A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

“Most Christians have pure (blind) faith, not well-versed at all in their own Scriptures and its plethora of incongruencies, contradictions, and erroneous logic — ”

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So sez the false professors of academia as well as the pseudo-professors and self-described experts of Christianity.  Didja catch that?  ‘Professors.’  As in professing. As in mouthing. As in professing but never possessing.  Nice. In one sentence, the decon here has played his hand. He has given us his doctrine.

But first. Did you notice how the decon framed his argument by putting ‘most Christians’ into his little box? Of course the decon is a bible expert and once professional Christian……one who has singularly decided that he has the drop on scripture, and all other people of faith are idiots for not believing what he now despises.

‘Incongruencies, contradictions, erroneous logic.’ Hmm, let’s examine briefly the so-called learned ones claims which have decided the scriptures are erroneous and cannot be trusted.

Incongruence. Not in harmony with others in the same place eh? Really now? So Matthew was not in harmony with Mark, and Luke was out of step with John? Uh, nnnno. The myopia lies with the reader.  Always. Strike one.

Contradiction? A combination of statements not in harmony with each other eh?  Really now?  So Christ taken by wicked hands and crucified is contradicted by ‘no man taketh my life…….I lay it down?’  Uh, nnnno. The spiritual myopia lies with the reader who is blind to the responsibility of man and the sovereignty of God.  Strike two.

Erroneous? Containing error eh? Really? Name one so-called error. Maybe in the mind of one who has not examined entirely the claims of scripture, and one who has stopped short of examining every bit of fact and testimony which scripture brings, but certainly not in scripture as it is written.  Strike three, your out!

A pure laughing matter that is, listening to someone say he deconverted from God, Christ, scripture, and THE faith once delivered, because he LEARNED that scripture itself is full of alleged defects.

To such a one I would say you ‘tried’ Christianity, the same way one test drives a car, and found that it was not suitable for your needs, for the answer is always the same:  errors in scripture, errors that contradict ‘science,’ and an out of touch with reality faith that has failed. Uh, nnnno, the fault lies with your test drive. There are no defects in God, Christ or scripture.   (You can’t keep swinging, your out!!!!)

The errors lie with you. You have focused on a multitude of questions in which you find no delight in answers, and you have ignored ten thousand answers already given. You have fallen for Goliath’s size and false strength and knowledge, and ignored David’s stone of power and truth. You have choked on the internet, and have not tasted the honey of truth which gives the internet its context. You have traded truth for lies.

You have taken the devil’s bait of pretended intellect, and have ignored Solomon’s advice regarding pride. You sir/ma’am, have in fact eaten the rotten fruit of lies which can never satisfy but only to a stubborn heart. You have additionally fabricated yourself as a god.

But please do not pretend Christians who actually believe the scriptures, and who have spent a lifetime of daily study………are somewhat short of learning. Uh hello? Some have actually poured over the so-called shortcomings and so-called contradictions……..and have found nothing but exquisite truth…….when as the good book says, ‘to compare scripture WITH scripture……..’ something the decon has never learned to do, for if so, deconnery would be rejected as easily as the jewels of scripture prove.

You may as well find a defect in the setting sun, something no sane man would do, as to suggest scripture can be broken. So with that, here are a few more suggestions for quick and easy deconnery. But first, what is a decon?

A decon is one who is presently on a different mission; one that includes citing believers as behind the times, incapable of rational thought, one who aligns with atheism, one who cites learned people as dunces if they believe scripture and God…….and THAT’S a big one.

It’s one thing to walk away from the tenets of Christianity, it’s quite another stretch to all of a sudden say ‘there be no God.’ Ouch. What large legs fools must have to make that quantum leap.

Anyway, here are the top ten ways to be a professional decon;

10.  Say Judas never hanged himself.  Say he never lived.

9. Say Christians are intellectually lazy to believe that Is-lam and the head choppers are not one and the same as the teaching of He who said to ‘love thy neighbor.’

8. Say Christ was no different than your auto mechanic, Confucius, or an embezzling thief.

7. Say Saul/Paul fabricated his own conversion and spent the rest of his days promoting a lie.

6. Say Genesis cannot be trusted. Say the flood was a scientific impossibility. (Avoid the fact that the world is 3/4ths water. Double ouch)

5. Say that Adam and Mrs Adam, also known as Eve, were mere figments of poetry, and scripture presents them as tales simply to fill up space in the first book and history of man.

