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There will never be a greater male performer. Elvis Presley had a range far and wide, vocals above all others, from ballad to gospel, rock to roll, and everything in between.  Never out of style. Timeless. Enjoy. With special tribute … Continue reading

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‘Had to get it off my chest Nan, I’m sick of these fanatics. Had a quick look at that cs blog today, that is one very dangerous bigot. Best I keep quiet for awhile to cool off.’ Intolerant of another … Continue reading

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Tis a sad sack

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You know what really busts my buttons, what really cracks me up? Talking to people who put their eggs in the broken basket of ‘former Christians,’ taking their every word as gospel, defending them as absolute truth tellers, putting more … Continue reading

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Q tips?

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I think it was Drudge who posted a link about an article in the men’s magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly regarding literary opinion, of which, no surprise here, the Bible made their short list on works not worthy of reading. Guess what? … Continue reading

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Kickin tail today

Hi brethren. Let’s enjoy some whet stone sharpening shall we.

No man alive can as much as celebrate an honest birthday without acknowledging He who created time in the first place. It’s in the good book doncha know, that the heavenly orbs would be there for man’s ability to gauge days, weeks, months, years, seasons. Yep, God wants thinking people to engage the brain, without which, creatures would be more lost than London fog, left to wander and speculate what ‘time’ it is.

If evolution and atheism had any teeth, one day would have 13 hrs, the next six hours, the next month 54 days, the next month 9 days, and next year would have 44 days, and summer would have icicles hanging from Miami’s posh pools. No design. No purpose. No reliability. Kinda hard to hide from that point.

There is divine consistency in God’s order; ask any 4-year-old ‘who’ made her swing set, and she will not bloviate that her ‘fun center’ was a direct result of an accidental implosion or explosion, with her being the beneficiary of such chaos. No, one must develop the skills to construct a false reality.  Architecture demands the planner. She knows it, as do adults.

And oh, the ‘kinds.’ Love that. More science in Genesis than Darwin could ever dream of, if he, and others, had only paid attention. While the Japanese school teacher lectures on the elephant, you have the American, the Brit, the Irish, and the Chinese teacher’s study the same picture and present the same elephant, in a different dialect of course, but they all know it’s a damn elephant.

The standard of the ‘kinds’ was put in place by one wiser, the greatest Architect of all, who said clearly that elephants produce elephants and not anteaters. This should trouble the godless, for evolution would clap the hands if in fact elephants were to birth canaries, so their offspring could whistle while they work, making godlessness the latest rage.

Oh it’s the rage all right. Yesterday’s news of wasted valuable brain bytes. Which reminds me. Do you dear brethren notice how the false apostles of godlessness have gone into hiding from fine blog sites, and have retreated into private chambers where only the echo of drunkards is heard while pretending they are playing Beethoven’s fifth?

Yes, a victory, as God has never lost an argument, for His word is just as reliable as it was in the beginning. The language of scripture is majestic in demurity. Simple. Elegant. Masterful. God does not waste words, and He impresses with the simple. ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light. No words so sublime, so simple, spoken with such profoundness, to enact His visible glory:

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

And this is where the atheist falls asleep. They (he/she) miss the point of the simple, thinking that simple is not deep enough. Genesis is simple, but this does not mean there are not a thousand layers to unravel. One at a time they unfold, line upon line, here a little there a little, but one will be clueless as to the life and times of man and woman, male and female, if one holds God in contempt for creating the whale first. Don’t fall for evolution which is the devil’s playground.

God was God about His business long before Sagan and Darwin were in diapers. God was God long before littlestonegods ever dreamed of Medusa or Minerva, and waaaay long before the big eared Pharaoh ever thought of strutting his pride before Moses. God was God before there was a seven-day work week, and long before the Timex watch recorded its first second. How God must laugh at the guesses of mans pretended learning and false science.

There were no billions and zillions of years for God to deal with. Pure guesswork by the shortsighted and double minded infidels who are pure purveyors of false science. Time is temporary, surely as God said of His sun and moon. Temporary lights. For earth. Deal with it. But I digressed.

Our blogs have been purged of sorts by the myopic and miserable, obstinate, foolish, caustic, prurient and profane, lewd, and just all around Heinz 57 cauldron of dead men’s bones, representing commenting that tries at every turn to put a dent in scripture, God, or people of faith. Guess what? No can do.

After a stint on believers sites where faith is tried, yet proved to be more resolute than ever, they (yes they) gather others to marshal their forces, and try other sites, fresh meat as it were to recycle the same old story: Got proof of the Exodus? Got proof Daniel was thrown into a den with lions? Got proof Joseph of Arimathea had a tomb? Got proof Nazareth was a real town? Blah, blah, blah, and more blah.

The song is the same dirge of old music, whose band members have long since parted, yet playing their music that even the original musicians find repulsive, but still calling it ‘hip.’ Please get a grip already.

So enjoy the victory believer friends. Your continual defense of things scriptural has been refreshing to witness, and the persistent steadfastness in the face of every kind of insult has been the very best of epic proportion. ‘Keep the faith’ is the fight worth fighting, others, eh, not so much.

But it’s ok to kick butt and take names, after all, ‘Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil, the Lord will repay him.’


