The answers of godlessness. Not.

(It is with great pleasure I give to you another installment in the utter ease of the demolition of godlessness, aka, atheism)

If godless evolution were true, why do not humans have an extra set of eyes in the back of their heads… look out for thugs doncha know. After all, danger lurks everywhere.

If godless evo were true, why has man not adapted to be able to sleep outside in sub-zero weather amid a blizzard while wearing only a tee-shirt and not freezing to death…it’s not fair I tell ya that the caribou has all the fun.  Oh wait, we need another 14.6 billion years……..

If godless evo were true, why has man not evolved to be able to walk upside down on a basketball like an ant….Ooops, I forgot, the labmeisters are working on that as we speak. No small feet to pull that off…

If godless evo were true, why can’t the hyena tie his shoes…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t a pregnant woman learned to hire another woman to have her baby, so she could birth without stretch marks…

If godless evo were true,  why hasn’t the common box turtle ever won the hundred yard dash…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t the cheetah ever run for governor…

If godless evo were true, why has man not ‘evolved’ to sprout wings, so he could fly like an eagle, without using artificial metal while flying over the earth… (it’s called an aero-plane for a reason by the way.)

If godless evo were true, why has not the godless been unable to rid God from his life and times…….

Thus we can easily see the complete destruction of the insane idea of life apart from Design, Planning, Implementation, Purpose, Maintenance, and self proving creation, which knowledge is coded within every human being.

That said, I do think some people mistake their own skin for that of a rhinoceros, and use that thick armor skin as an excuse as to ‘why’ common sense cannot penetrate their atheism.   Love those rhinos.   They point directly to He who made the giraffe with equal ease.  Stiff necked people need not apply.  Godlessness be dmaned  😉

The embarrassing alliance of atheism and godless evo cannot be stressed enough. Zero answers but a million excuses for ignoring the obvious. And oh, then there is scripture which proves it all.

All things. For His pleasure they ARE, and WERE created. So saith the good book. And so do sober minded hearts agree.



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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34 Responses to The answers of godlessness. Not.

  1. Clyde Herrin says:

    “If godless evo were true, why hasn’t a pregnant woman learned to hire another woman to have her baby, so she could birth without stretch marks…” Some women have learned to do this by hiring surrogate mothers to bear their children, so maybe there is some truth in evolution after all.


  2. says:

    I’ve often wondered why, if godless evo were true, why are there still monkies?

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  3. Outstanding! “All things. For His pleasure they ARE, and WERE created.”

    God is God and in control. Be blessed.

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  4. Amanda says:

    Are you seriously denying evolution? The arrogance and lack of valid points in this piece made it quite difficult to read

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      I believe ColorStorm was applying a debating technique known as ridicule. Obviously, he has been visiting too many godless, atheist blogs. However, to be fair ColorStorm he is making fun of the Theory of Evolution, not people. So he has not completely gone of the deep end.

      Anyway, seriously denying evolution is easy enough. What the scientific method requires as proof of a hypothesis is experimental evidence that demonstrates the hypothesis. That is, to prove the theory of evolution, we would have to evolve a new creature in a laboratory. Nobody has done that, and no one seems to be able do to so.

      What we have instead is forensic evidence. People have collected fossils and evaluated the life forms now in existence. Based upon the fossil evidence, they have formulated a hypothesis and argued the hypothesis must be true because it is the best hypothesis we have. The advocates have then asserted that proves the theory.

      Note however, that this technique of proof carries a huge risk. When we use forensic evidence in a court of law, we know that it is valid to use such evidence because we can demonstrate how the evidence was produced. For example, what if detectives were investigating a murder that occurred have a heavy rainstorm.? What if those detectives found a footprint outside a window of the house where victim was killed? What if a plaster cast of the footprint exactly matched the suspect’s shoe, and that shoe had mud on it that matched the mud where that footprint was found. Are these forensic techniques we could reproduce? Could we not statistically evaluate the reliability of these techniques? Yet with respect to the theory of evolution we have severe limitations. How do we go back 500 millions years and recreate a fossil?

      Frankly, I have much better evidence that Jesus Christ was born, lived and preached, died upon a cross, and rose from the dead. I have eye witness reports. We know that hundreds of people saw Jesus after the resurrection and refuse to recant even under torture. So I am puzzled why people who believe the Theory of Evolution is proven don’t believe the Gospel. Kind of weird, if you ask me, but of course you didn’t.