4. Cite Christ as a liar when He, as well as Paul the apostle, referenced the first man and woman as historical certainties; as certain as the moon is above. Be sure to include the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  Enos, Seth, and Adam as fraudulent.

3. Say that ‘all science proves’ Adam was a literary figment of spiritual delusion, and an impossibility because science sez so.  Say that Einstein is smarter than He who created the brain.

2. Say that all Christians have never read, studied, understood the scriptures the way that the decon has………..because the decon is the expert here, he believes it properly, because to believe the good book, one must be a decon.

And of course the heavy hitter, and currently the no. 1 reason why deconnery exists:

  1. Say that the love of God and the bitterness of humanity cannot be reconciled. Say that no God, especially the God of Christians, would allow people to kill each other, and just say that God is responsible for all evil that exists. But much simpler yet: you have found a greater affection than Christ Himself.  You have traded lies for truth.

And with this, it is easy to see that decons are in fact guilty of spiritual malfeasance, and are lost as fog regarding the truth of scripture, and the nature of God Himself. They know not what they say, to be sure.  A box of pity is called for.  And what does scripture add to the nonsense?

‘They went out from us………they were not OF us…………’   Thus saith the Lord. Scripture always has the last word.  Of course.



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Listen to the dead!

The mouths have been stopped. The arguments have been summarily dismissed. God’s word has always had the edge, and the razor edge at that, not as in narrowly……but as in cutting, slicing through the vapid excuses of the godless who say: ‘aha! there be no God!’

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But persist they must, those wiggling tongues sitting under the roofs of mouths, creeping behind the teeth, lurking, prowling, and just awaiting the moment where they think they can make a point. Sorry. No points can be made, as they are ALL bitter and borrowed reruns from times past, where the graves do cry:

‘See, we are dead, and God is still God. Listen not anymore to the tired and pitiful xerox comments of false facts, no, the sheer impossibility, …… of a world without God.

We have missed He who gave green to the earth, we have ignored the thousand blue shades of the sky, each speaking with a clear whisper that without God, there be no blue nor green.

We have ignored the very uniqueness of this thing called ‘days,’ and acted as if they belonged to us. No, all days, months, and years belong to the Father of time, and we have been poor caretakers, no, we have been the worst of students in His classroom called life.

We have failed miserably and devastatingly, and died without living. We chastised and harassed good people as we cited them for the supposed delusion that we know to be true.

But truth be told, we KNEW that too, innately, yet we allowed that little monster called the tongue to steer us astray, convincing ourselves that there be no God. How stupid we are. How selfish to ignore the Creator of the brain as we plied our craft of pretty lies and pretended intellect. We cannot rest in peace’

Yeah, I can say ‘amen’ to such a script. One rife with truthdom for it is so easy to believe the obvious. It is very obvious that the dead do speak, words written by the godless as well as the Godly; for if I died today, this post would read just as powerful or powerless as if I was perfectly breathing, but speak they would.

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‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ Long before the sun wore diapers or the moon satisfied with romance, God’s word spoke. He spoke with unexaggerated eloquence, and unassuming dignity, merely expressing what HE did and the manner in which He did it.  Sublimely. It was all very good.

Nice of Him to do so I must admit, then again, we all instinctively know that the word of God is not Newsweek, Time, nor is it a book which can be compared. It is incomparable! Of course, as it should be. And God is incomparable, as He should be. And Christ is incomparable, as scripture asserts.

Still doubt it? Find a man on earth who has the historical, moral, and scriptural acumen as found in the book of Romans.  Purely humanly impossible to find a work that proves God as just, while justifying sinful man…………without…………compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection.  And ah, verifying the truth back to the days of Adam.  Indeed the dead speaks.

Yes, scripture, that veritable well of truth which speaks to every man, and silences every mouth even though the lips still move. It’s rather good to be silenced by God actually. When we read ‘let us reason together saith the Lord,’ we are invited to see things from HIS perspective, something that we would be wise to enjoy.

‘He made the stars also.’  No words on earth say so much in so little with such knowledge of space, time, and matter, with obvious reference to the beginning, long before Einstein knew his  a, b, c’s.

Every mouth has been stopped, is stopped, and will forever be stopped. May as well check our tongues today. And do take note of the dead who speak the truth of God. The word of God is eternally relevant and forever unmutable.  Unlike us, his word cannot be stopped.

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There is a good word for that

London! Again we hear of attempted massacre in the poisonous name of ………aw nevermind.