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To record the deed

If man is no different from beast, if man does not possess a spirit which makes him completely different from an animal, if death is the end of man……forever:

Why then and do pray tell, do humans NOT keep genealogical records for ground hogs?


Why then are not their life and times recorded from birthday to the day of death, complete with an epitaph and their own place of memorial? It only takes brutal honesty to face this answer; and the answer is clear as lightning, and as loud as a thousand thunderclaps. The answer crushes the human conscience.

The fact is, men are not broken up over seeing a dead coyote, or a varmint run over by a truck. There is an innate sorrow upon seeing the untimely death of a human, that which is incomparable to the death of a jackal, again a reminder, IF we are honest. The death of your child and the subsequent anguish is not even in the same universe as the death of your gerbil. It’s a fact of life, only the prejudiced and ignorant would disagree.

So let’s repeat for emphasis: if a man’s existence ends at the grave, why then, in every county building and Recorder of Deeds, are there NOT records for the dead hyenas, jackals, and coyotes?  Just maybe, the good book is correct, that man is in fact made in the image of God, and death is the temporary ending of what God began, just as He said, and just as it is written.  The perennial flower agrees with me too by the way.


Etc:  man is not the brute beast that godlessness would so love to enjoy, even though on occasion, man has in fact acted like the wild boar, but still, we remember all of mankind. The genealogy of man indicts once and for all the wicked and utterly depraved idea that man is no more relevant than a dead coyote.


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Logos, Wut?

This is far better than anything I could have written today. Pop over to insanitybytes place and consider the living Word in ways you may have avoided. Enjoy.

See, there's this thing called biology...

The word “logos” keeps popping up. It’s a bit funny how I can get myself into so much trouble over a single word. I haven’t yet forgotten the epic melt down over the word “in.” I feel like I should issue a trigger warning with this post in advance, just in case.

So in philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, religion, “logos” is simply a word derived from the  Greek  meaning  “ground”, “plea”, “opinion”, “expectation”, “word”, “speech”, “account”, “reason”, “proportion”, and “discourse.” Clear as mud right?

In faith it gets even more complicated, “logos” means word, but not just any word, The Word, as in Jesus Christ. John 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Psalm 33:6 tells us, “By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.”

hawaiian-hula-dancers-aloha-stadium-dod-photo-by-usaf-tech-54093.jpegLogos is nearly…

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Tghuoht fro teh dya

The human mind has the instant ability to perceive things that a red fox may have a little difficulty. It does not take supernatural skill to know that I have a ‘thought for the day.’ I need not supply ‘evidence’ to help you sift through the intentional sarcasm. Enter a past conversation with the purveyors of godlessness.

They ask for ‘proof.’ They ask for ‘evidence’ there is a God, as if their hearts are MY problem. And I say, Enough already! You know there is a God, and you know there are imposters. The Creator of the tree does not compete with the Creator of the sun, moon, or stars. He is all of One. Nature is the greatest evangelist, as the divine imprint is seen from the oceans beneath to the clouds above, and beyond.

This imprint is coded within the mind of man, and any attempt to silence this rather clear voice is immediately rebuked by the conscience. There are no excuses of worth; there is no argument of substance; the paltry cries of ‘I need evidence!’ are dismissed fast and furiously.

And so I ask: WHAT evidence would satisfy a ‘searcher’ that there be One God? Since history is rejected, since the testimony of good men is rejected, since the witness of the stars is rejected, since the exact science of arithmetic is rejected, since the truth of the carpenter’s level is rejected, since the plumb line is rejected, since the life and times of King David is rejected, since the life and times of Solomon is rejected, since the life and times of Daniel, Esther, Mordecai, Herod, Pilate, and Gamaliel are rejected, what could possibly be cited as acceptable ‘evidence’ to a stout heart that God’s word is good, and that He as Creator, can be trusted to supply a true account of His own creation? (Notice I did not even touch on the life and times of Christ, not enough paper)

Out side of life itself, WHAT could possibly suffice?

I’ll tell you what, and I’ll be blunt. Nothing. Not one thing. And to the believer: We know God is good, His word is true, and He can be trusted just as easily to keep the moon in her circuits, as He can to look after the apple of His eye.

To the infidel: Be honest with yourself, and face the screeching music of humanity’s disappointments. God is not on trial. He acts perfectly, all the time. You sitting in judgement of Him is a pathetic display of the unbridled pride in the human heart. The fact that a coyote cannot tie his shoes, and that your neck is stiffer than a giraffe’s, escapes you.

Neither coyote nor giraffe was made in the image of God, and much to your chagrin, they will never evolve to the place where they can build a paper airplane. This fact also escapes you, so you are thus hung by your own intentional blindness. Evidence? Proof? Ha, we got that, it’s called life, but this is not acceptable to you, for you seek not truth, but one more lousy excuse to add to the rusty and useless gripes of history’s proof of a world away from God.

As a bonus thought, you may want to consider how and why you were able to decode the heading in a New York minute. I’ll tell you why…. aw nevermind.


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Caw moo, or cow poo?

I come to you today from the island of common sense, where opinions are many but where truth is as rare as pure water. Reminds me of this:

Saw a bunch of crows this morning, and was happy to also hear them; they sounded like crows. Some would no doubt have you believe that our cawing friends once mooed like cows, before they developed advanced vocal chords, and after they went to bird school to trade in that defective moo for a more eloquent caw.

