Twas a strange sight

(nope, no apology necessary for matter of factness)

Looked like a giraffe. Unlikely specimen of nature. Tall, long stretching neck. Looked like it was walking on high heels. Wore a spotted covering. Crazy looking earrings or something. Nervous looking too, more so than his friends, or was it HER friends, hard to say.

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Which reminds me. Why should the giraffe be so graced with such a long neck to have an advantage in seeing a farther horizon than the little turtle, who smilingly walks about so near the ground?  What, the box turtle is not entitled to a little evolution? He can’t cash in his coupon for evolutionary advancement to apply for a longer neck?

Truth be told, that would be some serious strange flesh, to see a turtle with a neck like a giraffe, and a giraffe so tired of having a pain in that long neck, to trade that in for a short and stumpy turtle like neck. No. Evolution be dmaned, a giraffe, is a giraffe and a turtle is a turtle, and never the twain shall meet, for they embarrass humans who have aborted their common sense.

Back to the above mentioned oddity. Was it a girl, a guy, a guy dressed like a girl, a girl pretending to be a guy, hmm, not sure, but a strange sight to be sure. Complete with make up, lipstick, heels, oops, oh oh, hairy legs jumping through the panty hose; and a deep voice, an Adam’s apple, yep sorry, this was a wanna be girl/guy. Strange sight.

But the guys instinctively stay away from such albinos, and the girls are afraid too. Nature has this effect on people, it’s called self-preservation, and the somewhat fair-minded souls shy away from giraffes who pretend to be turtles.

Evolutionists are deceptively clever, still dopey though, as they cloak their ‘proof of findings’ in bazillions of years that supposedly cannot be challenged. Beep, sorry. No. Never in ten thousand years will a giraffe trade in his stiff neck for a short and stubby turtle like appendage, and never in twenty thousand years can a man be a woman.

There are things innate to humanity which cannot be changed. Male or femaleness is more than a smooth face or shiny nails. Never met a giraffe who was disappointed in his sex, or who wanted to be something else other than what he was created to be.

But that transgender stuff. Yuck. More proof that evolution is devolution of facts, logic, common sense, biology, and the pointedness of scriptural truth.

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2 Responses to Twas a strange sight

  1. A turtle with a neck like a giraffe…

    …sounds like a dinosaur!!

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