Requiescat in pace

Cemeteries are proof that life has gone sideways, and that one day, all God’s accounting will be settled. Wrongs will be righted, and the ledger will be balanced, perfectly.

The epitaphs are a reminder that God is true. As He has handled life rather easily, it is just as certain He can handle death. The words upon the stone speak to eternity, today.

He will make all things new. We are reminded by the brilliant mind of Paul that the seed planted in the ground, bears no resemblance to the flower that will be. Isn’t it nice of God to speak to us through nature, that we neither be lost as fog regarding His purpose, nor unsettled in His ability to keep His promises, so the planting and the harvest are gentle reminders that the sorrows of death will change to great joy.  Just not yet.

I’m not big on pomp or circumstance, but I hope it rains the day of my funeral. Plants need a little water to get started. Just a little. Like a mist that waters from the ground up. Wasn’t that God’s initial watering too? So delicate, so caring for the plants, a light mist, nothing heavy or cumbersome.

He thinks of everything and His ways are always perfect. But before that day, we are called to rest in peace……….while we live. And we do that, in Him. While it takes but a moment to partake of peace with God, it takes a thousand lifetimes to know the peace of God. In this is rest.

Oh how many be the ways He reveals Himself, through creation, understanding, wisdom, love, joy, sorrow, suffering, sanctification, redemption, patience, arithmetic, biology, geology, astronomy, the alphabet, music, through our ears, eyes, through our youth, through summer, through winter, and through the cadence of that babbling brook which gives us insight into the hands of God for bringing such beauty to our senses, for Him giving us the ability to also create, (which ability He withheld from the jackal) and for all His ways in which we give thanks.

How good is God who reminds us to REST, today, tomorrow, and forever more. His words upon the stone are most reliable.  His word is very good.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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12 Responses to Requiescat in pace

  1. Ah yes! “we are called to rest in peace……….while we live. And we do that, in Him.”

    So very true. Thanks for the great reminder.


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  2. a wonderful dose of pondering—profound yet melancholy—and that He will indeed make all things new–only joy found in that!!!

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  3. Tricia says:

    Even God took time to rest, modeling for us the importance of taking a day to do just that. I take weird enjoyment in walking through cemeteries and reading the epitaphs. I always ponder the lives those people led and who they were.

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  4. This is a wonderful meditation, CS! I love your reflections upon the brevity of life…and yet the hope that the seed demonstrates for us… we are planted and die (like the seed) but one day will emerge to new life! Excellent post. So beautifully written!

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  5. Love this post, Colorstorm. Ha! I always have a heck of a time trying to tell the living to rest in peace, but you’ve done it beautifully.

    Like Tricia, I also love the old cemeteries and reading the epitaphs. We have a beautiful one not far away, on a hill over looking the water and the mountains. The mist will climb up the hill, roll across the ground, and swirl about like a scene in a movie.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Thank you msb- It is true that we usually reserve those words to rest in peace…………for the dearly departed, yet we are called to enter into this rest, now.

      ‘Here lies a good man,’ words of truth not contradicting the word that there are none that doeth good, no not one.’ Love that contrast of defining how God is good and we are not, and how we are good, ACCORDING to how we use and understand the word.

      Need to pay attention to such things, and in this detail, that rest is awesome.

      Action. Camera: I can see the fog lifting…..through the words on the stones……..and the boats ringing in the distance. The harbor is safe……… \o/

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    Never have had much time for cemeteries. The graves I would visit are scattered here and there, helter-skelter, around the country, none close to where I live. Yet I suppose that for my weary body that will change. There will be one grave to which it must journey and remain.

    For my soul, I have faith. For a glorified body, I have hope. For the love of God, I know.

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