Not disturbing at all

Here’s a testament to the spirit of man which drives such things, with tribute of course to the original artists.

Raw. Masculine. Passionate. Eerie. Lovely. Awesome. Powerful.  Some fine den music.

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You tell him…

Go ahead.  Step into his den and tell him there is no God.

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The roar of instant remorse should send you into last week. Go ahead, tell him he does not have a Creator. But pay attention to the thunderous reply when the breath of his nostrils graciously tells you to reconsider such ignorance.

As for me? I am just thankful that God reigns through grace today, as the greatest proof of His existence is His glorious silence, especially when met by the rebellion of the created. His word is enough. It quietly roars.

Then again, rivers, lakes, oceans, rainbows, and the stars above are rather loud nevertheless.

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Goodbye sweet heart…

You gotta love the source material for fresh ideas when blogging. I believe it was Napoleon B. who said: ‘Men deserve the contempt in which they inspire me,’ so keep this in mind when I refer you to a past post with state-of-the-art comments.

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So I  asked people to disprove that God is very good as described in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.  I asked for challengers to find fault with the narrative. There were suggestions presented, but of course, no proof; fortunately many agreed that the account is perfect, that God is indeed good, as detailed through creation.

But representing the godless, who dared to twist the lips, we have this assessment of the Creator as it regards the 1st and 2nd of Genesis:

But, hey, I’ll play your game.

As per your request: Fire has always burned flesh and water has always drowned babies.

To this I say hmmm.  The sun which provides the light of day, which gives heat to they who are cold, which gives vitamins to vegetation, which delights man, which gives an umbrella for all things living, this sun, is merely fire which has always burned flesh. 

And this water. Water which quenches the thirsty, this water which grows tomatoes and strawberries, this water which refreshes the labor of man, this water which is the conduit for sea transportation, this water which as the babbling brook sings notes of excellence to the ear, this water which preaches Creator, yeah, this water has always drowned babies.

Well might a man curse the rose-bush because of its thorns, or curse the summer because of heat, or curse the winter because of snow.  The good lady insanitybytes22 said recently that the pain and suffering of childbirth is an elation worthy of motherhood. Scripture agrees that the pain is short-lived and immediately irrelevant when the mother holds her newborn. There is this thing called context, which when appreciated, gives an understanding to all of life.

Light, and dark. A time to work and a time to sleep. The night is not evil, and while fire and water have their hazards, they also have their wonderful blessings. I see blessing in Genesis, and I see a good God above all. You see an evil maniac? I suggest you do an inventory of your own heart.

The day the music died was not the death of Morrison, Joplin, or Valens,  but was the day men said: ‘there is no God,’ for such language as fire burning flesh and babies being drowned, simply proves the waywardness and bent of the human heart, a heart which at whatever cost, will not hear the music of the night.

IF a person is honest, it is impossible to read of flesh burning and babies drowning in God’s account of creation. Do you hear? IMPOSSIBLE to a heart that is honest, and a heart that does not have a biased agenda.

I will point out the utter wickedness of such an idea that God is evil, and that His creation is evil, every  s.i.n.g.l.e  time.  Now consider this timely word from God’s word:

With the pure, thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward, thou wilt shew thyself froward.

The last thing I would ever think of is the fact that fire burns flesh, and water drowns babies……..after reading Genesis chapters 1 and 2. Yet, this is the FIRST thing others think of? Now then, does this revelation of the human heart speak more to God’s disposition, or man’s?  Be honest if you dare.

Let every mouth be stopped, and the whole world guilty before God. Oh, that men would turn the page of their hearts, and taste the grace of God. Why not trade in the deceptive and godless heart which masquerades as a sweet heart for a clean one. It’s only natural.

(P.S. It’s been said and agreed upon by others that I ‘should not have any contact with children………’  Said so many times by the godless minds who have ejected God from His own creation and rejected plain truth. Can you not see why it is necessary to speak out against such overt ignorance and pretended intellect?)

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The brainless kettle of crap

Some folks are strangers to their own brains. They have never visited that place of calm repose that actually allows them to THINK about what positions they hold, and weigh those thoughts against decency, order, context, kindness, goodness, and just all around common sense.