I for one, happen to believe that a crow is not jealous of the cows booming voice, and caws today just as he did 5 thousand years ago, and if man is graced with a few more thousand years, (good reason to doubt that) the crows will caw on. There is no need to evolve to something better than a caw. The crow serves his purpose, as does the cow.

But back up will ya. What knucklehead would assert that a crow crawled out the ocean, crawled out of a foxhole, or fell from a meteor, and acquired a set of wings, to do this thing called flying? Right, please don’t take the bait, because thinking people are not duped by stupidity. Or maybe I have it wrong.

The crow started out as a used up piece of sawdust, left over when the farmers built the barn, and when it rained, the sawdust morphed into a bird. Yep, too strange for words, but what the heck, if a crow was not born a crow from day one, he may as well have been born a monkey in manure.

Unless of course, there was a better design, and the bird was a crow from day one, as was the cow. But sure, some will say: ‘You are a moron and just do not understand evolution.’ Save it, and stuff it. I do understand evilution, and rather well.  There are no doubt changes within species, just as there are changes in languages, but a Chinese man is still a man, and an Eskimo is still a man, and the crow that then was, is still a crow. Don’t bring your pretended knowledge and false science around this zip code. The cow will moo you out to pasture if you disagree.

But you may not notice that the only difference between a crow and a cow is a mere technicality; just insert an ‘r’ in cow, and presto chango, evolution works. Uh huh, sure, and did you hear about the one where the whale built a bird’s nest high atop the Rockies?

I will cite it for what it is: the bastard child of godlessness, where one must trade the brain in exchange for this little monster called pride which has slain more people than the stars in the sky.

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You are the stars nephew! (not)

“You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And the only way they could get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode.

So forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today.”
― Lawrence M. Krauss

Nice. In one fell swoop he demoted God and replaced Him with the science of fools. In one sentence this pseudo-intellect crowns himself as Master Theologian and ahem cough cough, a little science god as well.

Punishing commentary by a so-called intellectual expert, adored by similar thinking fans worldwide. I’d like to point out that first, sir, He is not ‘Jesus’ the faceless nameless nobody you love to imagine. He sir, is the Lord Jesus Christ, through who, to whom, and of whom, all creation is subject. The evidence of science supports this, but you are too busy enjoying a ‘purposeless world’ made exclusively by a loving Creator to see the divine fabric of life in general, and humanity in particular.  In a venue where proof and evidence are on trial, I would say: ‘You are an embarrassment to humans. Get out of my courtroom. Now.’

Apparently, you have inside knowledge that your stars exploded, without which, little junior would be late for his baseball game, because junior’s mother would be up the creek without a paddle, further, there would be no creek. Excuses are a dime a dozen, and you sir are full of….them.

But maybe you have a better excuse, and I should not be so cruel. Just maybe one of your space rocks fell on your head and dented your brain. But I digress.

You sir, make no distinction between the ravaging jackal and the newborn baby, a baby mind you that would have been gladly eaten by your evolutionary dog who still can’t rid himself of that nasty image of devouring other ‘kids,’ yet you are blind to your ‘purposeless’ existence that proves nothing but purpose to an honest heart.

And this is the crux of the matter. Your little god ‘science’ has supplanted the truth of God, and you borrow, trade, and manufacture information with a singular career, and that sir, is to worship yourself, pretending that your intellect has the drop on the Creator Himself.

Well guess what? God had your number while you were still wearing diapers, even long before Edison, Einstein, or Tesla invented the internet…You see, all knowledge comes from the same well, a well given courtesy not by your laughing dog pals, but by He who  without accident, made man rather different from a prairie dog, a dog which can neither count to three, spell kat, or tie his shoes.  But in your godless worldview, you can only hope that your jackals will ‘evolve’ to the point where they can build a bigger and better Sears Tower, and a world where men will crawl and act like beasts. Oh oh, you are getting close to the second part, that man pretending to be a beast thing. But I have already digressed.

But it is pure blindness which you cannot see, a blindness which prevents you from seeing the obvious. ‘The god of this world hath blinded their eyes………..’  This would be you. The little god of this world, who has perfected ‘science’ as his play toy, has you like a yo-yo on a string, dancing to his beat of rhythmic stupidity, drunken deep with the liquor of false science and lying history, but with mental Novocaine to numb the pride, and atheistic band aids to cover the utter bleeding, completely unable to waken from the coma of godlessness as he whispers ‘this is true knowledge, scripture be damned.’  You have accepted the IV as poison because you need the godless fix.

Yeah ok Lawrence, you keep believing that by shaking a thousand dice in a cardboard box, somehow, someway the die will form itself into a carpenter’s level, an ice sculpture, an arm, a leg, a heart, a brain, or even a Winchester rifle. Yeah, didn’t think so, evolution be dmaned.

And now can I be candid? Can’t stand these dunces masquerading as smart people. ‘Science,’ that modern little god, has the biggest mouth while saying nothing. Reminds me of that punk kid who is the so-called new voice of the anti gun people while he shakes his fist and spews out the lava of ignorance, he says nothing resembling truth, but his big mouth serves a purpose. Little gods are like this. Deaf, dumb, and blind, with apologies to true science of course.

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What a light!

This is primarily for my believer friends,  and do take the time to chew the cud as it were.

