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Science is a friend of God to a person who is honest

Kodak knows

I heard a guy the other day asking someone if a particular lapel pin looked like a flower. He said pretty much that he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some girly thing. I get that. Some things are not conducive … Continue reading

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I bet you can’t watch this to the end

Good ol Neil, the hero to sooo many so-called intellectuals. His fav line: ‘I’m not tellin you how to think,’ and, ‘you are not doing science.’ I love how he dismissed Ptolemy too. Then he bloviates: ‘God is an ever … Continue reading

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Didja hear bout the farmer?

Surely you have known one or two farmers off the beaten path and in the travels of life. Thought occurred to me if it was possible to be an atheist farmer. I suppose it is possible, after all, camels can … Continue reading

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It’s a masterpiece

Picture for a moment your eyes fastened on a canvas. You are alone in a museum (the docent shut out every other visitor for you) sitting for hours. You cannot look away as you have been arrested by your perception … Continue reading

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Evo and Groucho

Can you bear the thought of an animal choosing its identity? Can you imagine for an instance the sheer stupidity of thinking a tiger chose its own stripes? Sure you can, if, and I say IF you are honest. Evolution … Continue reading

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Near and dear

The mystery of the heavens is revealed in the common spiders web. Enter God into the mix and the mystery crumbles in the face of revelation.  Truly as the good book sez: though He be not far from us. As … Continue reading

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You tell him…

Go ahead.  Step into his den and tell him there is no God. The roar of instant remorse should send you into last week. Go ahead, tell him he does not have a Creator. But pay attention to the thunderous … Continue reading

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A simple thanks

So there I was, looking up into a dazzling starry lit sky while pitch black, completely lost in the awe of God’s orderly and consistent universe, and I thought, ‘It’s been a while since a saw a…….’ And as God … Continue reading

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Well this is deep

The narrator is highly flattering when he says we know 5 per cent of what lies underwater. I was thinking more like .oo1; even that would be generous.  So in connection with water water everywhere, we read this: In the … Continue reading

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5 minutes of delight

Why do I say delight? Because of a man’s willingness to engage science using science at the risk of appearing foolish. Here we see logic and facts utilized to challenge what is long assumed.  Popularity is no guarantee of certainty. … Continue reading

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Oh God…

More pics and facts about the sheer magnitude of God. So the question can be asked:  ‘Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?’ Man should appear quite humbled in light of such a … Continue reading

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Suck it up butterup

When I think of  a leech, I think of the religion of atheism, which must suck the life from its host to survive. It wants the goodness, it wants the life of the flesh which is in the blood; It … Continue reading

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If butterfly’s could talk…

So the latent butterfly says to the cocoon: ‘I want to live life to my full potential. I’m outta here,’ and with that, he flew away, and was heard to say: ‘screw evolution.’ ‘So off I go, to preach the … Continue reading

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A bow for the opera

Is it possible to say just one thing in the land of blogsville that everyone can agree on? How about four? -water is wet -snow is cold -hailstones are amazing -heat is handy when it’s freezing. Probably have not lost … Continue reading

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Some good water there

Some have deemed Albert Einstein worthy of intellect apart from the Divine, while citing Paul as a mental midget. Ha, to this I say: The God of Paul the apostle is the Creator of Einstein’s brain, while the writings of … Continue reading

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Culture huh?

In one of the most illuminating and bizarre exchanges recently online, the following observation was made by a man to defend the insane and absurd notion that ‘there is no God.’ ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Worth repeating: ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Let … Continue reading

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Andromeda (you must watch)

Please watch this entirely;  (Full screen) and take off your hat before it blows away, and sit down lest you faint. The heavens declare the glory of God.  And oh by the way, as Genesis simply says:  He made the … Continue reading

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Why that avatar

Air, land, water. This pretty much makes up life and all that is in it. All fine examples of what is true, just, and good. ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ No explanation of theory, no … Continue reading

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Bill Nye & kids

Bill Nye has stated there is a huge flaw that carries weighty problems teaching evolution along side creation as two possible origins. Well, I admit the problems would exist if the matter was not handled properly, for bias should not … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Citizen Tom:
From time to time somebody emails me one of these chain mails that circulates endlessly around the Internet, and I decide to post it.  Here is the latest. It only makes sense if you read…

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