Comment policy

There is plenty of latitude as to ‘what is not proper language,’ but I would hope  the content of these pages draws a more thoughtful and perhaps courteous opinion, even in the most drastic disagreement.

Grace is always a safe policy, but like any thing else, can be abused. Is your comment related to the post?

Poor taste is always a matter of opinion,  and one man’s princess is another man’s witch. Say what you will, but please do not cry ‘free speech’ when your pics, vids, and links of insolence toward the name of Christ are trashed.  In addition, assassination of the word of God will not get free PR at my expense. Profane and vain babblings? they will be shunned.

Yes, scrutiny is welcome, but take note, this site blends the truth of scripture, not the untruth of scripture. Here are a few examples of comments that have no basis in reality and honest debate, and are purely designed to sow mischief:

‘Everybody knows that the book of Acts is unreliable.’ 

Uh huh, this charge is only two thousand years old.

‘Moses was a myth, Abraham was a fable, and most Jews today are wising up to this fact.’

Boy, if I had a dime for every time this one came through.

‘The writers of scripture? Anybody with an iq above that of a turnip knows these were unintelligent, superstitious Bronze cave men.’

Yep, and the ignorant and unlearned men somehow wrote exactly how men thousands of years later would respond to such stupidity.

‘There is no God. You are deluded.’

(So you see, to leave these comments stand unanswered, gives credibility to the absurdity, yet to answer provides endless fuel that feeds the trash pile, hence the much easier way:  delete)

Have you been moderated? There is obviously a good reason. Some time ago a few people flooded this site with an avalanche of comments within a short time, and the lag, coupled with WP innate nesting, created chaos and an impossible flow of cohesive thoughts. The bizarre antics ended up at the doorstep of another fine blogger, and he paid a price because of a few miscreants. The idea was to simply disrupt, and moderating was the result.

Others comment simply because they can, having no relevance to the post, but certainly having an agenda. I am well aware of the devices known to man, and I am careful what content survives.

Remember, this is my blog, so please save the whining for St. Elsewhere.


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