Other than what you have been taught, have you ever considered the POSSIBILITY that our night orbed friend, aka, the moon, has a light all of its own, and not a borrowed glory as has been put forth by people supposedly smarter than you? Would your bubble be busted if it is revealed that ‘science’ had it wrong all along, (as it is wont to do anyway) in precisely the same fashion that the so-called smart people say Mr. and Mrs. Adam never lived?

What would you then think of the God of creation, who has provided such a display of luminescence apart and distinct from the sun? Would your opinion of Him change as to HOW he supplies light at day and light at night? Since they serve two completely different purposes, would your faith be increased or decreased if in fact, the moon neither wants nor cares about the sun’s activity, any more than a night owl is interested in what mallards do at high noon?

Further, the stars are called lights by the Creator, His creation mind you, and the lesser of these lights called the moon, is in my opinion, the greatest of these lights, and I mean no disrespect to the sun, but it is the demureness of the moon which arrests my attention.

Light bulbs have become quite the rage of late, some burning for a very long time, and some providing very beautiful white charm, so unlike the dingy yellowish light which is so yesterdays news. Does one bulb rely on the light of another bulb ere it shines? Enter the moon. A light above lights, a white above white, but also providing a cooler temperature than the shade of the moon. Try it. Moonlight is colder, and it is measurable and provable.

But the light, full of grace and power, and it would be quite the treat if modern science has been wrong, like they are wrong about most things as far as the Creator is concerned, and the moon which makes her circuits, displays a nightly affection by a wise and loving Creator, where the power is in HIS hands, not as a sideshow needing help from that light which rules the day, and that is the rub.

Moonlight is neither happenstance nor accidental. This is the crème de la crème of godlessness, so on this point alone, I believe my point has strength, that moonlight is not a reflection of anything, as if it is a roadside lemonade stand.  But would your life change one iota if this were true? That depends.

The sun rules the day, while the moon rules the night. Individual. Distinct. Obvious. Full of purpose, full of grace and truth. Did I just say grace and truth? You don’t think it is gracious to be so warmed while enjoying the vitamins of the sun, and to rest in the moonlight pondering God’s almighty provisions for His creatures round the clock?

You don’t think it is truthful in that days, weeks, months, years, are measured with exacting purpose? Or do we just lazily accept the godless science which sees no real truth to the sun and moon, one which earthly patrons accept the emoluments of both while denying He who provided both to the earth?

I sure do.  So yeah, if godlessness is dead wrong about the origin of the moon, you can be certain it is equally wrong about the light itself, a truthful light which is as consistent as God Himself, a light which God has revealed in Christ Himself, that light which shone independent of another man, THAT light which is neither borrowed nor accidental.

Since God created both sun and moon, is it any stretch to believe that He also provided independent power and purpose for both? Not only is it not a stretch, it appears there is much evidence to override popular opinion, and remember, the majority is usually wrong.

But is it any real heresy to disagree or think otherwise upon things clearly out of this world?   😉

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Hail Caesar!

Can somebody help me contain my laughter please? I heard a guy quote a guy who heard from a guy who read something by someone who tested something that another guy thought he heard another guy write that many smart people concluded that he doesn’t believe anything that cannot be tested naturally.  (You may need some lemonade after that)

In other words, belief in God is supernatural, and therefore out to lunch.  Hello? Knock knock. Uh, anybody home in that brain of your yours?

Since when is life in general ‘natural?’ Since when is that luminescent moon above, traveling in its perfect circuits ‘natural?’  That night-light which is no doubt passed over as a mere act of cosmic serendipity, (as I like to say) is nothing close to ‘natural.’

Go deer hunting and tell me if that elusive whitetail walks the tracks every day at 6. Tell me if your ‘nature’ can be relied upon to predict his movement perfectly. Nope, he is a thousand times smarter, supernatural in his survival skills, as he knows that each step may be his last. He will stand motionless for 5 hours if he has to, and he will wear you out. So unlike the steps of the moon.  May I repeat.

Since when is life in general ‘natural?’

We have been spoon fed the blackest of lies that life, which some call ‘nature,’ is ‘natural’ in the sense that no God was/is/ needed to instigate this thing called life. Am I correct? Of course, as the new dawn of man proves my point. The current temperature of man is running a fever, and the sickness is contagious. Many decent people have given up their common sense under the guise of tolerance and ‘wanting to get along.’

I’m afraid that to not ‘rock the boat,’ is essentially helping the captain steer the wide ship  in the wrong direction. A man can marry his horse, a woman can marry her turtle, a boy can have three fathers, a girl can have four mothers. What’s your problem anyway that you can’t get on board? Do you not see the pattern? Nature rules!  Why then do you cry against: ‘male and female created He them,’ which is the quintessence of nature?

Yeah, I see the pattern, and no, I cannot get on board. Simply, God is the God of creation, the moon belongs to him, and not NASA nor Elon Musk. The earth also belongs to Him, not AlGore nor Rachel Carson. If there is nature, it is because it was first supernatural. We think ‘nature’ is common, as if the coal in the ground, and the timeless gold, were sprinkled by a nebular tsunami bearing gifts to men. Men? What the heck is a men, when no such men assembled themselves to construct a men, never knowing what a walking, breathing, living ‘men’ was.