This is a reblog, but I dare you to tell me it is not true, and I dare you to associate Christianity with these monsters. Don’t do it. I will embarrass you.

The Lions Den

Within one tenth of a second upon hearing about the Spanish massacre, I thought: ‘murdering bastards!’ and was quite happy when I read Drudge cite those ‘Barcelona bastards’ hours later.’ Apparently, others recognize what it obvious.

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Bastards I tell ya. Children of an illegitimate father, running unsent with a mission of mayhem, mischief, misery, carnage, death, and complete disregard for humanity. Bastards.

And to those of you who will somehow equate those monsters with Christianity, stop right there! No. What Christian do you know who plots, plans, and executes people on a sidewalk in the name of Jesus Christ? Name one if you dare, and I will show you another murdering bastard, and will prove you a fool.

Take a lesson from the pear tree. Good fruit and rotten fruit are easily discernible. God’s word is good; and good people everywhere have regard for life.  A good person will not…

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Yet there is more!

Yet one more confirming word of the reliability of scripture amidst a world of scientific ignorance.  See the kids below? The ocean was there.  Dry land now, hmmm.

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Remind you of something? Does it remind you of something that so-called smart people have said is impossible? Well, as usual, God’s word has the drop on our short-sighted ignorance.

Read the account in the scriptural narrative, and perhaps you will get a fresh appreciation for God and His always relevant and perfect word. Enjoy the account of Moses as if it happened yesterday.

Look at the link and vid. The ocean was ahem cough cough, once teeming with water, until………a strong wind blew.  A hurricane is a pretty strong wind.    😉


So the Egyptians were harassing the Israelites, and you know the account. Question is, do you believe it?

  And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

 And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.

 And the Egyptians pursued, and went in after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen.

 And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the Lord looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians,

And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; for the Lord fighteth for them against the Egyptians.

And the Lord said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen.

And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea.

And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.

But the children of Israel walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.

Soooo Mr/Mrs sceptic, thousands of years ago records what is said today to be impossible, only to be shown as a matter of fact.  Gotta love that dry ground of the ocean by a strong wind, only to return to the waters of full strength. The God of Moses is the God of this blogger, as well as the only God of heaven and earth.

God’s word has never lost an argument to ants, those industrious little fellas.

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How great thou art

I observed recently how God is just as relevant and evident today as He was back in the day……….amidst fires and floods and high winds in Jamaica.

Now after seeing the so-called scientists wrong (as to the movements and patterns of hurricane Irma,) and after pacing feverishly because of loved ones in Tampa, where after the sixth time the weather experts were proved wrong, (sounds good) and the city on the bay was spared a direct hit,  have a listen at the words of this song, whereby the entire state of Florida could have suffered a pile of bones, God weaved a way to display His power and majesty, with nary a loss of life.

And by the way, God would be just as God to level a state, any state, any country, any time, any age, whereby we can say, ‘He giveth, and He taketh away.’ We are thankful He did not take away at this time.  Still, many can sigh and breathe……..relief……even though they may have lost everything.

God cannot make a mistake.

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Public service announcement

The year: 2068

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Reuters/CNN/GNN fresh wire live update


*****************We have just discovered after 51 years of painstakingly daily research by scientists and scholars, that hurricane Irma never occurred. No evidence was found of house damage, no verifiable witnesses were procured, and all documents relating to the so-called storm of the century were all forged, as well as all video dubbed. No lives were lost in the islands, and all appearances of damage were fabricated and lies.

Furthermore, Global News Network has gone on record saying that people who believe there was a hurricane named Irma, are just as mentally deranged as the people who say Moses was a real man, and that Solomon built a temple, and that Saul of Tarsus, then the apostle Paul, were also generated images to perpetuate a fraud of the highest kind. More details later****************

Ah yes, may I simply say the human heart has not changed, and there is just as much pride and lying in the hearts of men as there was in the days of Noah.

Let God be true, and every man a liar. (Prepare for the worst ye friends in FL, and hope for the best. In all things, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.)

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A few questions/thoughts for the godless

Soooo, which came first the brain or the skull?

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How did human flesh get the will or know how to attach itself to bones? Did it take a day, a year, ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, a million years, or 13.6533 billion years?

Which came first, the human eye or the third finger left hand, and what form of intelligence decided an eyeless creature even needed to ‘see?’

Which came first, the respiratory system or the digestive system? What plan of nature having intelligence decided?

