitable for your needs, for the answer is always the same:  errors in scripture, errors that contradict ‘science,’ and an out of touch with reality faith that has failed. Uh, nnnno, the fault lies with your test drive. There are no defects in God, Christ or scripture.   (You can’t keep swinging, your out!!!!)

The errors lie with you. You have focused on a multitude of questions in which you find no delight in answers, and you have ignored ten thousand answers already given. You have fallen for Goliath’s size and false strength and knowledge, and ignored David’s stone of power and truth. You have choked on the internet, and have not tasted the honey of truth which gives the internet its context. You have traded truth for lies.

You have taken the devil’s bait of pretended intellect, and have ignored Solomon’s advice regarding pride. You sir/ma’am, have in fact eaten the rotten fruit of lies which can never satisfy but only to a stubborn heart. You have additionally fabricated yourself as a god.

But please do not pretend Christians who actually believe the scriptures, and who have spent a lifetime of daily study………are somewhat short of learning. Uh hello? Some have actually poured over the so-called shortcomings and so-called contradictions……..and have found nothing but exquisite truth…….when as the good book says, ‘to compare scripture WITH scripture……..’ something the decon has never learned to do, for if so, deconnery would be rejected as easily as the jewels of scripture prove.

You may as well find a defect in the setting sun, something no sane man would do, as to suggest scripture can be broken. So with that, here are a few more suggestions for quick and easy deconnery. But first, what is a decon?

A decon is one who is presently on a different mission; one that includes citing believers as behind the times, incapable of rational thought, one who aligns with atheism, one who cites learned people as dunces if they believe scripture and God…….and THAT’S a big one.

It’s one thing to walk away from the tenets of Christianity, it’s quite another stretch to all of a sudden say ‘there be no God.’ Ouch. What large legs fools must have to make that quantum leap.

Anyway, here are the top ten ways to be a professional decon;

10.  Say Judas never hanged himself.  Say he never lived.

9. Say Christians are intellectually lazy to believe that Is-lam and the head choppers are not one and the same as the teaching of He who said to ‘love thy neighbor.’

8. Say Christ was no different than your auto mechanic, Confucius, or an embezzling thief.

7. Say Saul/Paul fabricated his own conversion and spent the rest of his days promoting a lie.

6. Say Genesis cannot be trusted. Say the flood was a scientific impossibility. (Avoid the fact that the world is 3/4ths water. Double ouch)

5. Say that Adam and Mrs Adam, also known as Eve, were mere figments of poetry, and scripture presents them as tales simply to fill up space in the first book and history of man.

4. Cite Christ as a liar when He, as well as Paul the apostle, referenced the first man and woman as historical certainties; as certain as the moon is above. Be sure to include the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  Enos, Seth, and Adam as fraudulent.

3. Say that ‘all science proves’ Adam was a literary figment of spiritual delusion, and an impossibility because science sez so.  Say that Einstein is smarter than He who created the brain.

2. Say that all Christians have never read, studied, understood the scriptures the way that the decon has………..because the decon is the expert here, he believes it properly, because to believe the good book, one must be a decon.

And of course the heavy hitter, and currently the no. 1 reason why deconnery exists:

  1. Say that the love of God and the bitterness of humanity cannot be reconciled. Say that no God, especially the God of Christians, would allow people to kill each other, and just say that God is responsible for all evil that exists. But much simpler yet: you have found a greater affection than Christ Himself.  You have traded lies for truth.

And with this, it is easy to see that decons are in fact guilty of spiritual malfeasance, and are lost as fog regarding the truth of scripture, and the nature of God Himself. They know not what they say, to be sure.  A box of pity is called for.  And what does scripture add to the nonsense?

‘They went out from us………they were not OF us…………’   Thus saith the Lord. Scripture always has the last word.  Of course.




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22 Responses to A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

  1. Amen,Colorstorm! It’s such an ancient trick, really transparent all through the ages, “believing themselves wise they became fools.”

    Look at how smart I am, I have obeyed a talking snake and eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So now I know things, like how it is really God who is the one with the “incongruencies, contradictions, erroneous logic.”