So I’m thinking about rain, and the pure wonder of water drops falling from above, and cogitating carefully and slowly that ‘nature’ would not care if the rain came down in sheets of tonnage crushing everything and everything; makes you wonder eh about snow and the impossible weight coming from the sky as it piles up foot after foot.

Then there is the hail, those pebbles which for the three-minute storm, bring wreckage, once more, nothing natural about that. They are getting larger and larger, as the nature of man goes south, but who notices and who cares? They used to be common at the size of a pea, then a peanut, then a golf ball, then a baseball, then a softball, next? That’s right, a hundred pound bowling bowl. Am I a prophet? Nope, just reporting the inevitable, for I have the testimony of heaven on my side, and that my friends, is natural.

But some of you are blind to the masterful question asked by He whose understanding is infinite: Whose image is on the coin?  Then there is that rendering thing… And we can save the demonstrable supernatural love of God for another time.


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Some Fridays take the cake

I once heard a man say the reason he studies Christianity night and day is to help him through his past suffering and recover lost years from believing the bible to be nothing more than tales written by campfire nomads.  Hmmm.

One may as well drink 5 bottles of Johnny Walker Red every day to remind him he is trying to recover from his past years wasted on an island with a bottle.


A leopard cannot remove his spots no matter how many times he goes through the car wash.  The drunkard knows it is wrong, and the scripture ‘studier’ knows it is right. On this day we have come to know as Good Friday, we appreciate THAT death above deaths, that on that day, He who knew no sin was made sin, and on that day, nature took a silent but reverential bow as the whole earth was darkened; of course, the light of the world was going out.

And how great this darkness? We will not have this man to reign over us! Away with Him. Crucify Him. Of course God was not surprised, that the scriptures might be fulfilled, marking fully true that by wicked hands the son of God was taken to Golgotha’s central tree, yet touching not the responsibility of man’s decadence, a crime mind you above all others, yet God is not only ready, but available to forgive and forget, and more so, to justify the ungodly.  How great thou art.

And people find fault with God why?  Then there is the three days later, same man, same promises, same good word, same good and Faithful Lord of all, Lord of the living and the dead, Lord of heaven and earth.

How true is God’s word, that the scriptures are both a savour of life unto life, and a savour of death unto death. We who believe find them sweet and precious, while the disciples of unbelief find them repulsive and odious.

Bless God all ye who praise Him, and may He collect our shouts unto His own glory.

(and what is usually the weather the day after a massive storm? Joy cometh in the morning)

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Just a little water

(I like the quaint rebuffs from skeptics who say believers are slow of mind when it comes to believing the testimony of the monarch of books, ie, the holy scriptures.)

Let me say positively here again,  no amount of ‘evidence’ will satisfy a rebellious heart as to the nature and existence of God. None. When men cry for ‘evidence,’ they are hoping for one more opportunity to extend a narrative that has long been cancelled, that is, to simply lengthen a conversation in which the sinful heart cannot tolerate the light of day.

If life itself is not enough proof… there then is NO proof on earth to quench the thirst of the ungodly. The ‘asking’ for evidence is repulsive to common sense and to the mind of man, which is a tad different from the mind of the jackal, yet it is the unbelieving mind which acts like a ravaging beast, betraying its very nature. The jackal has an excuse.

How many times have you been asked if you believe there was a worldwide flood? Supposedly, you are nutso if you accept the simple account as described in Genesis, and verified by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. But Genesis? Oh yeah, the beginning of all beginnings. The true and only beginning.

Personally, I have seen flood waters the likes of which were darn near Noahic in a mere few hours, so yeah, it is rather easy to believe that the results of a 40 day and 40 night downpour would create somewhat of a major problem. Are you listening? 40 days and nights of non stop water.

But a few questions I would pose to the naysayer: Have YOU ever been part of a 40 day/night deluge to the degree that you can say it did not occur?  How can you possibly be satisfied with ‘evidence’ of such water if said water washes away the shoelaces you are looking for which belongs to your criminal friends who said ‘God who?’  That’s right, criminal.

The narrative of scripture is plenty of proof that God’s word can be trusted, and that back in the day, when the atheists were just about as vocal as they are today, raised a fist to God Himself, and ignored the daily pleading of that master ship-builder.

Last week when it snowed 8″, the utter weight of all that snow which rested upon the ground up and down the coast was remarkable in that snow is another opportunity for men to see that God is good. Rain appears to go unnoticed as a gift from God as a blessing from heaven, but the whiteness of piled up snow exaggerates His favour, but who notices, and who cares.

Seems to me a good idea to consider the weight of all that glory falling from above.

It is not difficult at all to believe that the Creator of the dewdrop, and the oceans of the world, sends rain from above, and opens the fountains of the great deep, which ‘deep’ by the way, has recently been discovered that there are in fact fountains waaaay beneath our feet, under water to be exact.  Very deep and quite instructive.

Scripture does not read like a novel. It is not a book on prurience or unbelievable tales. It reads like it should. To the heart, cutting quickly to the conscience and mind, it speaks of a God above all, revealed to one and all, as the only word of the living God. Sure there are imposters, sure there are bastard children who want to make a name, (does Babel ring a bell?) but God’s word has no competitors such as the dopey Goliaths with big mouths but having no strength. Mental midget’s so to speak.