Which came first, the male or the female human? Hmmm?

Who cut the FIRST umbilical cord?

When did eagles start reproducing other birds which were not eagles?

Why can’t humans fly like sparrows? Evolution be dmaned!!

Why can’t monkeys tie their shoes?  Hmmm.

When did chimps lose the ability to spell ‘kat?’

Did babies grow like turnips or pumpkins until they evolved to the point of not needing care? Who first watered the seeds of little Junior until he decided he didn’t need parents, or until little Jane that wandering star find her place in the womb of a woman?

What’s a woman?

Get the point? Stupid context? Ridiculous intellect? Mind-numbing godless reasoning? Uh hello? That’s exactly correct.

Apart from the living God, man is but the basest of creatures, having no context for truth or understanding, and being purely naked in the mind, opened to every foul and unclean idea as to his own existence.

Godlessness has zero answers, provides zero nourishment, is full of empty calories, and provides nothing but comical guesses as to the existence of life. Need proof? How about just listen to Degrasse, Nye, or Dawkins for ten seconds.  They all have something in common:

A mind like a lake void of water, while they pretend they themselves are the masters of the universe. Yeah, good luck with that.

What godless act of serendipity decided that the moon phases coincides with the woman’s monthly cycle……

Why hasn’t the common robin evolved to build a three-story birdhouse complete with air conditioning, a bathroom, and a library………

Why can’t a prince or pauper rid his mind of the existence of God……….

Amazing eh, how a man from Japan or an American Indian knows perfectly that one dog plus two dogs equals three dogs………

How cna yuo in yuor reight mnid understand this? How can you possibly think there was not a global flood after seeing the utter devastation after only a few days of rain in Texas? Is there room in your mind for the possibility of 40 days and 40 nights of water falling from above and rising from below………

Hey Mr/Mrs godless: taste and see that the Lord, He is God, and He is actually good. After all, you are borrowing His breath doncha know.

Questions that demand answers. Godlessness provides zero answers. Just sayin.


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The mother of all storms

He has an innocuous name. Harvey. But don’t confuse his mild-mannered description with weakness. Nope, ol Harv plans on wrecking havoc the likes of which Texas has never seen. Which reminds me.

Image result for texas flooding

Water. Lots of it. Flooding. Massive flooding is predicted. Hard to imagine that lives will not be spared. Some will doubt, and not heed the call to flee. Kinda like in the days of Noah. People laughed. They mocked, They ignored the warning to their own peril.

So today, God proves His truthfulness and reliability regarding Himself. He promised NOT to destroy the earth again through water, and if we pay attention, He is rather gracious in this. Since our lives are accounted at 70-80 years avg, we see that He has overextended His goodness to us, for then, His patience was lifted after 120 years, so it is obvious our lives are saturated with goodness for our entirety.

There is something to weigh which is much more serious though than another flood, and that is: we have to do with the living God. Go ahead, don’t believe it. It will not change one bit the fact that He is true and every man a liar.  And as a reminder, the ark of Noah was built by amateurs; the Titanic was built by professionals.

So if you think God is akin to a rabbit like Harvey, go for it. But don’t blame people like me who have sounded the loud and clear trumpet of truth.

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I bet you can’t watch this to the end

Good ol Neil, the hero to sooo many so-called intellectuals. His fav line: ‘I’m not tellin you how to think,’ and, ‘you are not doing science.’

I love how he dismissed Ptolemy too. Then he bloviates: ‘God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance.’  Uh, no Neil. YOU are an ever receding pocket of intellectual bankruptcy, preaching nonsense to itching ears.

Can’t stand this pseudo science crap posing as smarts.  But if you watched the whole vid, you get a prize.

(It seems even Moyer had enough of his guest)


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Such a sight to behold

Unless you have lived under a rock, you are aware of the eclipse that has people all riled up. Indeed, an 80 mile-ish path of pure delight, shadowing the U.S. from west to east in a diagonal/straight line.

Image result for eclipse

Apart from the sensational attention given by people who would otherwise not care for such things, and since the chances of a single total eclipse are astronomical as it were, imagine seeing two, or three, or being aware of dozens in a lifetime; not your lifetime mind you, but the life and times of the earth.

Planning. Order. Design. Execution. Control. A scene above scenes that speaks to a well orchestrated hand, that mankind may behold one thing:

That the Lord, He is God.

