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Ever seen a hyena with wings?

So, random goo decides it wants to be another ‘kind’ of random goo eh? Such is the bastard child of evolution’s progress, or so we are told. Well then Mr. or Mrs. Evolutionist, how long must you wait until man … Continue reading

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Stop and listen

Take away your internetts. Take away your books. Take away your experiences. Take away your family. Take away your deeds. Take away your borrowed thoughts. Now then. Find yourself deep down in the pit. The pit of excruciating truth where … Continue reading

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Deal with it

Atheism is the end result of intellectual bankruptcy. It is the result of substituting theories for facts. It is dishonest at every level of logic, reason, history, common sense, science, and proof. It is in fact, the religion of self, … Continue reading

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Juicy fruit

This is just too plain juicy to not dedicate its own attention. On a post regarding the improvement of human society, with an intent to inflame believers against each other, this observation was made by viole twisp: I always find it … Continue reading

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So there is no devil eh?

I’m hesitant to even refer to this mindless comment from a post which has given a rather negative accolade to a man who is simply on holiday, in the land where time stops, and in the place that has captivated … Continue reading

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Hold it right there buster

May I offer a quick apology for this rather simplistic post. But don’t be deceived. Things simple are not necessarily lacking depth. Take this for example: He made the stars also. Simple for God, but deep as deep can be, having … Continue reading

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Circuits down but the word is good

In the neverendingstory of the unbeliever’s or so-called atheistic world view, I received a most highly decorated accolade: ‘You are simply a indoctrinated imbecile.  Please go away, you pathetic excuse for a Christian.’ Why pray tell was I so honored … Continue reading

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I want it MY way…

Why repeat what is obvious? Because men can be dunces, and need to hear again and again; just maybe a seed will find a nice warm spot on the ground. Just maybe, because there is nothing on earth that cannot … Continue reading

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Golden oldies

In perusing some kickback, the following comments provide pure entertainment, courtesy of folks who have put their two cents in regarding my blog site and observations I have left elsewhere. Keep in mind, the essence of these people’s wonderful intellect…………..(?) … Continue reading

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Prove it!

Since life itself is apparently not sufficient, I asked a fella what proof would convince Him of God’s being, and he said this: ‘It’s hard thing to prove, although I suppose conjuring a thunderstorm in the Antarctic winter would be … Continue reading

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I’ll have another…

(This short post was inspired by a particular den of thieves. I use the word in both a comical and serious way. Comical because to deny God His existence is mental theft, and serious because the same God who is … Continue reading

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Now there’s a rebel

Atheism is like an octopus and has many uncles, but is primarily the great-grandchild of Cain’s rebellion against the Creator. Then, like now, the fruit of self has not only survived but thrived in the poorest of soil, and has … Continue reading

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Take that whippersnapper!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Who? God. What? created. When? in the beginning Where? the heavens and the earth. Why? it is the glory of God to conceal a matter; it is the honor of … Continue reading

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You must have a code

God’s word is the thorn in the side of atheism. Like an endless bee sting, it is a constant reminder that God is true, and whose truth is felt everywhere and everyplace, just as a man cannot take a walk … Continue reading

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No link pong for you

Link pong, the oriental game of diversion and chase that is relied upon by the masses on the interdweebs, is a game I am not fond of. ‘See it says here. See it says there. I have proof here. Your … Continue reading

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Just a big dummy

Has the goliath of atheism  lost his head? Well yes and no.  No, because atheism was and never will be a Goliath, but yes, because atheism has no head, as it takes intelligence from the brain to say ‘there is … Continue reading

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Is this a joke or what

An atheist boasted that he knew ‘more’ of scripture than the average believer. Uh huh, sure. And did you hear the one about the goldfish who tried to teach a monkey how to tie his shoes? That’s right, the goldfish … Continue reading

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Evolution is true!

Yep, evolution is true, in all its unabashed glory. Man as the superior creature, has delegated all his authority to the beasts of the earth. Evolution is positively true. Recently, a known braggart of atheism, has gone on record saying … Continue reading

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Hammers, onions, and truth oh my

Please consider carefully this point of view from a skeptic/unbeliever/so-called atheist- and tell me it is not painful to read. (From a file of ‘interesting’ quotes, can’t remember where it came from, but I do know who said it) ‘I … Continue reading

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Oh how we deceive ourselves

Just a bit of housecleaning, as the windows were a little smudgy. Regarding my last post, the little stone god writes: –John is a highly intelligent adult and though we may be thousand of miles apart and have never met, … Continue reading

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