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Kodak knows

I heard a guy the other day asking someone if a particular lapel pin looked like a flower. He said pretty much that he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some girly thing. I get that. Some things are not conducive … Continue reading

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Prove it!

Since life itself is apparently not sufficient, I asked a fella what proof would convince Him of God’s being, and he said this: ‘It’s hard thing to prove, although I suppose conjuring a thunderstorm in the Antarctic winter would be … Continue reading

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So you gotta problem with religion?

‘Religion’ is a word which invariably and instantly brings to mind consternation, ridicule, scorn, and  mischaracterization, but it also brings to the mind of a good heart good thoughts and deeds. ‘Religion’ is a word representative of a truth that … Continue reading

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Those are some bad wages

There is an old saying that at the end of the game the king and the pawn go back in the same box. I like this a lot. Apparently a chess idea, that while things appear different, they are so … Continue reading

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Oh to be an expert

Here ya go, scripture, then the opinions by the experts. Ah yes, the ‘experts,’ they who sit in judgment of God. Ugh, the weariness of hearing from the so-called masters of intellect. But note the humor, sarcasm, and overt truth; … Continue reading

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Just a wee sparrow

There are birds of the air that speak of power, promise, majesty, and color, all having the imprint of the Creator. The eagle, the dove, the cardinal, the sparrow. Ah yes, that unassuming little sparrow, in which we are reminded … Continue reading

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It’s a tradition of mastery

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Culture huh?

In one of the most illuminating and bizarre exchanges recently online, the following observation was made by a man to defend the insane and absurd notion that ‘there is no God.’ ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Worth repeating: ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Let … Continue reading

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‘Associate to aisle 2 please’

A man was working with a table saw and placed a piece of oak on the metal fence and ripped it clean. Oops, he also extended his hand a bit too far and cut off his second finger. ‘Dang’ he … Continue reading

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One smooth stone

Using David’s one smooth stone of truth, the giants of opposition and unbelief come crashing to the earth, falling directly upon the sword used against David. Of course it did not happen exactly like that, but pretty close. Stubbornness and … Continue reading

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Wake up thou that sleepest….

Animals sleep as a reward for labor; or they simply sleep because they want to. God gave humans the gift of sleep as the same rest from labor, to heal and grow, to prepare for tomorrow, but far too often … Continue reading

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Count them!

God told Abraham to ‘look now toward heaven and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them:’ and he said unto him, ‘So shall thy seed be.’ Some think that the patriarch looked up and just couldn’t do it, … Continue reading

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Andromeda (you must watch)

Please watch this entirely;  (Full screen) and take off your hat before it blows away, and sit down lest you faint. The heavens declare the glory of God.  And oh by the way, as Genesis simply says:  He made the … Continue reading

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A flood huh, yea right

Think of this as a letter from the editor (the title of this post is from the skeptics point of view, where the Creator is challenged) Ah yes, the flood of Noah.  From where I sit, they who do not … Continue reading

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The moon of promise

I have always appreciated the moon, that magical night-light in the heavens that is the inspiration for so many things. Moon over Miami, Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon, Dracula’s moon, Cher’s Moonstruck, Sarah Brightman’s La Luna, Frank Zappa’s … Continue reading

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The stone marksmen

Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss  -Judges 20. So reads a chronicle of the Jewish wars. Out of 26,000 men, we are told specifically that these men … Continue reading

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Is lying justifiable?

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth; true there are misfits in this kingdom, both by birth and by practice, but the principle in which God is honored is of truth. ‘He that honoreth me honors the Father,’ … Continue reading

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A new covenant?

(This is an updated essay on an old teaching. It is becoming increasing popular to avoid or worse yet, to nullify God’s promises to an earthly people. Some have dared to suggest that the United States is the new Israel. … Continue reading

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The atheist monument

There was a victory in FL regarding a granite edifice to be erected to honor atheism. A simple bench as a memory so it is said. Some say this is huge for it will be installed on government property in … Continue reading

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Prophecy and character

For the most part, people want to know ‘what’s going to happen,’ primarily in the future. Prophecy as it relates to biblical understanding, is usually looked at from a single point of view,  and as a result, confusion ensues. The … Continue reading

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