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Take the Kathy Griffin train wreck, followed up by the Bill Maher foot-in-mouth. It’s a tragedy to watch the tongue flip around without checking with the brain for approval.

‘Should I say this?’ ‘Should I do this?’

Without being prophetic, but a fairly good judge of human nature, I observed the other day (before Maher was on the newest hot seat) that Griffin and Maher were cut out of the same cloth, similar to Sarah Silverman, Howard Stern, Behar, etc, etc, and presto, like picking up the Prophetic News Report, there he is, in all his debased glory, Maher is at it again, plying his craft of atheism using race as a smokescreen as he pretends to be funny.

No. Misery loves company, and he, and well as Griffin, cannot get enough of their fifteen minutes in that dark spotlight. And no, neither of them are funny. There is nothing hilarious watching unclean animals in a bowl seething out their own vile ignorance, at the expense of good people.

They are craftsmen all right, plying that evil craft to an audience who ‘thinks’ they are intellectually superior, meanwhile they are intellectually bankrupt as there are zero funds in a godless account.

Now it’s the president’s fault that Griffin caused her own trauma! Geez lady, engage the brain. And of course Maher will apologize, as the networks ‘need’ him to bring a face to perpetuate globalism and godlessness.

I tell ya, I have looked into that cauldron, and what appears to be alive isn’t pretty, but the strange thing though? Nearby is that basket of fresh fruit, free for the pickin, but people want their hyena like carcases to feast on everything and anything that is not virtuous and pure.

There should be a new campaign:  ever heard of the brain?

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A challenge to all men and women

Magnificent. Bold. Factual. Undeniable. Elegant. Eloquent. Unassuming. Powerful. Scientific. Truthful. Incontrovertible. Unimpeachable. Trustworthy.

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Such are a few fine words that describe the first few chapters of the word of God, which we know as Genesis. Now the challenge.

I dare any person on earth to find any indication, whether large or small, be it even the most tiniest traces of suggestion, that this God, who is introduced as good, is anything but very good as described in the first and second chapters of the word of God.

Since God is projected by man as a war criminal or evil, WHERE is this hint ever alluded to in the creation of the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that is?

Oh but wait, you will look elsewhere to fabricate the idea that God is evil? Once again, really? So you will LOOK for instances that supposedly support the case of an evil God, but you will conveniently AVOID the rest of the book which presents and proves that the same God as found in Genesis 1 is actually full of grace and truth…?  Hmmm.

What other source material is deemed unworthy by reading a chapter or two without regard to its entirety? One may as well say the alphabet is evil or defective by trying to write a book using only vowels. Since when does a jury make a determination without hearing or reading a case in its entirety? Since when?

Was it God’s fault that Cain murdered his brother? WHERE did this idea spring from since murder was unknown, and there was no law that said ‘thou shalt not kill?’

Ah yes, that little troublesome idea known as ‘context.’ God is not evil. He is the same good God who spoke ‘let there be light,’ long before the sun was in diapers. He is the same good God who created great whales to play in the greatest playground on earth, long before brass was created by the ingenuity of men. He is the same good God who fashioned man and woman, long before the compass was invented, the computer, or the sun-dial.

So take the challenge. Find the slightest hint that God is evil while He created all that is, and by the way, as He upholds all things. You cannot, as your mouth will be stopped, and you will be found to be in contempt before a sound jury.

Then after your NOT FINDING that God is evil, you may want to tie your lips in a knot before you spue forth like a volcanic eruption the unbridled gall and arrogance of sitting in judging of He who created fruit trees, vegetation, water, dirt, animals, and man.

God is good, very good even. We innately know that He is, yet He was kind enough to supply a book to confirm what we already know. And as it began, so it ends, in complete goodness, where the sun will have been revealed to be unnecessary in that light which is the glory of God.

Still think God is evil? You may want to examine yourself, for unto the pure, God reveals Himself as pure, and unto the froward, he reveals himself as froward. Just ask Pharaoh. There are no defects in God. He is blameless. People though? Eh, that’s another story.

Thus I repeat:

I dare any person on earth to find any indication, whether large or small, be it even the most tiniest traces of suggestion, that this God, who is introduced as good, is anything but very good as described in the first and second chapters of the word of God.

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