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A marriage song

1.05. 2005 Surely I do not speak as an expert, but this union should be entered upon with the utmost care and sincerity. God has instituted marriage as a good thing, and we have seen good things come from bad … Continue reading

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Gay marriage- constitutional right?

It is true that the govt. cannot legislate morality, and thankfully so, but they should not also change the meaning of words. Mirriam Webster now has gone on record stating that ‘marriage’ should be redefined. Once you go down this … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and gay marriage

Mrs Clinton says ‘ the building blocks of a society have always been marriage,’ then makes a quantum leap to include ‘gay’ marriage as one of those blocks. Madonna has also recently opined that ‘gay scouts’ should be the new … Continue reading

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Do americans need the bible?

Ques asked by Bill Holloway March 26, 2013 at 11:42am —–And while most homes have a Bible, that has little to do with actual readership and usage of the book. While 85 percent of U.S. households house a copy (the … Continue reading

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Same sex marriage

Mr Manwairing has considered the salient point WHY ssm is an anomaly. In a nutshell, the understanding of the word (marriage) is the strength of the courts power to say nay or yeah. Scalia recently offered a masterstroke of a … Continue reading

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The fourth grader

Allegedly, there is a story regarding a fourth grader who wrote a short essay on his approval of gay marriage. His teacher is said to have posted it on-line, and he is thought to be a junior genius. Wow, I … Continue reading

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