But a big big flood? It’s far easier to believe that than it is for a God to justify the ungodly, without compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection. ‘Whereby the world which then was, being overflowed with water, perished.’  So wrote the good man Peter, whose word was good then, as it is today, even moreseo credible when he also said: ‘I will never deny thee.’  And yet the cock crowed to remind him of his triple disappointment. I like Peter. And John. And Paul. And Timothy. And Titus. And Apollos. And Lydia. And Phoebe.

Ah yes, the weakness of men, and the strength of God. God’s word, very good, excellent even. But little ‘jackie’ bless the animal that he is, does not run around and gripe there be no God. So why do men play the brute beast? Easy. They worship and serve themselves, feeding their own appetites of mischief and mayhem, and loving it.

(ps- It is not the flood upon the world of the ungodly which is the heart of contention. If not that, it would be the temple of Solomon. If not that, it would be Queen Esther in the royal court. If not that, it would be Daniel interpreting kingly dreams. If not that, it would be the execution of little ones by Herod. If not that, it would be the washing of the hands by Pilate. If not that, it would have been the gravesite of Lazarus. If not that, it would have been the prophecy regarding the destruction of the temple. If not that, it would be the appearance by He to the two, or the twelve, or the five hundred at once. You see, the flood has been, and will always be a smokescreen.)

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The finest bible study

Don’t let the title fool you. Even though I have been part of the most exquisite studies ever, (simply because God’s word was opened and unfolded) the one I am speaking of has no equal. Yep, it is one held by the professional skeptics, pseudo scholars, infidels, ignorant rabbis, apostate Christians, unbelievers, and atheists, and while the scriptures may be read, they most certainly are not opened, and can never be unfolded.

Please explain. Sure, thanks for asking.  Goes something like this, but bear with my interlaced sarcasm if you will.

Turn to Genesis chapter one. First, we know God did not create anything, as there is no God. Trees appeared after water, or was it before water, or was it before flora and fauna, or was it after the dairy cow? Doesn’t matter, as God had no part.

The sun, while being the perfect distance from earth, is completely circumstantial, and if it was a foot closer, would make French fries out of your garden potatoes, but who cares? And the moon? Ha, a mere accident with no purpose other than to give the sun 40 winks. Doesn’t matter, God had no part.

We know Eden was a fabrication, Cain never killed anybody as Dr. Seuss’s nephew wrote Genesis, and a vessel 450 ft. long built by amateurs? Pure imagination. (Meanwhile the Titanic was built by professionals, and see what happened there)  Rain is not amazing at all, heck, anybody could hold up all that weight, just as easily as snow which dumps 6 feet in Buffalo New York. Rest assured, God had no part.

Turn to the book of Queens, or was it Kings? Doesn’t matter, as Solomon never built a temple, and his alleged father David was purely fictitious. The king was an evil monster and full of doublespeak because he said ‘a good name is better than riches,’ then he told a woman to cut a baby in half, surely signs of mental trauma.

You heard about Hadassah also known as Esther? Yep, another tale from the crypt and not to be trusted. An account purely driven by people who had an imaginary axe to grind with supposed enemies of Israel. Everybody of sound mind knows the Jews have no enemies. And Mordecai? The uncle everyone dreams of, but note, just a dream as the good man never lived.

The prophets were solely men of profit, who sold books, living lives of fictional hardships only to extend the tall tales of scripture to support the narrative that there is a God in heaven who cares for His people and who keeps His promises. Intelligent people know that Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Daniel, Ezekiel, and that farmer Amos, were delusional and comic book action figures. They never lived.

You have heard of that man some call the Christ, as in the Lord Jesus Christ who spoke of Noah, Daniel, marriage, sin, money, pride, hypocrisy, jealousy, envy, love, sorrow, joy, death, angels, devils, heaven, hell, churches, and of course the gospel of the grace of God, but it does not matter, and there is no God, and God has no son.

But before we leave, let’s address quickly that other monstrous imposition fronted to the gullible that the words of the Lord, since they cannot be trusted, prove even more unreliable when He said: ‘I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now, howbeit when the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth.’

We know class…. let me emphasize, we know….we know that Christians are not guided into all truth, because they all are deluded idiots because they say ‘science’ is superseded by scripture. They believe things unbelievable therefore scripture cannot be trusted, proving they are all fools.   Tks for attending class, next week we’ll discuss the cherubim and seraphim which are equally tall tales meant only to keep the gullible in place, and to keep them from truth. (Enter that condescending remark by Pilate: what is truth?)


Listening to a lecture regarding scripture by the infidel, the apostate, or the atheist is a triple threat, but not to the slow of heart or unlearned. The unlearned merely has not learned as yet, and the slow of heart, while being like a turtle, at least is making progress.

Apostates with bibles in hand, are an embarrassment to intellectual honesty and are more lost than London fog. There is no context, no frame of reference, no differentiation between east or west, north or south, up or down. There are no absolutes, and God is always, Always, ALWAYS cited as contemptible. Beep, no, sorry, God is not on trial. God’s word has wore out every single hammer against it, and still it stands.

Who reads a work and dices and slices the contents in the middle of reading without seeing how it all ends? What sane person could possibly fault the Creator, for ANYTHING?

