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The brainless kettle of crap

Some folks are strangers to their own brains. They have never visited that place of calm repose that actually allows them to THINK about what positions they hold, and weigh those thoughts against decency, order, context, kindness, goodness, and just … Continue reading

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He sank the sub!

Originally posted on The Lions Den :
A group of kids were gathered at a naval port to watch their friend perform his ritual and speech cloaked in his despising of anything Godward. This man hated God, and he had a…

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An everyday complaint in blogsville is filed somewhere against  ‘Faith is believing in what you know ain’t true,’ a common  short-sighted idea attributed to Mark Twain. This is usually cited to rail against the…

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Andromeda (you must watch)

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Please watch this entirely;  (Full screen) and take off your hat before it blows away, and sit down lest you faint. The heavens declare the glory of God.  And oh by the way, as…

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Chess: more than a game

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(Yea, I know, this is written at the risk of being scoffed at but that’s ok, some people will glean nuggets of truth, and may even be caught smiling) It’s hard to say where…

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Originally posted on Citizen Tom:
Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts (from here) Depending upon the the translation, some form of the word “thank” can be found in the Bible between 130…

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A tribute

(Ok, forget for a minute about the idiotic riots in this great country by people who need to feed on the carcase of their own ignorance, and are just plain examples of lawlessness. And of course speaking of tributes, it … Continue reading

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You sure bout that?

Forgive me, but I’m still laughing at the ‘certainty’ people had in believing there was no chance on earth Ms. Clinton would lose the election. And it is this ‘positive claim’ that I would like to draw an ancillary connection … Continue reading

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One last time…

Talked to some people over the weekend, and they informed me they are not sure who to vote for. What? C’mon people, the one who ordered the hit on John baptist, you know the type, Jezebel like, while they smile … Continue reading

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A speech to the fencesitter? ha

Fellow Americans: You have asked for a king as it were, and set up your leaders only to demand that they disappoint you. They will. They have. Neither of us running for president, by virtue of our worth, deserve your vote. … Continue reading

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Frankly Charlotte…

So there you have it. Once more we see what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Rioting, looting, men beat to a pulp, for what? Justice? Sorry, wrong word. Charlotte NC (9.23.16) simply reveals what has been, what is … Continue reading

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Secrets, lies, and videotapes

With Ms. Clinton’s physical collapse recently, a few thoughts came to mind. WHO decided that she should not be taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, which no doubt would have included vitals, an MRI, CAT scan, blood tests, observations, … Continue reading

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It’s the updates I tell ya…..or?

Update and restart. Update and shut down? Noooooooooooooo. Go away ye bastion of recalcitrance! Every time I am met with this lack of choices, there is collateral damage, this time by way of the WP discretion gods. I send a … Continue reading

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Way to go girl

In the finest display of gun control, the young American Virginia Thrasher won the first gold medal of the 2016 Olympics. Good for her. In a climate where most of the gun news is politics as usual, it’s great to … Continue reading

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More mayhem from the religion of peace.

Originally posted on The Lions Den :
By now you have heard of the terror in Paris as the disciples of ‘the religion of peace’ slaughtered innocent people as they shouted, ahem, ‘allahoo ackbar,’ (intentional) And WHY such carnage? The alleged prophet…

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Just a big dummy

Has the goliath of atheism  lost his head? Well yes and no.  No, because atheism was and never will be a Goliath, but yes, because atheism has no head, as it takes intelligence from the brain to say ‘there is … Continue reading

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Those are some bad wages

There is an old saying that at the end of the game the king and the pawn go back in the same box. I like this a lot. Apparently a chess idea, that while things appear different, they are so … Continue reading

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Gorillas, boys, and God oh my!

So surely you have heard about the gorilla that was killed to save a little boy, and I dare say, there is enough blame to go around as to who was responsible, and why this happened, but I’d like to … Continue reading

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Hammers, onions, and truth oh my

Please consider carefully this point of view from a skeptic/unbeliever/so-called atheist- and tell me it is not painful to read. (From a file of ‘interesting’ quotes, can’t remember where it came from, but I do know who said it) ‘I … Continue reading

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God bless you moms

Okay I get it. The current president of the United States has days which are numbered, but for God’s sake, does everything need to be filtered through an agenda? For years, Mother’s Day has been a fine tradition of celebrating … Continue reading

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