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  5. ColorStorm says:

    hI Amanda-

    As a newcomer, among many things, you are no doubt unaware that this blog has consistently exposed the fraudulent science of godless evolution.

    But please do not confuse arrogance with confidence in the living God. But while you are here, do you plan on growing wings any time soon? If so when? If not why not?


    • Which living god you are talking here? And why that particular one is your fav.? Why not Zeus or Allah or Bhagwaan or Zorastrian God


      • ColorStorm says:

        Hi p&H

        If you spend anytime reading the blog and the various essays, you will learn quickly that I have neither time, tolerance, nor patience for the thousands of god who dot the good earth.

        Whether it be the brahams, pagans, vishnus, snagabagoffritos, Upanishads, baals, molech, rolex, etc, there is one God, in which there is no equal.

        He has revealed Himself through nature, creation, and scripture which proves that He is. The human conscience says as much.


        • //He has revealed Himself through nature, creation, and scripture which proves that He is. The human conscience says as much.//
          Same is true for Allah, why don’t you believe in him?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sorry p$H

          No comparison. Not even in the same world.

          Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

          Death and destruction comes through al-lah. Plain and simple. Where do you read of the mission of Christians to kill infidels? Ha! We invite them to the feast, in this Is-lam lacks.

          We love Israel. Is-lam hates Israel. See how easy to know darkness from light?

          Read my other posts, and many more of your questions will be answered. Tkx.


        • Did you not remember crusades ? You love Israel because you killed 6 million Jews! Why your religious peoples forced Galileo to drink poison? There was a time when Christians killed lot of peoples too.


        • ColorStorm says:

          I killed nobody. And Christ commanded no one to do the same. They who did so received their orders not from God.

          Hope this helps.


        • How about all this cruelty:


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sorry p&H

          I’ll not host the propaganda. The internet is full of lousy interpretations, and it would take a book to sort through all the assumed nonsense.

          If you knew the scriptures and the power of God. all your concerns would be met. Rest assured, there are no contradictions.


        • Every religious person think in the same way! I met Hindus they are pretty sure about their power of God and scripture. More over Hinduism is the oldest religion so in that why they are unique. Muslim believe same about Quran and Islam. Here are you who think u are the only one who think that if I know about scripture and power of god all my concern will be met. How everyone can be right at a same time? Is this not call delusion ? I born in Muslim family and became Muslim, you born in Christian family and became Christian. Is this the right way to accept religion?


      • Citizen Tom says:

        What you are doing is silly; it just reveals your anger and ignorance..
        1. You know which God.
        2. Compare the Bible with the Koran. It takes very little time to figure out the Koran is just a poorly written knockoff of the Old Testament.
        3. The Middle East use to be Christian. Christians did not conquer that land with military. Jesus did not promote military conquest. The Crusades may have been misguided, but check the history. Muslims have attacked Christian lands far more often. In fact, the First Crusade started because the Byzantine Empire asked for help.

        Imperfect men always have their own ideas. Just because men call themselves Christians does not mean that they behave like Christians. What the Bible says about Christians is that we are Christians learning to be perfect. not that we are perfect.
        4. I think you have Galileo mixed up with Socrates. And you are trying to correct ColorStorm?

        What about Socrates?The Athenians got mad at Socrates because of his penetrating questions. The Jews and the Romans feared Jesus because what He taught made them look at themselves. Because they were too proud, they did not want to repent of what they saw. Yet many of them eventually did, and then they turned to Him for forgiveness.

        Read the Bible. See yourself. See God. Repent. Turn to Him.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          You remind me of Sandy Koufax CT at the moment. Nothing but strikes, working all the corners of the plate. 😉

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          Well, I certainly never pitched that good. If I throw any strikes in the Internet, that’s only because God wills it so.

          Thank you, and thank you very much for your posts.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          You know, above all things, we in this select web world, truly help each other, and sharpen each others faith. There are some real good people that we run with, too many to name.

          And agreed, God be thanked. \o/

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        • You are advising me to read Bible, did you read Quran before ignoring it? I did read some of Bible but didnt find interesting to finish it off. Sorry I am poor reader. But I do watch lot of vedios about Christianity and all sorts of awful things are there. Have you read God Delusion by Richard Dawkins?


