Majority rules doncha know

Cracks me up this majority thing involving things that are debatable. A smart woman was being questioned on climate change, and was lectured with this insult: ‘We KNOW 99% of the world’s scientists agree that global warming is caused by humans….’  Stop right there.

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Are you saying the 1% of they who disagree are idiots? Are you saying that of a thousand scientists, there are ten who are brain-dead? Are you saying that out of a million scientists, 10,000 are bloomin idiots?  Forget the math, but are you beginning to see the untenable position that the ‘majority’ holds?  Would it kill the pride of the 99 to change THEIR minds?

I do not care what the majority says. After all, was it not the majority who said of Christ, ‘Away with Him, crucify Him?’ Right, like they were smart. And in 2017, the results would be identical.

Yeah, and Bill Nye says ships ‘disappear over a horizon,’ at a few miles out, and probably the 99% self-made smart people agree with him too. Guess what? They are dead wrong. Apparently they never heard of ‘mirroring,’  ‘refraction,’ and ‘perspective.’

Furthermore, listen to the genius scientists who cannot agree on a five-day weather forecast. I planned a roofing project because of 0% chance of rain. It poured. Hilarious. Yet, they pretend to know patterns and predictions based on ‘majority rule.’ Please, give me a break. So yeah, the opinions of the majority are grossly over inflated.

Were not the majority of talking heads made idiots when Trump was elected? Forget whether or not he is a good president. Irrelevant at the moment. The majority is usually wrong. It’s a trend doncha know.

So I am not impressed at ‘numbers’ to support a view. Ever seen the ‘theory of relativity?’ Ever seen the math, the numbers? Not impressed. Yet the majority worships the improbable. I am also not tickled pink at surveys.

Lastly, at the stoning of Stephen, due to a correct delivery of the history of the Jewish people regarding their refusal of the promised One, he met an untimely end at the hands of the majority; NOT because he was wrong or misinterpreted the history, but because he was CORRECT. The majority cast aside Truth.

Lots to chew on, but some things never change.


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27 Responses to Majority rules doncha know

  1. tildeb says:

    “Are you saying the 1% of they who disagree are idiots? Are you saying that of a thousand scientists, there are ten who are brain-dead? Are you saying that out of a million scientists, 10,000 are bloomin idiots?”

    They are deniers – the merchants of doubt – and they are denying what is the case for reasons other than respecting what is true. There are two main reasons for this:

    1) religion,
    2) money.

    There are other reasons, too, but nowhere on the list will you find anyone who denies the science on merit, on respecting what is the case, on honoring reality’s right to arbitrate our beliefs about it. There is no knowledge merit to denying or doubting human caused climate change.

    Nor is there any excuse to being so arrogant and selfish.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi tildeb-

      Regarding your observation of ‘merit,’ perhaps you should have a double look at ‘the science guy………’ whose myopic disappearing ship is laid bare by common sense, logic, observation, testable facts, and nature itself.

      Yet……………….SCIENTISTS agree with the impossible and the absurd. So for starters, yes, ‘science’ is wanting.


      • tildeb says:

        Yet you bet your life and the lives of others on its ‘dubious’ merit (dubious only if it doesn’t produce a result that aligns with your religious belief).

        CS, you’re such a hypocrite. Pious, yes, but only by being a hypocrite.


        • ColorStorm says:


          Truth hardly needs a second opinion or an emmy award to prove its mettle.

          The ‘majority’ will one day see the benefits of a woman marrying her goldfish; tax incentives and no backtalk doncha know.

          Will you then side with the intellectually advanced……….the majority………..the liberal…….or will you dare side with the few who recognize the absurd?

          Btw, God’s word will remain just as sure and steadfast a thousand years from today, and men will still be guessing, still griping that whales once walked on earth, and people lived in bird’s nests, and lost their wings because they evolved………….

          Some things will never change: pride is a killer.

          But you can always get on board today. Start with Genesis and tell the so-called naysayers to get lost.


        • tildeb says:

          And that’s a response to my charge of you being a hypocrite how? Blah, blah, blah. Hypocrite. Blah, blah, blah. Still a hypocrite, CS:

          “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.”

          That’s you, CS, pretending to doubt the merit of science while trusting your life and the lives of those you love to it while claiming it’s dubious. You don’t believe your own claim and then have the nerve to ramble on about your god. Blah, blah, blah. Hypocrite.


        • ColorStorm says:

          I would be a fool tildeb to answer your charge of hypocrisy. We are all specialists of sorts, and many of us are hypocrites about something. Others can make up their own minds.

          However, God’s word has the drop on both of us. I don’t need the approval of the greatest scientist who ever walked on borrowed dirt………… know that:

          God created the heavens and the earth, and that He holds everything together by His word, you know, atoms and all that, gravity be danmed. 😉


        • tildeb says:

          You’re a fool to choose to be a hypocrite and think your piety overrules it. Now you’re just a hypocritical fool.


        • ColorStorm says:


          How’s this to wrap things up:

          “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

          Here’s your ‘climate change,’ courtesy of God and scripture, and what trish pointed out already also.

          I suppose then sir that HUMANS cause day and night? HUMANS cause the falling of the leaves………….HUMANS cause the 200 ft ice walls………….. HUMANS built Niagara Falls……………

          And oh there is this: HUMANS created male and female, man and woman…………..

          Wake up, scripture is accurate, true, and God holds all things together.