Yes, the heavens declare the glory of God, and the Monday eclipse is quite a declaration. It is a big deal. In its swiftness it comes and goes, like a demure rainbow or a hailstorm.  3 minutes of atmospheric splendor, enough time to recognize that such a wondrous sight is not accidental, but long enough to understand the perfectly patterned sun and moon have listened to the Architect of both.

They have their courses, they have their purpose, and while I tire of hearing of ‘the path of totality,’ spoken by weather people and political talking heads, who could care less of a Creator, I for one, appreciate He who promised that the moon would persist in giving her light, until such time that her purpose is ended.

So in fact, the eclipse is a reminder that time will one day cease, and He who made all things, will once more make all things anew, where the moon will no longer be necessary.

True science always happily bows to God, and false science always perpetuates its own fraud and unprovable theories.  The Maker of the sand, the camel, the whale, the oceans, the eagle, the air currents, the dew drop, the rain drop, the clouds, the sun, the moon, and all that is, does mankind a huge favor by presenting to us the impossible, if only for a few minutes, just enough time to have confirmed that the Lord, He is good, very good even.

And to those of you who will try to challenge the hand of God as seen in the eclipse, don’t bother. Without the Creator, there would be chaos, and not heavenly order. Mankind does not need God to engage in chaos, as we do that well enough on our own.

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There is a good word for that

Within one tenth of a second upon hearing about the Spanish massacre, I thought: ‘murdering bastards!’ and was quite happy when I read Drudge cite those ‘Barcelona bastards’ hours later.’ Apparently, others recognize what it obvious.

Image result for bastards

Bastards I tell ya. Children of an illegitimate father, running unsent with a mission of mayhem, mischief, misery, carnage, death, and complete disregard for humanity. Bastards.

And to those of you who will somehow equate those monsters with Christianity, stop right there! No. What Christian do you know who plots, plans, and executes people on a sidewalk in the name of Jesus Christ? Name one if you dare, and I will show you another murdering bastard, and will prove you a fool.

Take a lesson from the pear tree. Good fruit and rotten fruit are easily discernible. God’s word is good; and good people everywhere have regard for life.  A good person will not offer his friend rotten fruit.

Murdering bastards do not promote peace and purity, as they spread fear and dread, while they make a mother childless with such devilish and senseless deeds. Plowing a car through humans like a lawnmower is kinda, well, sort of obvious that there is a bastard behind the wheel.

No apology for saying what is innately true.  Bastards I tell ya, and I am being restrained at that.

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Thought for the day

I made this comment on another’s post, and I hope you agree it is worthy of more air time.


Image result for the potter and clay

‘Man is stupid enough to believe he created God…..

but smart enough to know he is an idiot for believing it.’


Image result for the potter and clay


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Some harsh words, necessary though

The common unbeliever is merely aloof, but the atheist goes further and holds God in contempt of creation……and is completely oblivious to this uncaring fact, or denies that he does this, meanwhile back at the ranch, each day and moon phase indicts mankind’s ignorance against the preaching of the Creator’s touch, a touch which is as easy to see as a blind man’s stumbling. (Did you notice how females are included in mankind…love that)

Image result for a blind man stumbling in the dark

There, that’s it!  Try going a day blind as you fumble with your hands, feet, and legs, and use the power of unfamiliarity to see what you take for granted, and learn that perception is a great teacher, then maybe, just maybe, you will admit that you have been the worst student ever in the classroom of life, turning the pages of another’s achievements and craft, stealing poetry, art, architecture, philosophy, and culture, as if….as if they all had no father of origin.

Yeah, good luck with that. Tis a poor sight to see the behaviour of a blind thief. It’s one thing to be blind; THAT is excusable, but to steal and pretend nobody notices, well, here is the epitome of a life gone sideways.

Are you an atheist? You then sir/madam, are a thief of sorts. You have stolen your next breath, you have stolen your sleep, you have stolen your eyesight and the touch of your fingers, and have traded them on the altar of ignorance, where you sit as your own idol, and are guilty of selling those poor goods to the next unsuspecting customer. Congratulations.

It is that simple. But what good would an apology be from me toward someone who is deaf for my using such caustic language?  I suggest that the seconds in a minute, the minutes in an hour, the hours in a day, the days in a year, and the setting sun cry much louder in protest against they who cast out He who owns time.

Accept the hands of He who inspired the dial. There is still time. God is good like that. And the son of God proved it.