Key word there, sane. So it is, part and parcel of the ‘many things’ the Lord had to say, came courtesy of His revelation to the apostle Paul, and we have these ‘many things’ revealed in Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and so much more. While the twelve were sunk in despair, they were in no position to know ‘the rejected Head of His body, seated in the heavenlies; they could not at the moment know of their election which was sure through sad hearts; they would come to know later that ‘by Him do all things consist,’ thus the many things were rich, deep, layered, and always reverentially true.

But a bible study by atheists? There is more hope that a turtle could teach a monkey how to play chess.

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From Saul the great one to Paul the little one

Christian friends and atheist kin. Have a looksee at one of the most timeliest movies ever to hit the big screen.  Jim Caviezel the incomparable highlights. Enjoy.

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Stephen Hawking- God who?

In honour of the passing of the ‘great scientist.’

The Lions Den

English: Stephen Hawking giving a lecture for ... English: Stephen Hawking giving a lecture for NASA’s 50th anniversary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steven Hawking the noted professor said recently : ‘spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing.’ This would be fine, if he gave the credit to a creator, but he does not.

Seems like a major weakness of argumentation Steve, for anything created implies a creator. See that piece of lumber yonder? How long will it be before it arises and starts to scratch itself, setting in motion the desire to become a table to be used by humans.

So the piece of wood opines, ‘what is a table, and what is a human?’ Sounds rather stupid, yep, that’s the point. Forget about the wood itself, where did the tree come from? Right, spontaneous combustion.

Hawking is correct when he says ‘things come from nothing,’ but his logic ends there, for belief in God…

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I’ll have another

A guy walks into a bar….

Sitting down, he strikes up a conversation with a cosmopolitan looking stranger who patiently listens to his gripes. ‘Yeah, I used to be a Christian, but all these idiots are responsible for my current state of deconversion. Yep, can’t stand it. They can’t answer any of my questions. They have no proof.  They believe things that a man of learning would laugh at. Their doctrines are inconsistent and contradictory, and I can’t trust any of them. Besides, science is not compatible with the bible,’ as he slams his shot glass on the bartop.

The elder bearded man looks at the bartender with a raised eyebrow and says: ‘Seems this fella is a bit unhappy,’ then turns to his new friend and asks: ‘Do you have an example or two of how these people robbed you of your faith?’

‘Ha! There’s not enough time in the day, but here ya go. They think that God created the sun, moon, stars, oceans, trees, whales, monkeys, man, woman, gold, coal, and we know this is impossible, for university professors say evolution created all these things.’

‘Hmmm. Some smart people there eh, those PhD’s. Apparently they were present at day one and know that whales and monkeys were purchased at K-mart with counterfeit currency, and not made perfectly by a wise Creator with the ability to reproduce the same. But what does creation have to do with Christianity?’

‘You are changing the subject. Christians believe this stuff, and science says it is not possible. Besides, Calvin contradicted Luther who contradicted Paul who contradicted Augustine, and we all know that faith without works is dead, but James contradicted this, and also, there was no flood, King Solomon never lived, Cain never killed his brother, and there was no way on earth Methuselah lived to be 969, Moses at 120, a virgin never conceived, Pilate never met Christ, Gamaliel never taught Saul, Stephen was not stoned to death, and all Paul’s writings were forged lies, and Degrasse, Nye, Hawkins, and so many more have proved the bible is a myth.’

‘Whoa cowboy, come up for some air. Bartender, give this man’s horse some water…..’

You see unhappy once believer, your new connery has nothing to do with believers, but has everything to do with YOU, personally. You have been duped into looking into the very thing scripture commands you to look away from… your vain imaginations and self made intellect, while you now blame God and scripture for the darkness you see in everything.

You have traded logic, history, and common sense, and you have found fault in the monarch of books which speaks the truth of the trinity of the level, the plumb line, and the compass, tools which prove to any sound Judge that the case has been made, is made, and will always be made that there is One above all who has revealed Himself to the conscience. There are many reasons He is called Faithful and TRUE.

Your complaints are borrowed, stale, and you ask ten thousand irrelevant questions while avoiding ten million answers already given. No, Christians are not the reason you have been deconned, but your own crooked heart has forged its own path. God’s word is blameless, and if a thousand believers today said that God is dead, this would merely prove them liars while God laughs. His word is that good. And YOU would still be responsible for WHY you now need the liquor of stupidity in place of the pure water of the springs of life, with the source of course being God Himself. But by the way, Christians know God is not dead, but alive and well. Only spiritual dunces find fault with God.

So yeah, all the godless scientists and ‘former’ believers are drunk.


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Oh to be so lectured by the godless

Here is a comment from a professional and proud atheist:

‘Where is the humility and kindness toward the ‘unbelieving Gentiles’ his own “Savior” exhibited 100% of the time? Yeshua never had any outbursts to Gentiles in his short 3-year ministry, only toward fellow Jews.
I’m often baffled how so many so-called “Christians” don’t really know much of Christ. ‘  🤔

Now then dear reader, will you allow me the courtesy of politely demolishing this myopic observation. Perhaps I should apologize in advance for being so brazen and unashamed in my scorching dismantling of the pea brained so-called spirituality of the atheistic view.