        • tildeb says:

          How about this to help wrap things up:

          You’re a foolish hypocrite pretending that scientific consensus has no dependable merit, yet the same dependable merit upon which you risk your life every day and the lives of those you love. That’s how much you actually believe in this claim about an ‘undependable’ scientific consensus. This demonstrates your hypocrisy in action when it comes to understanding why and how human behaviour causes rapid climate change… the same scientific consensus used to effect regarding ozone depletion and the human response to our contribution, regarding acid rain and the human response to our contribution. But when it comes indisputable findings about human caused climate change at an unprecedented rate due to greenhouse gas emissions, suddenly its you and your denier ilk who quail like sheep before knowledge because it contradicts the false assurance from scripture about climate continuity. Now, suddenly, it’s ‘science’ that must have hubris and arrogance and incredible stupidity for revealing reality’s arbitration of our collective behaviour on our atmosphere in this case… and the same ‘science’ that you’ll use with confidence each and every day to the extent that you gamble your life on it without a second thought so deep is your confidence. But you can’t admit the truth. You have to pretend that scripture is still trustworthy even when reality contradicts its ignorant claims. That’s Hypocrisy writ large, CS and you and your ilk outdo yourselves competing to be the biggest and most foolish hypocrite in the name of piety… of all the stupid reasons to deny reality. You think it’s okay to risk the lives of others so that you can continue to pretend biblical scripture reveals reality when it is factually wrong and demonstrably so. Your need to believe your faith is well placed outweighs the well-being of every other creature on the planet. If that isn’t hubris and arrogance and stupidity, then I don’t know what is, and to maintain it by such blatant hypocrisy is a clue about just how clueless and sociopathic you really have to be to remain an AGW denier.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Apart from God and scripture tildeb, there is no true science. That is, unless, you and your godless friends have copyrights to the blueprints of the sun, moon, stars, and earth…..

          Whereas I defer to the Owner of all. If that makes me a hypocrite, I am then in good company with the likes of Job the astronomer, Noah the hydrologist, Solomon the master architect, Joseph the conservationist, and the brilliant legal minds of Saul/Paul and Moses.

          ……….while you pitch your tent with the likes of the clowns Nye and Degrasse. I like my company much better. You can have your proud friends.


        • tildeb says:

          Then put up or shut up, CS. Either reject science or accept it. You can’t do both and pretend you’re not a monumentally arrogant and sociopathic hypocrite.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Tkx Tildeb, but apparently you have not read one word I’ve written.

          I do not trust science in the hands of the godless. Period. Case closed.

          I have a friend who is PhD in a fine University. He is brilliant in the field of microbiology. He is also a believer. He tells me that his unbelieving colleagues reject for instance the ‘theory’ of evolution, based on simple logic and labwork…………but they CANNOT accept the alternative; ie, God in heaven with them accountable. In other words, their conclusions are suspect while they hide behind their pride.

          That said, this is how science denies facts and proof. I happen to agree with true science, as it always, Always, ALWAYS directs to order, design, and God above all.


  2. “because he was CORRECT…”
    Indeed CS, forget the numbers….Truth does’t need the support of numbers…last I checked, 3 was a pretty good number…as in a Trinity…. 🙂

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  3. Ha! I can’t think of anything less sciency than science by poll and consensus. Like the advertising that tries to say, “4 out of five scientists recommend Crest.” We don’t know what is wrong with that other guy, his check never came in the mail or something. Science by subjective opinion and majority rule has got to be a total oxymoron.

    As the saying goes,”there are lies, damned lies,and statistics.” Some 99% of those are totally made up anyway. Our scientists aren’t even scientists these days, they just play one on TV.

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    ‘What’s wrong with that other guy……………………….’ Ha Too funny. He’s probably the one with wits to spare. lol

    anyway, reminds me of that hidden gem in scripture which even believers tend to shun: ‘avoid science falsely called.’ Uh yep. there be the true and there be the false. I’m thinking also that God is not impressed with majority rules either, and I’m pretty sure you agree msb. 😉


  5. Tricia says:

    So well done CS! Not for nothing but that “99% of scientists….” babble was always bogus to begin with, as it only had to do with the percentage of scientists who responded to a polling mailer about climate change, not every scientist on the planet as the people pushing this nonsense always imply. Plus the question was along the lines of “do you believe in climate change?” Well duh, who doesn’t, it changes every minute of every day.

    As you so aptly point out, a majority consensus means nothing when it comes to truth any way, as was so apparent when Christ was crucified.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      That’ right trish, it seems that the 1% hold a dear place in just about everything.

      Ben Shapiro, Pam Geller, Coulter, etc etc, are non-invites because of the intellectually superior majority. Oh brother.

      Makes me want to run and hide from such dopery, with apologies to the soft spoken dwarf. lol

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  6. Wally Fry says:

    Well…not gonna debate the science. Not my thing. But….hypocrite? That’s pretty stupid, and somebody needs a dictionary. A hypocrite says one thing and believes another. I am pretty sure the brethren around these parts believe it exactly as they say.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Ha! All science W is borrowed anyway. What is there that was not given to us? We act like we in the year 2017 are all of a sudden geniuses, and that the people 2000 years ago were dopes.

      I would put the wisdom of Solomon against any man living. Ever read his resume? Quite the scientist also. lol


    • tildeb says:

      That’s my point, Wally. Thanks for reiterating it.


      • Wally Fry says:

        Did you make a point, Tildeb? It must have gotten buried in on of your 10,000 diatribes LOL. The only thing I addressed is your accusation that the brethren are hypocritical in their beliefs. That is false. One would think a fellow with such a word arsenal would understand what one simple word means. Sheesh. You, in fact are the hypocrite, masking your hatred of all things religious in a cloak of trying to save the world. Again..sheesh.


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