(And to those of you who say believers  are out to lunch with reality, NEWSFLASH: blogs like this are enough proof that God and His word along with His eternal and visible truth, shut the petty mouths of arrogance that dare waggle their tongues and fingers at He who owns everything.)

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Didja hear bout the farmer?

Surely you have known one or two farmers off the beaten path and in the travels of life. Thought occurred to me if it was possible to be an atheist farmer. I suppose it is possible, after all, camels can sneak through the eye of a needle.

Image result for the farmer

But realistically, one who can rely on the seasons for crops, who can forecast what dirt will and will not do, what animals can be yoked, when the calves do hind, when the sun appears, how long it will be day, the value of a day’s rest, the pesky varmints that need paid attention to, the industry of labor by hand, you name it, all things pointing to He who upholds all things, yep the times and the seasons are His.  God plays no tricks with His creation. He is good like that.

Some fools think farmers are simpletons. Really, you going with that? Some have knowledge of language, hydrology, literature, astronomy, economics, agriculture of course, botany, roofing obviously, plumbing, masonry, how to tan a hide or sew a button, on and on and on, and of course, scripture, which all speaks and sings the same tune of truth. Farmers be no dopes.

Kinda hard to be an atheist farmer. I never met one. If you are one, I suppose that would be a freak of nature. Of course you can broaden the idea, and consider if ANY person can sanefully be an atheist, but that requires a quantum leap in which a good man has no legs.

Soooo, have you ever met an atheist farmer? Geez, I wonder why……. Then again, I know why.

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It’s a masterpiece

Picture for a moment your eyes fastened on a canvas. You are alone in a museum (the docent shut out every other visitor for you) sitting for hours. You cannot look away as you have been arrested by your perception and vision of what stares you in the face.

Image result for still lake

The nuances of color, light, shadowing, texture, tone, boldness, demureness, and simple awe have penetrated a place in you that you were never aware of. You see history, geography, lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, music, architecture, humor, labor, sweat, tears, laughter, blood, elation, pain, yet you cannot put your finger on any of it, but see perfectly all of it.

It is impossible for a human to conceive what stares you in the face. The evidence of a hand uncommon to man is irrefutable. You see in this painting the beginning of life, the beauty, the wars, the suffering, and you see hidden between the notes behind the rocks…..

…your life, in all it’s successes and failures, it’s light and darkness, your doubts and fears, your love and scorn which you thought were a secret. How is this even possible you ask as you rub your eyes hoping to awake, but it is no dream, as your conscience indicts you as you hate such beauty.

What looks like a dot smaller than a grain of sand reveals itself as all the achievements of man are unfolded in perfect order. You are ready to faint seeing all the so-called geniuses of the world as no better or worse than a thief or a prince.  The works of Monet, Picasso, Dali, Rockwell, all sitting among heaps of scrap compared to a single raindrop. You cannot tolerate one more moment of such mental torture and unvarnished truth.

It looks like an Award winning video but nothing is moving. You wonder if anyone else has seen this, and if so, what have they seen? You still cannot look away as all perception of time is lost. You look at your watch. You have been enjoying that masterpiece for 67 years.

You look in the bottom right hand corner of the painting because you knew it was there. Yes. In ink. Your signature. Your name. And in that moment of unannounced honesty it hit you to your shame but delight because of the revelation of and to your self:

To deny life as the masterpiece planned and executed by Another, you have signed your name to his work, partaking in the greatest fraud known to man. You have denied the Master His own handiwork. You have made claim to a painting not your own.

Fortunately, He understands, as He so graciously gives you your next breath. Thank Him, and use it wisely.

(ps- to my atheist fan club, the simplicity of this post  should prove most delicious to the hunger pangs of the intellect. Only God can satiate that. If life isn’t enough proof…….)

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Wisdom’s lonely friends

I read recently an observation by someone that was used as a springboard for a laugh fest and it is this:

There is no wisdom in the bible

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In the words of the always vocal and loud mouthed colorful John McInroe: ‘You cannot be serious!’ Truth be told, they are serious, and it makes you wonder if there are a few missing donuts in the box.

‘No wisdom in the bible.’ Hmmm. Even the most professional of fools would never admit to this, after having read: ‘a wise son maketh a glad father,’ or ‘in the multitude of counsellors there is safety,’ or ‘a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’

No wisdom in the bible? Make that a double hmmm bartender. When King Solomon said ‘cut the baby in half,’ to prove the real mother, was this not a word fitly spoken, and was not this proof of the wisdom in the bible? Of course it was, and it is to this day unequalled in literary excellence, historical and geographical truth, inspiration regarding science, law, architecture, astronomy, botany, philosophy, marriage, child-rearing, humor, metallurgy, carpentry, arithmetic, biology, and cough cough, truth, but noooo, no wisdom in the bible.

