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Love me some scripture

The language of scripture has no equal. When we read: ‘And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated, ‘  there is no fantastic description nor an … Continue reading

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Religion poisons everything

After many years of careful study, and because of blogsville, it is safe to conclude that the quote above could only be uttered by a mind full of bias, mental blindness, and spiritual myopia, not to mention selfishness and the … Continue reading

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The gifts of men

You have been to a museum, perhaps you have admired a Monet, and you immediately thought: ‘What a brilliant artist, what an amazing talent, what surprising and rare gift coming from the hands of man,’ and you would be correct. … Continue reading

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Complete fairness

This is not meant to disparage good people wherever they may be found, and whatever vocation they are in, it is simply that God’s word is written to smite the elite. Since the wisdom of God is from above, it … Continue reading

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Not particularly….now

There are priceless gems in scripture which reveal other jewels, and if we care to pay attention, we can see God’s timeless wisdom and His admonition to be like the industrious ant, toiling without special notice, and laboring to uncover … Continue reading

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A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

Originally posted on The Lions Den :
“Most Christians have pure (blind) faith, not well-versed at all in their own Scriptures and its plethora of incongruencies, contradictions, and erroneous logic — ” So sez the false professors of academia as well…

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The best of all time

There will never be a greater male performer. Elvis Presley had a range far and wide, vocals above all others, from ballad to gospel, rock to roll, and everything in between.  Never out of style. Timeless. Enjoy. With special tribute … Continue reading

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Honorable mentions

‘Had to get it off my chest Nan, I’m sick of these fanatics. Had a quick look at that cs blog today, that is one very dangerous bigot. Best I keep quiet for awhile to cool off.’ Intolerant of another … Continue reading

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Tis a sad sack

You know what really busts my buttons, what really cracks me up? Talking to people who put their eggs in the broken basket of ‘former Christians,’ taking their every word as gospel, defending them as absolute truth tellers, putting more … Continue reading

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Q tips?

I think it was Drudge who posted a link about an article in the men’s magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly regarding literary opinion, of which, no surprise here, the Bible made their short list on works not worthy of reading. Guess what? … Continue reading

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Kickin tail today

Hi brethren. Let’s enjoy some whet stone sharpening shall we. No man alive can as much as celebrate an honest birthday without acknowledging He who created time in the first place. It’s in the good book doncha know, that the … Continue reading

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To record the deed

If man is no different from beast, if man does not possess a spirit which makes him completely different from an animal, if death is the end of man……forever: Why then and do pray tell, do humans NOT keep genealogical … Continue reading

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Logos, Wut?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
The word “logos” keeps popping up. It’s a bit funny how I can get myself into so much trouble over a single word. I haven’t yet forgotten the epic melt…

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Tghuoht fro teh dya

The human mind has the instant ability to perceive things that a red fox may have a little difficulty. It does not take supernatural skill to know that I have a ‘thought for the day.’ I need not supply ‘evidence’ … Continue reading

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Caw moo, or cow poo?

I come to you today from the island of common sense, where opinions are many but where truth is as rare as pure water. Reminds me of this: Saw a bunch of crows this morning, and was happy to also … Continue reading

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You are the stars nephew! (not)

“You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And … Continue reading

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What a light!

This is primarily for my believer friends,  and do take the time to chew the cud as it were. Other than what you have been taught, have you ever considered the POSSIBILITY that our night orbed friend, aka, the moon, … Continue reading

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Hail Caesar!

Can somebody help me contain my laughter please? I heard a guy quote a guy who heard from a guy who read something by someone who tested something that another guy thought he heard another guy write that many smart … Continue reading

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Some Fridays take the cake

I once heard a man say the reason he studies Christianity night and day is to help him through his past suffering and recover lost years from believing the bible to be nothing more than tales written by campfire nomads.  … Continue reading

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Just a little water

(I like the quaint rebuffs from skeptics who say believers are slow of mind when it comes to believing the testimony of the monarch of books, ie, the holy scriptures.) Let me say positively here again,  no amount of ‘evidence’ … Continue reading

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