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Some very different observations from the seed plot of scripture

Kickin tail today

Hi brethren. Let’s enjoy some whet stone sharpening shall we. No man alive can as much as celebrate an honest birthday without acknowledging He who created time in the first place. It’s in the good book doncha know, that the … Continue reading

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To record the deed

If man is no different from beast, if man does not possess a spirit which makes him completely different from an animal, if death is the end of man……forever: Why then and do pray tell, do humans NOT keep genealogical … Continue reading

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What a light!

This is primarily for my believer friends,  and do take the time to chew the cud as it were. Other than what you have been taught, have you ever considered the POSSIBILITY that our night orbed friend, aka, the moon, … Continue reading

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Just a little water

(I like the quaint rebuffs from skeptics who say believers are slow of mind when it comes to believing the testimony of the monarch of books, ie, the holy scriptures.) Let me say positively here again,  no amount of ‘evidence’ … Continue reading

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It’s just awful I tellya

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a rainbow is worth the entire library. I took this pic last week with my 15 yr old flip phone, while many walked by with expensive and up to date cameras … Continue reading

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Ques. of the day

If godless evolution were true, where did the human skull acquire the intelligence to order online a brain to protect?  And on what shelf can these brains be found, catalogued, then ordered? Or better yet, where did the human brain … Continue reading

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A challenge to all men and women

Magnificent. Bold. Factual. Undeniable. Elegant. Eloquent. Unassuming. Powerful. Scientific. Truthful. Incontrovertible. Unimpeachable. Trustworthy. Such are a few fine words that describe the first few chapters of the word of God, which we know as Genesis. Now the challenge. I dare … Continue reading

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Who cares?

A quick and simple question. Since people boast of the evolution of all that is, apart from God of course, one may want to consider the stifling predicament of a wrong answer. When did the human baby ‘evolve’ to the … Continue reading

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Theoretically speaking

(This is guaranteed to burn the muffins and turn heads) So, you have heard of the ‘theory’ of the big bang? You have maybe heard of the ‘theory’ of relativity? Naturally you have heard of the thirty conflicting ‘theories’ of … Continue reading

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A good word there, firmament

It is rather interesting that quite a rarely used and highly unassuming word such as ‘firmament,’ could draw so much attention from the googlemeisters. Go ahead, try it, and see if you can escape the immediate connection made with the … Continue reading

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You may be intellectually cripple…

Yes, you may be crippled mentally if: You think rioting and looting is a fine expression of free speech. You think an elephant designed its own body. You think a whale once walked on earth like a prairie dog. You … Continue reading

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Get outta here

Sooo, long ago and far away there was nothing. That is of course before the explosion. Or so it is said. But giving the benefit of the doubt, there was something lying around on the ground. Where the ground came … Continue reading

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Engage the brain…

In a comment thread at another place, this idea surfaced which is a half way decent observation worthy of its own post. Man is not smart enough to dream up God. He is however stupid enough to deny Him. Sure, … Continue reading

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It’s about time…

As the song goes, Tie yi-yi-yime, is on my side, yes it is, but there was a time when time wasn’t on my side. Before the heavens and the earth were in a context to define time, before there were … Continue reading

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Have some chewing gum

* Some have deemed Albert Einstein worthy of intellect apart from the Divine, while citing Paul as a mental midget. Ha, to this I say: The God of Paul the apostle is the Creator of Einstein’s brain, while the writings … Continue reading

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Do you have your receipt?

Eh, just two cents worth. Feminism in general makes the complaint in a thousand ways that men and women are absolutely not equal. How could they be? Is the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea equal? Are apples and oranges … Continue reading

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Also, according to what?

You gotta love the understated elegance of scripture, and the eternal wisdom of God, as if to anticipate all the high crimes and misdemeanors by the creatures on earth who dare say with the utmost arrogance that man is a … Continue reading

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The mansion and the pipsqueak

A master architect built a fine estate on a thousand acres, high atop a hill, with views exceeding 5 countries. A massive display of craftsmanship, skill, foresight, after sight, knowledge, as well as an unequalled eye for detail in hiring … Continue reading

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To life I say

So it goes: ‘What proof do you have of a Creator?’ In my very best John McEnroe on the tennis court challenge to the official I shout: ‘YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!’ But to satisfy the questioner I state anyway: ‘My … Continue reading

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It’s nothing really

Please consider the deeper truth of what sits on the surface. What do believers have in common? Everything. Every thing What do unbelievers (more exact: the atheist branch) have in common? Nothing. No thing. A man should be rather slow … Continue reading

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