First, ‘unbelieving Gentiles’ who came to the Lord did not question the existence of God. True, they were aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, but the poor woman did say: ‘I will be happy with the scraps from the table.’  She knew without doubt there was a God in heaven with whom she had to do. Does the atheist share her known truth?

‘Unbelieving Gentiles’ with whom the Lord interacted, did not cite believers as ‘retarded,’ did not say that believers should not have ‘contact with children,’ did not assign to them perverse and sexual characterizations not suitable for repeating on this blog, did not say that common Christians are no different from mass murderers, and the ‘unbelieving Gentiles’ did not lecture good people on morals, wisdom, science, and truth.

In short, the ‘unbelieving Gentiles’ of the Lord’s day, were not, and are not the foaming-at-the-mouth atheists of today. Tis a fact.  The so-called missing outbursts toward Gentiles were reserved for the arrogant and self-described chosen people who had no need for truth. Are you listening Mr. and Mrs. Atheist???

Believers make no claim to self-made righteousness. We recognize the righteousness of God in ALL things, something in which the arrogant atheist is clueless. We do not question the existence of God. Theology is not the study of the possibility of God.  The ‘unbelieving Gentiles’ such as the woman seeking help, or Cornelius, did not question the life and times of the Creator. In this, they were light years ahead of any atheist. They were smart.

Now then, what is truly baffling, is the full-time ministry of the modern atheists who claim that Christ never lived, never died, and if He did live, He was but a liar and scientific dunce who repeated there was a deluge, and who mistakenly believed that Moses actually lived, Solomon built a temple, Jonah lived, and that Daniel spent a night in the den of lions. Now the so-called learned ones who have no use for scripture, God, Christ, or people of faith, are all of a sudden in a position to ‘teach’ believers how to behave. Really, you going with that?

Beep. No. Sorry. You have no credibility, for the scriptures that you cite condemn you, hook, line, and sinker. Ever read the book of Jude? Ever heard of ‘raging waves of the sea,’ or ‘clouds without water?’ Ever heard of ‘foaming out their own shame?’ Yes, words written to and for the believer, words of the LORD regarding intellectual imposters, words that show correct context, words that prove the ministry of charlatans is alive and well.

Indeed, faith hope and charity, and the greatest of these is charity. But never at the expense of truth. The proud strutting peacock atheists have zero, get that, zero credibility with bibles in hands, for while they pretend to know its doctrines, they believe not one word of it.  The epitome of a mind gone sideways, and an utter failure in the ability to comprehend.

So the self-professed arrogance and mindless stupidity of such a comment that ‘Christians don’t know much of Christ……..’  well, at least what little we do know, we know that He lived and died, and lived again, and lives today, and is seated patiently at the Creator’s right hand, a place reserved for God Himself, while He holds all things together by His very word, where He does not sleep, and where He still dispenses grace to whosoever will. And we also know that His understanding is infinite, so compared to Him, we are all short on intellect, at least the believer admits the humility.

And as a bonus, Christians are not to be the footstools of atheists. We are not called to accept the vile and pornographic insinuations and to be at the receiving end of every repulsive insult while we make sandwiches for the thieves who come into our homes to kill and destroy. This is the dream of the spiritual liberal clown. To every thing there is a season, a time and a purpose.

What time is it today? It is time to give God the courtesy of at least existing, ere we speak of greater things such as redemption. Therefore, atheism is the great poison which affects the mind. Need proof? Uh, ever heard one explain the scriptures?

Then there is the washing of the hands by Pilate in haste, the invoking of ‘God shall smite thee thou whited wall’ by Paul, the turning of the tables by Christ, so no, believers are not to be doormats for the atheist.  But thank you for preaching the gospel ye neighborhood atheist. You have done well pilgrim to enlighten the godless with your image of Buddha who cannot tie his own shoes or count to three.

Nuff said.

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Not all are laughing

Did you hear the one about the atheist going out of business sale? Yep, big news, well, not really. Made page 97 of the ‘Scientific Journal and Gazette’ in column 4 middle of the page, in 2 short paragraphs in an article called: ‘The fall of atheism finally admitted.’  It’s been reported, that after the reading, the doctors of pretended intellect cannot stop crying.

Seems the hot shots of academia and science finally faced the music and presented the facts of life that for thousands of years the atheistic mind has been in an intellectual coma of brutal denial regarding the facts of scripture, history, logic, common sense, oxygen, hydrogen, ice, snow, frost, rain, the dirt, the seas, the heavens, blood, water, gold, coal, topaz, lapus lazuli, figs, cinnamon, birds, fish, wolves, lions,  males, females, mothers, fathers, in short, life in general, and life in particular, all with remarkable precision and daily consistency demonstrating the futile impossibility of accidental serendipity called the unlikely big bang, a bang they say is now but a whimper, and these folks are selling all their books and pamphlets to be used for kindling fire starter, for the great circus of mental entertainment known as atheism has ended, as it cannot fill a stadium of 7 people.

Painful to read, but the honesty is appreciated. Is this really news? Nope. We have been telling the truth for thousands of years, but an apology to monkeys may be in order.  Not only is the business of atheism closed, it has long been dead.  Honest souls have always known this.  After all, the God of scripture, arithmetic, and nature, are but One.

Smart though to announce the fictitious company closing on a page no one will see. Maybe there should have been an auction of all the paraphernalia, then again, who would purchase wet sawdust…

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