More poisonous rage in Texas

Need I mention the time, place, name, or anything else regarding the most recent despicable act of slaughter upon humanity by one with a ‘so-called cause?’

Image result for ravaging coyotes

No. I need not mention his name even, lest this blog post be further defiled. Did you notice the word on the street regarding this monsters’ atheism? Did you notice his history of child and spouse abuse? Who does this and functions in society where there are laws?

Oh I know: the lawless. And the godless. In a world where a religion presents you with ‘no absolutes,’ then of course anything goes, and don’t come bcithin to me that atheism is not a religion. Of course it is. It is a way of life. It is a way of seeing the world. It is a way to weave through life with no final accounting to anybody. It is a life with Ego and self-made intellect as president. It is a life with its own edited history books, a life that sees nothing beyond the grave, (but is conveniently blind to the arrival of the spring flower after being dead all winter) and a life which takes upon itself just who exactly is worthy of living.

This man was a killer…………long before he pulled the trigger. Are you getting this? His final act was put in motion by his wicked heart. If not a gun, then a field trip school bus over a cliff. If not a bus, then a rented truck through a Christian school playground. If not a truck, then spraying poison in a theatre.  The heart must seek its level! and in this instance, it was crooked and bent as an octopus with a triple forked tongue.

But Christians are soopitud doncha know. Christians are a retardation of the species doncha know, (so saith some card-carrying atheists) and as such, really should be cut off from the elite minded until they learn to get with the program.

As long as there are people who actually believe Moses lived, that God made the sun and the moon and the stars…….as long as people believed that the baptist preached round the Jordan as a harbinger of One better, as long as Golgotha’s hill is put forth as history, then sure, these people are mentally unfit as members of society, and have no more insight into truth or life than does a common coyote.  No room for science and scripture so they say…

But we excuse the ravaging four-legged animal, but fault a two-legged monster. Why? If there is no God, then surely both are acting according to their nature; the survival of the fittest doncha also know. Thus the mouths of all godless advocates are silenced.

(And here is where I slay the narrow-minded. If a man claimed to be Christian, and did such a barbaric act, I would show you a Hitler type, a great pretender, and one running unsent by the God of heaven. The tree known by its own fruit and all that. A water fountain issuing pure and poisonous water at the same time and all that.)

Hope you appreciate my modest tone in light of such evildom.



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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10 Responses to More poisonous rage in Texas

  1. I have been a bit perplexed listening to those who now wonder aloud as to how and why this could be, how this latest unexplainable tragedy could have happened—for we humans must always wrestle with the understanding of the reasons…but the reason here, as it was in Las Vegas, as in Orlando, as in Newtown, as in Columbine…..on and on it goes… is due to Evil, plain and simple.

    And as you, shall we say so eloquently, explain that it matters not whether this particular person had a gun or a truck or an axe or even a can of poison…he would have found a way to cause harm to those he hated—as that so far appears to be those who were simply innocent…those of the Christian faith, doing what they do on a Sunday morning…worshiping their God.

    And so now we have those out there who sneer over such—as they snarl with words such as “what sort of God would allow such” and “this is the fault of every gun owner” and even “this is Trump’s fault and all his supporters…”

    But was Columbine President Clinton’s fault? Was Sandy Hook President Obama’s fault?
    No more than these last two violent acts are President Trump’s.

    We live in a fallen world and yes, Satan walks this earth as it has been his domain since the fall of man….

    We can ban guns. Destroy every last one of them. I heard last night that if we banned guns this very moment there would still be over 5 million out there….and so we then go door to door and we confiscate every last one.
    But it won’t matter.

    The bad guys, the evil guys will still find ways to hurt, destroy and kill.

    Our only hope is to be found the salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      So it appears J this man had serious issues long before a gun ended up in his hands.

      After the fact, how many heads are now hung low, because this man was crying for attention and help. Now he’s getting the attention, but he does not know and it is too late.

      Good thing there is a God in heaven who will justify the ledger.

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  2. I love your straight from the hip posts! And I love your writer’s voice. You beautifully combine bold truth with a down home tone! This post is excellent. Thank you for saying what so many of us feel.

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  3. Just think off all those who would come by crowing triumphantly if that mad man had been Christian.

    But alas, the mad man was an atheist so what do you get…?


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    • ColorStorm says:

      It doesn’t fit the godless template.

      Doesn’t matter though, the regular customers who boast of pretended intellect cloaked in godlessness have long lost the battle.

      The ruling on the field stands: God’s word is good.


  4. Wally Fry says:

    Good stuff, friend. I pray Christians will not react to this by hunkering down and isolating themselves but understand the true nature or the world, and that it is only going to get worse. That, instead of making us hide our heads, should propel us out to share the only thing that can actually fix any of this.


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  6. Dr. Enigma says:

    Two words: The Inquisition


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