    As I like to say, once one has rendered themselves a random bit of biological goo devoid of meaning and purpose, one should recognize the fact that it is totally irrational to put all of one’s faith in one’s own ability to perceive and reason. Sadly so few seem to grasp this truth,but in an atheist world you are simply a cockroach or a monkey or a table lamp. Who in their right mind would invest all their faith in such a creature’s reasoning ability?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      An ancient trick. Love that. Unfortunately, those magicians are self made dupes. We are not OF them.

      Never ceases to amaze me though how people talk like donkeys……… ( being polite) and they have a problem saying parrots……oops, I mean snakes, could not offer a word or two back in the day when things were a bit different. The talking birds today are a reminder of God’s funny bone. 😉

      Agreed too, and you should keep saying it, @ the goo stuff. Makes the point rather well.

      And btw, the more I hear of so-called defects in scripture, the more I appreciate God’s genius in the uncovering of those jewels.

      We know that if there is a ahem, cough cough, discrepancy, it is because we have not searched the matter such as is the honor of kings.

      Always enjoy your visits and right hand msb.

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  2. Genius CS, pure genius!!!!!

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    • ColorStorm says:

      That’s quite a compliment from she who holds the cookies!

      Some things are easy to say, but there is a level of pity that can’t be expressed toward they who have ‘tasted and seen that the Lord He is good,,’ only to in fact spit Him out!

      Really? Seems so. Can’t be too pretty here, but in my heart I think many WILL turn again…..after seeing the testimony of believers like you and trish, ib, Wally, CTom, and on and on and on, who are decent people who can’t be conned, and who bless God in all things..

      So we press on J.

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      • Wally Fry says:

        Thanks for the positive thought ColorStorm. This comment struck me, when you said you can’t help but think some will turn again. I think that every day, and pray for it too. If not for that I would not give some the time of day.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          The Lord KNOWS they who are His…….you and I may not, so we invite all decons to come forward and admit their folly and the brutal honesty of God’s word, and the deceit of the human heart.

          How bout that Wally, an invitation to the wayward to renounce godlessness once and for good.

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  3. Tricia says:

    Another great post CS, you really know how to cut to the heart of things. When I started blogging I was new and more than a little naive of the militant atheist, especially the decons. I just couldn’t comprehend why someone would waste so much time and effort fighting abouta God they no longer believe in.

    At some point it became obvious that something much deeper was going on, that it was matter of self validation. It looked to me like an internal struggle over walking away from Christianity erupted in to righteous indignation of that choice and denigrating, sometimes viciously so, those that remained.

    Humans can be so perplexing.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      You never know Trish, that many read YOUR comments after they may do battle with what is said up top, and you may be the ingredient that turns again the hearts of men!

      You say it may be little? Ha! How great is little when the Lord uses it. Anyway, tkx for your loyal support and always encouraging word. It’s a gift I tell ya. 😉

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  4. Tricia says:

    Well I doubt that for me, but I guess you really do never know eh ColorStorm? 🙂

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  5. ColorStorm says:

    Well, actually I do know! lol

    Just keep bringing the goods, you post things that I can’t, and maybe I put into words what you know but don’t have time for! It’s all good, I’m glad were on the same team though. 😉

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  6. Wally Fry says:

    Well put friend

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx wally.

      Do you notice how the regular customers of godlessness and atheism have retreated from trying to influence such blogs as this?

      As I told a few happy decons, ‘God has never lost an argument,’ and His word silences the mouths of fools, even though the lips still may flap in the wind.

      Don’t think for one second that we are not affecting the false comfort of the great pretenders.

      And in the process, our faith is strengthened.

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      • Wally Fry says:

        Amen brother. Well they are mostly expending their efforts elsewhere lately. Once they realize a believer simply won’t bend they go elsewhere. Apparently in search of potential decons. I will say my time with them was one of the greatest faith building things that ever happened to me

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        • ColorStorm says:

          And rubbing shoulders with like minded believers proves that God has His 7,000, then some……….

          …….good point bout the ‘bending.’ Nope. None. God’s word is resolute, speaking to the heart in every age.

          Truth be told, if the ‘decon’ would have spent half the effort in enjoying the accounts of scripture, there would be no time nor room for the dismissal of it!

          The energy which people exert to try to dispose of God is truly otherworldly. Miraculous even. Ha!

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