A gold medal performance

Okay the dust has settled, the politics have taken a back seat, but cue the soundtrack for Eastwood’s good, bad, and the ugly, as you no doubt know the 2018 Winter Olympics from S. Korea are won and done. The media had their gaffes, but the athletes had their moments. From the exciting finish of the USA girls tag team cross-country skiing, to the competitor’s reception of the last place finisher of the men’s event, there were many displays of genuine sportsmanship as well as the sad way in which ‘losing’ was demonstrated.

USA girls hockey gold, yay! But ripping a second place silver medal off the neck, when placed proudly by the gentleman to a well deserved team, was a poor display of the Olympic spirit, which should have recognized that a gold medal was won fair and square. A silver medal is no slouch either.

The in your face gaydom of the American ice skating commentators was not appreciated by many, not because of an obvious gay male, but because of the flaunting and abnormal manner in which it was put forth. Painted lips, painted face, hair in a bun clearly looking female, was, to be blunt, a complete turn off. Couldn’t imagine the incomparable Dick Button falling so low as to draw attention to himself.

Then the incessant commercials after a minute of competition. Then the camera blunders and switching to another venue after saying ‘no chance of another skier winning the gold………..’ Only then to eat words of ignorance.

But the gold! The sweet reward to the champions above all. Gold. The highest standard on earth, with innate wealth that does not have a price tag. Gold. The best of the best, pure, untarnished, and having a quality far surpassing every metal on earth.

From whence then cometh this gold where kings desire its tonnage? How survived these pieces of ‘fallen stars’ in such intense heat that would have eaten alive balsa wood?

Ah yes, only one answer will suffice, and that is by the power and word of God. He made the gold of that land good. Apparently, wise people agree with God, as gold is sought in every age, so unlike the hoarding of poison ivy.

Ever read about the guesswork by ‘those in the know’ involving the origin of gold? Not even clever, bad a sad attempt to justify godlessness the same way people think babies grew like pumpkins, waiting for ‘parents’ to pick them when ripe. Yes, this IS the consummate numbskullery of life apart from intelligence. Have an idea? Go for it, as there are no rules or standards when God is voted out of His creation.

No arrogance then to say ‘adios’ to the Creator? Really? Soooo, when you sit down to a meal, you never give thanks to the preparer? You do not give thanks when someone hands you a slice of cake, a cut of steak, or a glass of water?

Who then do you give thanks for your breath, your eyes, your hands, your feet, your creativity? False piety will not do. Mother nature cannot answer you as her tongue is mute. Ah, but the Creator of nature owns that gold medal performance, and He so desires people to open their God-given eyes to see a tree, or an ear to hear the rolling thunder.

His creation, like His gold, was good. It’s gold I tell ya, not only in the nuggets beneath our feet, but in the fact that God is durable, valuable, eternal. Sure, gold can be beaten, and stretched forever, but do you want an eye-opening laugh? Look at the link and the guesswork of HOW gold was allegedly made. You may want to run quickly to the Creator and apologize.

The builder has always been greater than the building. He who built all things is God. Solid gold. But rejecting God is far worse than ripping off the silver medal in disgust and evidence of a poor sport. It is no divine comedy. It is a human tragedy.





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7 Responses to A gold medal performance

  1. I couldn’t have reviewed it any better CS—
    Whereas I once greatly anticipated watching the Olympics—being inspired and awed by the human ability to shine and rise above both challenge and agony…only to come out the better…be it a winner or a mere survivor—it’s just not that anymore now is it?

    And I for one could not help but be distracted by Johnny Weir’s flamboyant and outlandish attire, makeup and hair—of which took away from the performance by the athletes…
    I was also very disappointed that many of the gay athletes used their time as an athlete to push an agenda that has nothing to do with athletic competition…

    And yes those lady Canadian hockey players who offered a self-absorbed public temper tantrum was truly a low—how do we teach our younger generations what it means to be gracious in both victory as well as loss when defiantly taking off a silver medal–which, as you say is no slouch of a prize.
    Yes, I get that the goal is the gold—but what happened to ‘may the best man or woman win?”

    The Olympics simply aren’t what they use to be. They are now merely a by-product of a consumer-driven, cultural reflection of our sadly twisted times…

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  2. Tricia says:

    I used to really be active in and excited about watching the Olympics, but it seems to be more and more about the story behind the athletes and drama (and of course politics) as opposed to the athletics and competition. It was a bad omen when speed skater Shani Davis bemoaned the coin toss to carry the flag during opening ceremonies as racist…

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