I would suggest to say such a thing is almost proof of no brain waves, but that would be cruel. The bible is THE monarch of books, speaking words to the heart, mind, conscience, and soul of men. It does not flatter. It reveals the very best and worst of humanity, and reveals God as absolutely perfect, just, and above all, holy.

It is apt in every age, and changes not like the the tides of opinions by ‘modern society.’ Men marry women according to the scriptures, even though ‘new age’ sez a man can marry his horse.  Go ahead and love your horse, just leave the word ‘marriage’ alone.

Christ silencing the antagonistic Pharisees with a mere word. Christ staying away from Lazarus at the expense of people thinking He was uncaring. Christ stilling the raging seas. Christ telling Peter of his fast approaching denial. Christ before Pilate was mute, but no wisdom found there……?  uh huh, sure.

So you don’t think the bible is full of wisdom eh? May I suggest a fresh reading without a pre disposition of bias, and like all books, try reading it with comprehension, patience, and this thing called context, from Genesis to Revelation. Maybe even ask Him for help and directions out of the fog.

From very good, to very good, with lots of proof of the miscreancy of men in between. And oh yeah, God is the wisest of all, and knows perfectly what your reaction to this post is.


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The need for speed!

So I have become a familiar face to the big place that warehouses all things for home repairs, you know, without mentioning names, the orange apron people. Endless summer projects, stealing every minute of my already action packed time with cement work, yardwork, electrical, roofing, plumbing, drywall, (paint can wait) and then, oh, there is the ‘real’ job, the one that pays the bills so I can buy more mortar….

Image result for old cash register checkout

But…. the thing that cracks me up without fail, is the guy/gal at checkout.  Invariably, they being idle and looking like they can use a customer, point us patrons to the ‘self checkout.’ Uh hello?

You are directing me to a place that will be your demise? One would think she would be slow to send us to the checkout that will seal her fate as unemployed. Look lady, I am doing you a favor. I prefer a human that actually opens their mouths when uttering words, instead of the ‘pleeze-pro-cede- to-the- scan-ner-and-in-sert-card………’ mindless bot, with you almost talking back to the stupid machine.

So instead of you being helped by ONE person who could have checked you out in 30 seconds, you stand foggy eyed because the machine doesn’t recognize the bar code of your elastomeric bucket of sealant. Nice. Ding ding, whistles are blowing, lights are flashing.

Caution! Danger! Step away from the register with your hands up! Yeah well, I am exaggerating, but the self checkout now involves 10 employees who are all clueless as to ringing up the sale that is supposed to be ‘easy’ for you!

So no lady, don’t be so fast to send me to the express lane, for you see, I am familiar with ‘easy.’  It’s like meeting your daughters new boyfriend who boasts of his art, and you say, ‘So, you are unemployed?’

Things are never as they seem, so when I patiently wait in a line of ten people to check out with a human, while the self checkout is empty, there is a reason. I can have my roof shingled, showered, and out to dinner before the tekkies figure out how to stop the beeps in the easy aisle!

And ye business owners, pay attention. Speed is not necessarily valuable. Sad thing though, we are living in a generation where young people would rather interact with machines. It’s a scary world out there, and people are being primed to gladly accept that deceptive tattoo/and/ or chip that promises the life of Riley.

Me? I’ll rebel as long as I can, and when I see you in the long line, we can chat while we shun the empty self checkout which will involve 7 employees and 2 managers.  Speed can wait, tempis fugit needs no help from me. Time flies as it is.

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Evo and Groucho

Can you bear the thought of an animal choosing its identity? Can you imagine for an instance the sheer stupidity of thinking a tiger chose its own stripes? Sure you can, if, and I say IF you are honest.

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Evolution is the bastard child of the wicked step mother godlessness, where that mother’s household traffics in covert operations, stewing and stirring the poisoned pot of depraved nutrition, fed to they who have teeth which only seeks to ravage, as it pretends to hold the golden apple of vitality.

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Evolution, as I use it, is ALL creation apart from God, left to the hands of ‘accidental existence.’ Without purpose, without design, without deference to the Designer.