        • Citizen Tom says:

          I read about 3/4 of the Koran before I got so sick of it I could not stand anymore of it, but I am not arguing that I am superior to you. Jesus is the one who is better, not me.

          Some years back I had to drive into Washington D. C. every day. I had do something to manage the time besides getting angry about sitting in heavy traffic. So I started listening to recorded books. That worked so well that I eventually I started listening to books I would not have otherwise read. These included classical works by the ancients such as Aristotle and Plato. Eventually, I decided to listen the Bible, and I believed.

          Have read God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? That particular unbeliever’s book? I have read others. May point to the obvious? The public school system is hardly the sort of institution that promotes Christian belief. The mass media is even worse. That is why so many take so long to get around to actually reading the Bible. Thanks to all the people who were trying to tell us that it contains nothing more than a pack of hateful superstitions, we think we know what is in it. I did not. Now I have begun to understand.

          The Bible is the story of how Jesus redeemed Mankind. It tells us how to accept His offer of forgiveness. The Book contains a variety of different types of literature. Some of it is difficult to understand. Some parts explain other parts.

          The Gospels tell us about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. The Books of Romans and Hebrews explain the theology. Genesis tells us how the story began. The Book of Psalms comfort us. Proverbs gives us wisdom. In Ecclesiastes King Solomon tells us about all the foolish things he tried to make life worthwhile. Eventually, Solomon repented and turned back to God. In my fifties, I did the same.

          There are 66 books in the Bible. Each has something to tell us about the most significant man who ever lived. Why was He so important? Read the Bible and know.


        • ColorStorm says:

          You are putting Dawkins in the same league with those great architects, draftsmen, builders, engineers, botanist, economists, geologists, hydrologists, farmers, such as Solomon, Job, Noah?

          Please stop embarrassing yourself here. Really smart men give honor to He who made their brain.


  6. Ha! Well said, Colorstorm.

    I don’t believe in evolution, but I am leaning towards de-evolution. Allegedly man went from this hairy beast that could take down a mammoth with a spear, to a vulnerable naked thing that would have hard time taking down a common house cat? (Men tend to get a bit uncomfortable when I say things like that. Sorry 🙂 )

    How does evolving backwards even work? What’s the point of that? It makes absolutely no sense. Some of the monkeys just got lucky, I guess. They didn’t draw the short straw and so they were excused from de-evolving like their less fortunate cousins?

    I hope we at least amuse God. I want him highly entertained and laughing at our antics. Myself, I don’t quite have the patience.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I see a new post in the works……..for you msb, not me.

      ‘Lucky monkeys.’ lol

      I’m so tired of hearing people ask for ‘proof’ of God. Hello?

      Vain babblings, doctrines of devils, evil men and seducers. Extra, extra, read all about it.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      If God created the world and then cursed it for our sales, de-evolution actually makes good sense.

      The Laws of Thermodynamics require a variable we call entropy. What the concept stipulates is that the overall disorder or chaos in the universe is constantly increasing. What life requires is that we can use energy to create more order in one space at the expense of increasing disorder elsewhere. Thus, life on earth requires energy from the sun to exist.

      How does this relate to the theory of evolution? The evolutionists theorize that life can evolve and grow more complex and ordered in spite of entropy. Those who advocate intelligent design argue that at best, because of entropy, life forms are static. At worst we are still de-evolving.

      What is my personal opinion? I don’t know the answer. I think that what the Bible says is true, but I doubt the Bible tells us as much in something as small as the Book of Genesis as we think. Genesis says what God did. It does not say much about how. Are we talking about 24 hour days. Maybe, but who actually knows? I don’t know anybody, but Jesus who saw what happened, and He does not seem inclined to answer all my questions.

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  7. Wally Fry says:

    Good stuff as always ColorStorm. Do you remember that old evolution poster with the line of apes and humans that supposedly showed the progression from apes to man? In a class I taught at one time on Doctrine and defense of the faith we had that in the room for some part of the lesson series. Anyway one day as I got all set and started, I could not help but notice every body was trying not to laugh. So, I finally turned around and one of the monkeys was not a monkey, but me LOL. Totally irrelevant to the post, but it was funny at the time.

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