Marvel comics blowin in the wind

Last month I was driving past a convention center, and noticed signs every where. You know, the kind of signs that promoters use to tell the passerby something ‘big’ is going on. A sign every four feet, planted on the ground, so even the disinterested cannot avoid and must notice. Signs 2′ x 2′, 4′ x 4′, in yellow, red, blue, bold, green, all the bright neon colors, telling you ‘don’t miss it.’

Apparently, many who attended this event did not need the signs because there were cars everywhere. Place was packed, and I saw people walking all over the grounds towards the center, and coming from, with boxes and bags of their jeweled possessions.

And what pray tell was this massive event? It was a comic book festival, and no doubt those in the know were there to sell, browse, and buy. I’m talking  Super Bowl type interest and crowd. Looked like a big deal, with the internet and other media no doubt promoting the event to explain such an ordeal.

Which brings me to this. When I hear of people trying to dismiss the accounts of scripture saying: ‘no historians of the day wrote of the Lord Christ, therefore He did not live,’ or, ‘learned scholars were not aware of the death and resurrection of Christ,’ or, ‘Peter’s address in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost never occurred,’ or, ‘there is no peer accounting of the accuracy of the gospels, the book of Acts, Paul’s journeys, or John’s exile to Patmos,’ I simply think of the comic book convention.

Why would they be even aware or write about something in which they had absolutely no interest?

I had no idea there was a comic book feast, with people coming from Galilee, Bethlehem Pitcairn, Jerusalem,  Lisbon, Calcutta, Denver, Columbus, or Tokyo. However,  my lack of interest or knowledge in the area of comics did not make null and void the event. I have zero comic books, and the collecting, trading, and overall interest I had none, and had I not seen the signs, I would have known nothing about such an important day(s) in the field of Marvel or Archie comic lore. Ah but you say there were signs back in the day of the Lord. That’s right, but they having no interest just passed by and ignored all the signs. Not interested.

They ignored the news of Herod and the innocents, just thought a king had just gone crazy; they ignored the Baptist and his word regarding One made manifest to Israel; they ignored the blind given sight, hearing maybe that a new act was in town; they ignored the lame to walk, thinking maybe it was all a fake; they ignored the deaf to hear, thinking maybe they were paid actors; they ignored the raising of Lazarus, thinking maybe it was all a plan to dupe people thousands of years later; they ignored the mock trial before Pilate, thinking maybe this man was a mere troublemaker, that’s right, they had no interest in just another comic book, therefore, the life and times of Christ was a mere joke, a set up as it were, and because they had no interest, the scriptures cannot be trusted.

Ha! My lack of interest in the funny papers ended when Archie and Veronica bit the dust. But the convention last month? Imagine a hundred or a thousand years from today people writing about a fictitious tale about a gigantic comic book event where people travelled for miles to see. It was a set up, a tale to dupe the gullible! Can’t be trusted! Uh huh, sure. But my lack of interest does not negate the reality.

My ignorance regarding the ‘feast day of comics at the convention center’ can easily be compared to WHY people in the day of the Lord heard nothing, saw nothing, or wrote nothing, about the greatest singular event in the history of God’s earth, but boy oh boy does good news travel fast.

So while many may say ‘scripture cannot be trusted,’ or that ‘the accounts therein never happened,’ because HISTORIANS missed the boat and avoided the reporting, au contraire, your lack of interest is irrelevant, just as my own ‘could not care’ about the comic book convention. It occurred all right. But I plainly had no interest.

‘Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.’

Truth does not care who attends, but welcomes all who do.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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7 Responses to Marvel comics blowin in the wind

  1. This is powerful! Thank you. I had never thought of it in this way, but this is a compelling and accurate argument! Bravo! Love the tie in to the word “Marvel” at the end, too! That was the pièce de résistance. 😉

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Compelling maybe, but accurate yes. 😉

      I think the case can be made lynn, in that ‘He came to His own, and His own received Him not………..’ It would be then kind of embarrassing to keep tabs on something which condemns you.

      Understandable why certain would say: ‘Never happened.’ or ‘Not reliable.’
      Tkx for noticing that little word at the end too.


  2. Amen, Colorstorm! Let us marvel at the wonder of it all. 🙂

    There’s some interesting research about the star of Bethlehem that suggests that due to the alignment of the skies at the time, it could not be seen from the West. So the wise men come from the East in the bible, while King Herod and his men are left in the dark.

    I am often left in the dark myself. Your comic book convention reminds me of a popular lady evangelist I’ve never heard of. A bit funny, everyone thought I was lying. Not true, she is just so not a part of my world, she might as well not exist. No offense to her, of course. Also true, I am not quite so arrogant as to suggest that just because I don’t know this woman, we can now safely conclude she doesn’t exist at all.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Nice confirmation there msb, of all the things there are to occupy our time, heck, there is probably a bottle cap convention too, so in our world of what interests us, it would be rather foolish to say such and such about things in which we are clueless.

      So the idea of men NOT writing about the Lord and his people, means nothing to soft hearts. His word is good, and people passed along that same good word; and then there are the scriptures to testify that it is all good.

      And your lady friend/unfriend makes the point with no slight done whatsoever.

      Btw, sorry bout the ‘moderation,’ WP decides who and when for no good reason.
      No link needed.

      (Are you listening tildeb and co. I am an equal opportunity offender)

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Man that was a very good illustration and point to rebut that silly historical objection against Christianity. Very good. Thank you!

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