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If Evo was true, then the tiger would birth a monkey, the elephant could comfortably birth a bear,  a man could marry a goldfish, or a woman could wake up one day and be a man. Oops……  No! Common sense says ‘go away ye cauldron of godlessness.’

Stop pretending that intellect is possible such as men can walk on ceilings like ants. Wake up already and see that KINDS are the Creator’s business, and it is pointless to put asunder what God has joined.

Whales do not, cannot, and will not ever walk on the earth like the circus ringmaster boasts.  The Creator has not joined them to the company of elephants or bears, any more than eagles can swim at 20  thousand fathoms under the sea. AFTER THEIR KIND is a truth so obvious that evo should be so embarrassed to promote such foolishness cloaked as knowledge.

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Know what I say to godless evolution? Pack your bags, and take your rotted trunk with you. It’s a good think animals don’t talk in English, I suppose they would embarrass us with their natural understanding of where they belong, and why they will never be human. Monkeys be damned!Image result for elephant

Oh wait I know, this has been the greatest joke of all, founded and perpetuated by folks such as the Marx bros, who have simply wanted a little reprieve from the knowledge that God’s word is very good, most excellent even, and that a little time in the shade is a good thing, Nathanael like, but then, back to the sobriety of scriptural truth, which presents answers to all the issues of life.

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Near and dear

The mystery of the heavens is revealed in the common spiders web.

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Enter God into the mix and the mystery crumbles in the face of revelation.  Truly as the good book sez: though He be not far from us.

As close as there is a spider to every human being on earth, God is even closer. He is uncommonly good that way. So then how dare we notice the magnificent engineering of the spider’s web, and not give heed to the Creator of the spider’s brain.

Not too smart. Stoopid even.    😉

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The scopes trial

Apart from God, men use telescopes to increase their knowledge, but in return simply magnify their ignorance.

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This should neither be an affront to the unbeliever since he has admitted he has no more spirit than a red heifer, and this should not depress the believer since it is true.

But what is this trial?  Ha, thanks for asking.

It is going through life with minute by minute observations of life, commerce, emotions, nature above and below, and looking farther and farther, (Remember the stiff-necked Carl Sagan with his arrogant and nauseous mouthing of trillions and trillions, bihyuns and bihyuns) while avoiding the industrious ant that goes about his business embarrassing humans by doing exactly what he was designed to do.

It is having all the evidence, and crying ‘there is no evidence,’ while the Judge looks with eyes of unmitigated pity. Look folks, we are not talking about redemption here, which is a bit more harder to swallow, since it requires the revelation that indeed, ‘there are none good, no not any.’ It is swallowing the pride by confessing that while He is just, He is also the justifier of the unjust, while not beautifully compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection.

No, we are not speaking of redemption regarding this trial. This trial finds all men as having NO excuse as to creation. Men bitch about the alleged ‘proof’ of what happened ‘billions and billions’ of years ago as they offer guesses, while denying, avoiding,  and lying about the infallible proofs of a mere few thousand years ago.

Indeed, God’s word is good. Verifiable. Reliable. Truthful. Sure. Steadfast. Always timely, in every age.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, David, Ruth, Daniel, Mordecai, Mishael, Azariah, Hananiah, Pilate, Herod, Gamaliel, Paul, Peter, James, John, Agrippa, Phoebe, Timothy, Lydia, and of course the Lord Christ,  all cut from the same cloth of historical truth, all accounts documented for your reading and learning pleasure that we be not lost as fog with sails tossed about the seas of godlessness.

But a trial? Yeah, like Pilate’s admittance that in Christ he found no fault. You and me? Full of fault, and rightly so. But there is this Advocate…

Oh right I forgot, we are not speaking of redemption but of the guilty conscience by avoiding the Creator and His doings. Undone! Guilty as sin. In contempt of the high court even! There is NO defense. Every mouth is stopped!

Bring a bit closer that scope. Men scan the miles and heavens for life and water, and are blind to the truth found in the dewdrop a few feet away, making their assessment of the heavens damn near useless.

It’s quite a good thing to be part of the trial. Even better to agree with your Honour. After all, even the highest courts on earth are in subjection to One higher yet. As it should be, and as nature, science, common sense, and scripture admit and confirm.

Btw, doncha just love God’s timely wink with His heads up regarding: ‘avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.’  Ha. I sure do.

Modern astronomy should take a lesson from He who owns the stars. Once more, man is on trial, not God.

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